Posted BY: Steve Rose

Many of us are on to their trick: Democrats (aka the American Neo-Communists) accuse us of what they’re doing.

Examples abound. They accuse us of racism while they relentlessly obsess over skin color and inject racial tension, division, and hatred into every possible conversation. They accuse us of spreading “misinformation” while they are practically the Wal-Mart, Costco, and Amazon of misinformation. They accuse us of absurdities like a “war on women” (remember that?) while they deliberately work to eradicate the very idea of gender. They try to cancel us, fire us, exclude us, and silence us while claiming we’re “intolerant.”

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(The irony of this seems completely lost on most of them.) They accuse us of being “threats to democracy” while they work to kill free speech, arrest and jail political opponents, monopolize all media, and fabricate narratives. They accuse us of “fascism” while they scapegoat us, stage dangerous political stunts, imprison political opponents, and declare authoritarian mandates while ignoring law and our basic rights. They accuse America of “colonialism” and “systematic” corruption while they have seized control of nearly all cultural institutions (education, media, entertainment, Big Tech, etc.) and rigged them against conservatives. And so on. This list could keep going for quite a while.

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