A “cunning Lawfare ploy” to keep Trump on the back foot.

Why Pelosi Plans to Delay Sending Impeachment Articles to the Senate

Source:  | Infowars.com

Nancy Pelosi has suggested she will delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate in order for Democrats to build up more evidence against Trump and delay a swift acquittal.

Last night, the House voted along party lines to impeach Trump, a partisan move that enables Democrats to continually undermine and discredit Trump as the “impeached President.”

However, with the effort virtually guaranteed to fall flat in the Senate, Democrats are planning to delay and drag the process in yet another underhanded stunt.

Following the impeachment vote, Pelosi said she would withhold the articles of impeachment until the Senate makes rules that she determines will be “fair” to the prosecution.

The Conservative Treehouse blog describes this as a “cunning Lawfare ploy” that was a “pre-planned procedural process by design.”

“Now the delay in sending the articles of impeachment allows the House lawyers to gather additional evidence while the impeachment case sits in limbo.”

“The House essentially blocks any/all impeachment activity in the Senate by denying the transfer of the articles from the House to the Senate. Additionally, the House will now impede any other Senate legislative action because the House will hold the Senate captive. Meanwhile the Democrat presidential candidates can run against an impeached President.”

This additional evidence could include Mueller grand jury material, a deposition by former White House counsel Don McGahn and less Trump’s financial and tax records.

Knowing that the Senate will never vote to impeach Trump, Democrats plan to use the House impeachment vote as yet another tool with which to undo the results of the 2016 election, keeping Trump under a permanent cloud of suspicion right through 2020.