Posted BY: Matthew G. Andersson

With Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, subject to increasing Russian bombardment, and Moscow subject to new drone attacks, the hostility now reflects the direct provocation of central government and leadership.  Whether you rightly find Russia’s aggression in Ukraine unacceptable, or like the University of Chicago political scientist John Mearsheimer, you also see, pragmatically, a long trail of U.S. and EU provocation and mismanagement in foreign affairs, one thing is fairly obvious: the United States is not interested in pursuing, or trying to broker, a peace deal.  Current U.S. foreign policy toward Russia is following a narrow path of strict escalation toward superpower confrontation.  Russia is not going to lead a peace effort, nor will Ukraine.

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Former Undersecretary of State and arms negotiator Eugene V. Rostow, in his Toward Managed Peace, correctly argued that the United States cannot avoid its leadership role in global affairs, and moreover, its highest national security interest involves deploying its government system as a mechanism of peace.  Instead, the Biden administration is following precisely the opposite strategy, and has through its own incompetence and incapacity, also left leadership open to other countries. It is a strategy that creates economic and industrial disruption, perhaps even deliberate destruction, including of the American government itself.

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