Posted BY: Rabbi Michael Barclay

As a Rabbi in Southern California, I have been confronted recently all too often with tweens and teenagers wanting to become a different sex.  Clearly, a lot of this has to do with the push for gender modification from the leftist establishment in California, especially schoolteachers who seem to think their agenda on this issue is more important than the wishes of the parents, let alone the children themselves. 

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But while this external push to lose gender identity is being thrust upon our children, it seems that an inordinate percentage of them are accepting this notion of becoming “gender fluid”. In working with youngsters in our religious school and Bar Mitzvah program (the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the rite of passage a 13-year-old Jew goes through), it has become clear to me that we, as parents and teachers, must understand the deeper issues that are troubling young people so that we can combat this abuse of our youth by the political and leftist elite.

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