Posted BY: Jay Valentine

The 2022 stolen Arizona governor’s election is an ideal template for 2024 — and it is equally a mirror reflection, with all the moving parts, of 2020. 

This week, Kari Lake lost, again, in a court that wouldn’t have given her a victory had 240,000 citizens signed affidavits saying their ballots were stolen and changed at gunpoint. 

The courtroom exhibits may not have swayed the jurists, but those signature mismatches showed plenty of evidence that Kari Lake’s election was stolen by a lack of signature verification — and more.

Kari Lake’s election is the template for important American elections from now on.

Lake is a massively charismatic MAGA candidate who politicos know has the legs to go the distance.  She handles the press like how a kindergarten teacher handles unruly kids — except the teacher doesn’t make the kids look stupid.  Kari does.

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Kari lost because she is naturally gifted and could upend the established order.  The leftists pulled out all the stops — just like in 2020 and, soon, 2024.

Her team’s outstanding testimony in several court cases showed that elected officials changed printer settings, mostly in Republican areas, so printers would not process a ballot. 

Officials ran signatures through a nonexistent verification process, counting several hundred thousand ballots that were clearly sketchy.

Our team did the expert witness report on Kari Lake election data showing elected officials jacked with voter rolls days before the election — as in 22,000 new voters and 107,000 changes to the rolls, and thousands of address changes.  We suspect that those voter roll manipulations were not to help Kari.

This is the reality of important elections in America today. 

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