‘Day Shift’ star’s serious ailment casts media, actor in unflattering light

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Jamie Foxx is recovering nicely from a month-old illness that required hospitalization.

Or is he?

We live in conspiratorial times, made worse by a corrupt press and the ability of half-truths to gain traction on social media.

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The “Day Shift” star’s medical woes represent a perfect pop culture storm of distrust and disinformation. Fair-minded souls don’t know what to believe, and both the actor and the press aren’t making matters better.

It started when we learned the 55-year-old Oscar winner was hospitalized on April 11 due to an undisclosed illness. Foxx stepped back from production on his latest film, ironically called “Back in Action,” but we learned nothing about his medical state at the time.

That limbo lingered for weeks, and various press outlets decided to fill the information gap with rank conjecture.

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