Virtue signaling more important than stopping spread of virus.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

The World Health Organization says that global mass gathering events planned for ‘Gay Pride Month’ shouldn’t be cancelled despite the fact that experts say monkeypox is circulating largely amongst LGBT people.

Apparently, allowing scantily-clad gay men to suggestively gyrate in street parades is more important than curbing a dangerous disease.

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Who knew?

The number of global monkeypox cases continues to rise, with previous outbreaks having been identified at a gay sauna in Spain and a fetish festival in Belgium. The virus has largely infected gay and bisexual men who had sex with other men.

Health officials in the UK are now telling people who think they may be infected with monkeypox not to have sex, despite concerns raised by others that this could lead to the “stigmatization” of gays, in a similar vein to how some expressed concern over racism towards Chinese people at the start of the COVID pandemic.

The WHO, which facilitated China’s draconian response to COVID by insisting the western world impose similar lockdowns, is urging that gay pride events go ahead despite the clear risk of them being super-spreader events, given that monkeypox is transmitted through close physical contact.

“It’s important that people who want to go out and celebrate gay pride, LGBTQ+ pride, to continue to go and plan to do so,” said Andy Seale, a strategies adviser in the WHO Department of Global HIV, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections Programmes.

“Most of these events–the official events–are outdoors, they’re family-friendly,” Seale added. “We don’t see any real reason to be concerned about the enhanced likelihood of transmission in those contexts.”

Overlooking the ludicrous assertion that gay pride events are “family friendly,” the WHO’s response clearly indicates that not being seen to be ‘homophobic’ is apparently more important than stopping the spread of viral diseases.

That’s a strange position to take for an organization dedicated to stropping the spread of viral diseases.

The double standard is similar to May 2020, when governments had imposed draconian lockdowns that stopped people from attending the funerals of their loved ones, but millions of Black Lives Matter supporters were encouraged to gather in cities across the western world.

Indeed, at the time, the media and even public health professionals claimed that “racism” was a bigger threat to society than COVID-19, giving free reign for people to congregate in huge numbers and spread the virus, so long as they did so in the name of seeking justice for George Floyd.