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In a rather stunning turn of events, the World Health Organization, on Thursday, issued a highly critical rebuke of China regarding its apparent coverup of critical COVID origin data. While the WHO has (in)famously been quite deferential to China on the matter, a senior representative of the WHO called China’s lack of transparency over the origin of the virus “simply inexcusable.”

Beijing-affiliated researchers have only just publicly shared crucial samples taken from inside Wuhan‘s ‘ground zero’ — three years after the pandemic began.

In a rare, blistering attack on Xi Jinping‘s communist regime, a senior WHO official fumed that this data ‘should have been shared immediately’.

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Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead on Covid, also admitted that she thinks China could be sitting on even more bombshell evidence that could finally solve the mystery surrounding the pandemic’s origin.

This could include, she hinted, details into risky experiments being carried out inside the secretive facility central to the ‘lab leak’ theory.

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