Source: David Ennocenti

Vice President Kamala Harris had a disastrous trip to Guatemala.  She has received a great deal of criticism from all over the political spectrum.  Fox News host Sandra Smith made a revealing comment on the June 2, 2021 episode of The Five.  She stated that her contacts inside the White House stated that Harris went into panic mode when President Biden announced that he had put her in charge of dealing with the crisis at the border.

Upon hearing that I said, “No surprise.”

The president made that announcement as far back as March.  It’s now near the end of June.  Harris has still not visited the border and shows no interest in doing so.  Lester Holt of NBC quizzed Harris about why she hasn’t visited the border, and she gave her usual evasive answer: “I haven’t been to Europe, either,” followed by her signature cackle.

Because Harris has a habit of laughing at inappropriate times, it has been suggested that she suffers from Pseudobulbar Affect, a condition that causes uncontrollable laughing or crying at inappropriate times.  I disagree.  I believe that what causes her giggling like an adolescent teenage girl is insecurity, a lack of confidence, and incompetence.

Word has leaked that the White House is having buyer’s remorse about having picked her for the V.P. spot.  My question is, why is everyone surprised?

Let’s look at the facts.  What criteria does a presidential candidate use to pick a running mate?

1. The candidate should foremost be someone who has the presidential candidate’s, the party’s, and hopefully the country’s confidence as to whether he can step into the president’s position should it be necessary.

2. A candidate should have most of the same values and political positions as the president.

3. A V.P. pick should bring voters to the ticket.

4. Often the state the candidate for V.P. is from is a great consideration as well.

Did Harris meet any of these usual requirements?  The action, or inaction, that Harris took with the only assignment President Biden had delegated to her seems to answer whether she can accept responsibility.  Her inaction speaks for itself — as does her avoidance when questioned about it.

Whether she shares Biden’s values is questionable.  During the debates, she accused Joe of being a racist.  She also said she believed the woman who accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault.  Whereas Joe Biden was campaigning as a moderate, which is questionable, it is no secret that Senator Harris has the Senate’s most liberal voting record — even to the left of Bernie Sanders.  It can be checked at

Could Harris have brought any voters to the ticket?  Unlikely.  She pulled out of the presidential primaries before there was even a vote because she was polling so low.  And there was no need to put a candidate from California, the bluest of states, on the national ticket.  The state has gone to the Democrat candidate every election since 1984.  The entire state is controlled by the Democrat party.

Why was Harris picked for the V.P. spot, then?  That would be because Joe Biden had one and only one criterion for his number two — a person “of color.”  He repeatedly stated that while campaigning.  In fact, he stated that as early as the summer of 2019.  Here is the August 30, 2019 announcement at CNN Politics.

Why the surprise that Harris is incompetent?  Why are all the questions about why she won’t go to the border?  Why the surprise that she panicked?  Why isn’t anyone just stating the obvious?  Is it like the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Emperor’s New Clothes“?

Some have referred to the crowd’s silence in that story regarding the truth as pluralistic ignorance.  That is, “no one believes, but everyone believes that everyone else believes, so everyone remains silent.  This is also known as a symptom of groupthink, a suppression of personal doubts.

This “pluralistic ignorance” or groupthink phenomenon is what perpetuates the myth that affirmative action doesn’t lower standards everywhere it alights.  After all, we wouldn’t hire an accountant based on such a requirement, would we?  What do you think you get when you lower the admission standards for doctors, lawyers, and engineers?  We are witnessing it at the second most important job in the free world, yet we pretend this isn’t happening everywhere.  Unfortunately, “diversity” is now considered the most important criterion for hiring and admissions.

The part of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” story that seems to be forgotten is why the emperor was parading down the street naked.  He was self-centered, and two con men used his arrogance to swindle the kingdom out of riches they pretended were being spent on the emperor’s clothes. — much like the con men and race-baiters perpetrating the myth of diversity on the country.  Look at the race-hustlers who take a fee, take a salary, or run for office, promoting something that has as much tangible substance as the emperor’s new clothes.  

David Ennocenti, is a retired accountant and graduate of the State University of N.Y. at Buffalo, School of Management with a degree in accounting and finance.  He passed the CPA examination in 1983.  His writing has appeared in the American Thinker, USA Today, the New York Times, and several other publications.  His screenplay, Sniper Queen, was an official selection of The Artemis Women in Action Films Festival.  He is a past winner of the Writer’s Digest Annual Competition.