This is disgusting. All those ‘conspiracies’ are now validated and printed in black and white. Those sick bastards. If any global threat to humanity and the social fabric of society was going to get a response from the willfully blind, surely this is it.

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Acknowledging this for exactly what it is – the push to legalize pedophilia. There is no excuse for the WHO or UN to wriggle out of this being a misunderstanding, or ‘out of context’.

Quoting from Zerohedge:

The 68-page report titled Standards For Sexuality Education in Europe, also calls for supplying information to toddlers about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.”

The policy paper also states that kids between four and six years should “talk about sexual matters” and “consolidate their gender identity.”

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The document also asserts that sexuality is present from birth, claiming “From birth, babies learn the value and pleasure of bodily contact, warmth and intimacy. Soon after that, they learn what is ‘clean’ and what is ‘dirty’,” adding “In other words, they are engaging in sexuality education.”

The WHO told reporters that “Our guidelines reflect established psychological facts based on decades of research.”

Covering the issue, GB News reporter Mark Dolan called the development “sick” and urged that the WHO can “go to hell.”

*Note the original link to the report didn’t work. I tried several tabs on the UNESCO site but it looks like it has since been scrubbed. I found a preserved link using the way back machine linking to the PDF download – that is the link address I replaced above in the ZH quote.*

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