Posted BY: Dennis Lund

The puzzle as to who is really running the country, has been with us for some time. Certainly, all logic points to the fact the Joe Biden is an example of a man who has risen to his level of incompetence. His age, reflecting the early stages of dementia, makes him a prime target for manipulation.

Those closest to him in the West Wing are making the day-to-day decisions, but where are they getting their direction? In a strong Presidency, that would be the President, the is the captain of the ship, as was the case with President Trump. Obviously, Biden is not the one articulating a cohesive strategy.

So, who is actually directing the massive bureaucracy of the nation? Is it possible that numerous, well-entrenched bureaucrats and appointees’ function, to a large degree, much like a beehive, an ant colony, or a ship on automatic pilot?

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Plato likened governance to a ship at sea. Is it possible that we have a ship of state running virtually on automatic pilot?  Of course, Biden is the titular head, but the controls were all set before he officially came on board. This then represents a far worse scenario than the failures of a temporary leader like Biden.

With the surprising rise of President Trump, the ship was taken off of automatic pilot, the resultant was tantamount to a mutiny by the crew. But the ship sailed on, the course was steady, but not without rough seas as the crew fought the new leadership.

New leaders at the top give direction, but that direction may be resisted by those well residing deep in the bowels of the District of Columbia.

Depending on the policy selected, and more importantly who the policy maker is, instructions may be delayed or outright circumvented. This has never been more evident than during the Trump Presidency.

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