Source: Paul Krause

American cities are reeling from increased crime ranging from burglary and arson to murder. Americans, rightly, are concerned — except for Democrat officials. San Francisco, a bastion of progressive stupidity, is among the hardest-hit cities — yet the San Francisco lunatics who run the city claim anyone concerned with rising crime is a white supremacist. This is common among the Democrat intelligentsia and leadership.

To understand why Democrats don’t care about crime, we must turn to two prophets of the new anti-American ideology. Antonio Gramsci and Michel Foucault are essential to understand to enter the deluded mind of the modern progressive and why they are happy to let American cities burn rather than confront crime and stop the desecration of America’s once iconic cities.

Antonio Gramsci authored his famous treatise while imprisoned in Italy under Mussolini’s government. Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks offered an explanation for why the proletariat revolution failed in the West and laid out a new roadmap for revolutionary success in the future. According to Gramsci, the revolution failed by the revolutionaries didn’t have cultural-institutional power.

Gramsci’s thesis is called “cultural hegemony.” The idea, in a nutshell, is that cultural values and consciousness emanate and are reinforced by societal institutions. Business, media, religion, courts of law — all institutions controlled by the patriotic bourgeoisie prevent the underclass and exploited people from ever learning of their oppression. The task, then, of the radical is to seize control of the institutions in order to propagate the revolutionary ideology. This reached fruition beginning in the late 1960s with student radicals influenced by Gramsci eventually growing up and taking positions throughout American institutions.

Michel Foucault, a pederast who abused young boys in Tunisia, is considered among the most important thinkers of postmodernism. Whatever that term means is not important to us here since it means many things to many people. What is important to know about Foucault is his general thesis about society and individuals and how it relates to the current regime of totalitarian politics pushed by the anti-American left.

Throughout his many works, most famous being Madness and Civilization and The History of Sexuality, Foucault asserted the majority is always tyrannical and oppressive. The minority, oppressed by the petty tyranny of the majority, is the paragon of humanity and righteousness. Foucault achieves a transvaluation of values regarding martyrology that becomes a form of idolatry.

According to Foucault, the exploited and oppressed minority is deserving our sympathy because they have done nothing wrong. Their criminality is conjured up, created, and forced upon them by the real criminals: the majority which scapegoats the minority. The minority, from Foucault’s perspective, is always in the right. They are innocent victims of majoritarian oppression.

These two ideas: cultural hegemony through institutions and the valorization of the minority which can do no wrong are the two ideas that lay at the heart of the anti-American ideology.

Institutions now forsake much of America — America: land of the free, the brave, capitalism, Christianity, the rule of law. That America is evil, reinforced by the institutions which propagate those values to the next generation. Thus the anti-American progressive needed to seize businesses, media, churches, schools to promote the new revolutionary ideology which will free the masses from the lies of white freedom, white courage, white capitalism, white Christianity, white law and order. This they have accomplished as faithful disciples of Gramsci.

All minorities, following devotion to Foucault, are also untouchable. The animosity directed to minorities is just a projection of the petty tyranny and insecurity of the majority (white and probably Christian). Minorities of all stripes, therefore, are held up as martyrs of oppressions, warriors against injustice, the face of true humanity while the majority population (white and probably Christian) is cast as the villainous tyrant.

Since American cities were built by white Americans and established with white institutions according to the left’s institutional and racial theory, the logic of anti-American desecration becomes unavoidable. American cities must burn because they are a residual reminder of white institutional evil and majoritarian oppression. It doesn’t matter if cities today are majority minority. So long as cities retain the rule of law, police departments to enforce law and order, and are filled with the monuments of the old majority, they are still under the grip of white institutional power and its values which oppress minorities and the other exploited peoples of America.

It may be tiring to hear progressives complain on social media that any opposition to crime, any defense of art, architecture, and monuments, any support for the police, are all residual manifestations of white supremacy and racism. But that is what they truly believe. Through a combination of Gramsci and Foucault, the anti-American progressive cannot see a good society until the institutions and values of the majority have vanished from every crevice of society.

This leads us to their acceptance of crime. “Crime” is a construct of the majority, reinforced by the institutions of courts and law and order (the police). This helps us understand why progressives say, very clearly, that law and order is “white privilege.” They are not being farcical or comical. It is what they believe.

By undoing the rule of law, defunding the police, and ignoring crime, anti-American progressives are undoing — in their mind — three centuries of institutional and cultural oppression and tyranny. Thus we have, in our institutions, progressive lawyers and DAs with their criminal first policy; the criminal, you see, isn’t a criminal — the criminal is just a person exploited by the institutions and values of white supremacy. To press charges against the criminal would be to reinforce white supremacy and racism. 

The Americanpeople, in their righteous goodness, must toss out these ravenous zombies if there is any hope for salvaging their cities, institutions, and way of life. The anti-American progressive will fight back, tooth and nail, because the upholding of our cities, institutions, and way of life is the preservation of the old majority’s (read: white) values which unfairly, unjustly, and tyrannically oppressed the minority and whatever other exploited group the progressives come up with. Simply put, law and order is a construct of white tyrannical oppression in the fantastical mind of the anti-American progressive.

Make no mistake, anti-American Democrats would rather our cities be burned and looted than perpetuate the system of white systematic racism and oppression supposedly at the heart of “law and order.” The American people, on the other hand, do not. Whether they vote for people who do or is another matter, and whether those elected to defend America do is yet another.