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In recent developments, X users have been flagrantly violating the social media platform’s “misleading and deceptive identities policy” by impersonating Infowars host Owen Shroyer and making posts on his behalf. One such account, @OwenShroyers, utilizes the name “Owen Shroyer,” complete with an official blue checkmark, and features Owen’s likeness in profile photos. The bio on this imposter account falsely claims to be the host of the Infowars War Room and includes a link to a homosexual pornographic website, along with emojis of the gay flag. This deceptive account appears to have fooled some of Shroyer’s friends and fans, including individuals he has previously interviewed.

Even notable guests from the War Room and other media outlets have engaged with this imposter account, believing it to be Owen. However, they were met with rude and offensive comments. Shroyer’s alleged ban from the platform was due to his promotion of a protest against Covid-19 lockdowns. He has made multiple attempts to reach out to X to restore his account but to no avail.

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X’s policy prohibits impersonation, stating that accounts must not misrepresent their identity by using elements of another identity, such as name, image, or false affiliation claims. When users search for Owen Shroyer on X, the fake Shroyer account with a blue checkmark, along with other charges that violate the company’s policies, appears as the top result.

The imposter account has been actively trolling Infowars fans and followers, engaging in what can be seen as a harassment campaign. It has also made veiled threats regarding Shroyer’s legal situation related to the January 6 protests.

Despite reports from Shroyer, Infowars, and others, X has not acted against the fake account. The real Owen Shroyer continues to advocate for free speech and can be supported at The only authentic X account related to Shroyer is “Owen Shroyer Live,” where he shares political commentary independently of Infowars.