Posted BY: Scott S. Powell

A recurring topic of discussion among some three hundred people from all over America who gathered to listen to and discuss presentations by U.S. national security experts after the November 8th election revolved around disbelief that the anticipated red tsunami appeared to have dissipated into a ripple. While some observed that “a near majority of Americans seem to have lost their common sense and moral integrity,” others expressed it this way: “Fools vote for fools, crooks vote for crooks, and dishonest people vote for dishonest representatives.” 

While these observations offer insight, there is clearly more going on. Many Americans have succumbed to silence to avoid being branded as “election deniers,” and eschew the subject of vote fraud and election irregularities of the 2020 election. But common-sense logic requires that we face the fact that because we failed to get to the bottom of voting irregularities of 2020, Democrat strategists and operators would play election fraud 2.0 cards again in the midterm elections of 2022 and the days of vote counting to follow.

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Remember the conditions that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic leading up to the November 2020 election: The fear-driven lockdown crisis environment gave Democrats an opportunity to push for change in state election rules to their advantage, such as allowing the wholesale distribution of mail-in ballots, the legitimization of ballot-harvesting, the extension of deadlines for counting those ballots, and legal challenges to voter ID and signature verification laws. And we all now know the result:

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