Source: Reuters reported on Monday

that Anthony Fauci has made a declaration: Enough Americans have now been vaccinated to avoid lockdowns.  Fauci made his pronouncement on ABC’s “This Week.”

But who with even a modest faculty for critical thinking believes Anthony Fauci? 

That’s Anthony Fauci, MD, who famously told us that masks don’t work, and then told us, by God, wearing them is imperative.  Fauci, a flip-flopper?   Perish the thought. 

So, make no mistake, if Fauci, a decades-long D.C. player, says that lockdowns are off the table, they’re on the table — at the White House and among congressional Democrats.  Lockdowns are what Democrats want — and not to protect anyone from the Delta variant.  No, they want to reimpose lockdowns because they’re a means of control, an expression of their power.  These Democrats are variants, too, statist variants spawned by Marxist creed.  Mark Levin has a thing or two to say about that.      

America has entered a Kafkaesque period.  Lies are truths, wrongs are rights, and individuals who can’t abide the zig-zagging that Fauci and his allies do routinely… who can’t abide the brazen gaslighting and hypocrisies, who won’t swallow the suspect science, and who have the nerve to call out all the falsity, are targets for cancellation, which is a form of control. 

The American establishment is thoroughly debauched.  The sweep of that debauchery is impressive.  The rot is in our governments, news media, education institutions, sciences, arts and entertainment, corporations, sports… where corruption isn’t is harder to identify. 

We know that lockdowns are on Democrats’ minds because they almost inevitably ape what statists do overseas. 

Australia’s statists are deploying soldiers in Sydney to ensure that people remain housebound, with exceptions big enough to drive a semi through.  Or not.  More on that in a moment.    

Reported the BBC on July 30 in a moment of candor:

Australian Defence Force soldiers will undergo training on the weekend before beginning unarmed patrols on Monday.

But many have questioned whether the military intervention is necessary, calling it heavy-handed.

The lockdown — in place until at least 28 August — bars people from leaving their home except for essential exercise, shopping, caregiving and other reasons.

Despite five weeks of lockdown, infections in the nation’s largest city continue to spread. Officials recorded 170 new cases on Friday. 

Note the line, “except for essential exercise, shopping, caregiving and other reasons.”  Is this, then, a semi-lockdown, a virtue-signaling lockdown?   

Sydney residents living in “hotspots” will be required to stay within a 6.2-mile radius of their homes, though. 

The BBC report continues:

State Police Minister David Elliott said it would help because a small minority of Sydneysiders thought “the rules didn’t apply to them”.

Information provided by health officials indicates the virus is mainly spreading through permitted movement.    

What are we to make of those statements? 

A “small minority of Sydneysiders” dare to break the rules, so that necessitates the deployment of the military to keep Sydney residents in line?  And, oh, that small minority that actually believes they’re free aren’t the real culprits in the spread of the milder Delta variant.  The virus, as the BBC says, “…is mainly spreading through permitted movement.”

Got that?  The politicians and bureaucrats who are imposing the Sydney lockdown with “permitted movement” are the culprits.  Never mind that lockdowns don’t work.  But Aussies shouldn’t care — much more, publicly question — the apparent flaws, contradictions, and failure of a government edict.  Nor the judgment and motives of the governing elite.  Aussies are charged with obeying, no matter how tangled, changeable, and failed the initiative.  Sound familiar?    

Australia’s ruling strata have an aim: they’re using a contagion to subvert Australians’ rights and, by so doing, set precedent and consolidate its power.  Public health concerns are a pretext.  Fear is exploitable.  Tyranny, in one form or another, is the endpoint.  That’s now a phenomenon across the western world. 

So-called progressives — that collection of oligarchs, socialists, fascists, corporatists, grifters, and hardcore Marxists — over the last year and a half have revealed themselves.  They’re entitled, they believe; education, credentials, connections, social standing, and, generally, wealth make it so.  They make the rules, no matter how capricious and damaging.  Their rules don’t apply to them, however.    

Here in the States, we’re daily admonished to mask-up and vax-up.  We have a patriotic duty, says our addled president and his surrogates, to do one, the other, or now both.  Meanwhile, as a matter of unspoken Biden policy, the nation’s southern border is a festering wound.  An estimated 2 million illegals are expected to pour across the Mexican-American border this year.  What about next year, and the year after that? 

Among this diaspora are the COVID infected and those infected with a toxic brew of other illnesses.  That doesn’t count those muling killer fentanyl and other illicit drugs into the U.S.     

But no matter.  Do our duty, we’re cajoled and hectored; we have a responsibility to “stop the spread.”  And if lockdowns are required to “contain” the Delta variant’s spread, then we’re to accept them stoically, unquestioningly.  Costs in businesses shuttered, jobs lost, family budgets busted, kids hurt — scantly acknowledged by the elite.  Our rights — given us by God, not men — are deemed subordinate to the “public good.”  And that good is to be solely determined by power-hungry second and third-rate politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Biden’s string-pullers at the White House and formerly faceless bureaucrats, like Anthony Fauci.    

Never must you doubt the intentions of the ruling class.  Never dare hint that their motives are venal.  Never suggest that progressivism is the distillation and rationalized expression of very ancient passions in humans: to subdue and dominate their fellows. 

Our republic, heretofore, has been a brake upon these primitive passions.  Once, we Americans had shared beliefs, regardless of political differences.  Faith, family, and freedom were near-universally embraced.  They were bedrock.  Government had limited purposes.  We had birthrights to live as free people. 

That consensus is gone now, ruptured.  The elites have rejected the American experience and the nation’s exceptionalism.  In fact, they’re making war on both.  Liberty is for them.  For us, freedoms are rewards, to be doled out meagerly only if we acquiesce and obey.     

Yet, there are hopeful signs across the West that peoples are awakening to the schemes of elites. 

In France, rebellion is brewing.  It’s reminiscent of the Yellow Vest protests that roiled France not long ago.  These eruptions may prove greater.  French president Emmanuel Macron — a quintessential affluent, progressive, elite white who knows better — is pushing “stricter border controls, the extension of the health passport for more everyday activities and making the vaccine compulsory for all healthcare workers,” thereby sparking street protests.  In Italy, protests are growing, too.  And last week in Sydney and other cities, thousands of Aussies took to the streets protesting the draconian lockdowns described earlier.

At home, rebellions against burgeoning tyranny are at the grassroots, aimed at Critical Race Theory’s introduction into schools.  CRT is yet another means the elite are employing to assert their dominance, this time by engendering bitter divisions, revenge, and to inculcate subservience.     

In Florida, Ron DeSantis is stalwart against masks, forced vaxxing, and lockdown tyranny.  Much to the Biden administration’s consternation, Florida is the wellspring of emboldened pro-liberty patriotism. 

The COVID pandemic has exposed the nation’s elites for who they are.  Their faces are distressingly familiar.  Similar faces have been seen throughout human history.  They’re the faces of would-be tyrants and their cadres whose appetites can only be satisfied at the cost of our liberties, welfare — and as history makes abundantly clear — inevitably our lives.