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A pair of Bible prophecy experts answered why Satan works to fulfill biblical prophecy rather than do things differently to usurp God’s plans since he has some knowledge of how things will end for him. 

Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson, hosts of the popular “Prophecy Pros Podcast,” were joined by ministry partner Kari Duffy of Harvest House Publishers who shared theological questions submitted by listeners.  

One question Duffy shared was: “Satan does not know when the rapture will happen, but once it does happen, he knows his time is short. He knows the Bible. He’s heard all that has been taught on the subject. Why does Satan help fulfill the prophecy? Why doesn’t he do things differently than what is written? Or is he so hardened that he honestly thinks he can change what has been foretold by God Himself?” 

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In response to the multipart question, Hampson said Satan seems to be riddled with a lack of humility which has hardened him to think that he can change the outcome. 

“His pride is what gets him every single time. He literally thinks he can be God. He still thinks he can be God,” added Hampson, an author, illustrator, and animation producer who, along with Jeff Kinley, co-wrote the book, The Illustrated Guide to Tough Questions About the End Times.  

“When he (Satan) had Christ on the cross, he thought he won. He thought it was a game-set-match. He didn’t see the resurrection coming. So he does know prophecy, but he doesn’t know everything.” 

“He’s not omniscient. And he doesn’t realize that everything he’s doing to usurp God actually plays into the hands of God’s overall sovereign plan, which we can’t fully understand ourselves.”

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