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Frustration over the mostly feckless national Republican Party is nothing new. Those of us on the political right have few electoral options given our two-party system. In some elections, the choice is stark and easy, as when Reagan or Trump was at the top of the ticket. Other years saw names like McCain or Romney on the ticket and many of us held our noses voting Republican only because it was the better of two lousy choices.

The leftist agenda moves forward regardless of who is elected, at the presidential or congressional level, the only difference being the speed of decline. America is a runaway freight train, heading toward a cliff. When Democrats are in charge, it is pedal to the metal. With Republicans driving, the gas pedal is only partially pressed, with no effort to hit the brakes, save for rare bursts of a Reagan or Trump, and despite the opposition from their own party.

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The current GOP is quite happy in the minority. They can whine and complain, with no actual responsibility or voice in legislation. Campaign donations are solicited with promises to reverse the leftist agenda, promises never kept, unlike the campaign contributions they collect.

Conservatives have no home in the current Washington, D.C. political machine. Conservatives are not a small fringe group like the Lincoln Project NeverTrumpers, but 80 million Americans who voted for the last and best hope to stop the runaway train before it crashes into the abyss of poverty and tyranny.

Over the past decade, Republicans controlled Congress, either completely or partially, in most years. The GOP controlled both houses of Congress during the last two years of Obama and the first two years of Trump, a total of four years. What did they accomplish?

Obamacare was never repealed, despite Republican campaign promises to do just that. Similar promises to defund Planned Parenthood were broken. Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s emails were never seriously investigated, unlike endless investigations and impeachments over nonsensical and fabricated Trump Russia collusion, a legitimate request of Ukraine to investigate pay-to-play corruption involving Americans, or a so-called Capitol insurrection, which is looking more and more like an FBI-organized entrapment scheme.

Obama met little resistance from a Republican Congress. That was reserved for Trump. With the GOP controlling the White House and Congress during Trump’s first two years in office, what did Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell accomplish?

Credit where credit’s due to the Senate for confirming a bunch of what were thought to be conservative judges and Supreme Court justices. Too bad so many of them are acting like liberal activist jurists, due to cowardice, corruption, or compromise, but this phenomenon has plagued Republican-nominated jurists for decades.

Trump promised to build a border wall. Did Paul Ryan support it? Quite the opposite. While Spygate lies were gaslighted by the media and their Democrat congressional allies, few Republicans defended Trump or tried to stop the witch hunt.

Trump had scarce allies in Congress, names like Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes, but many detractors, even from his own party, names like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, and Lisa Murkowski. Did Bill Clinton or Barack Obama have similar critics within the Democrat congressional caucus? I don’t recall any.

Instead, Democrats circled the wagon to protect and support their party leaders, acting like snapping Dobermans when anyone dared criticize their president. Congressional Republicans obviously have no such loyalty, concerned only about being liked by the media and invited to criticize Trump and his supporters with Chuck Todd or Chris Wallace on a Sunday morning.

Where are we today? In the face of growing evidence of electoral fraud, theft of not only a presidential election but also of congressional seats, Republicans are silent. Why no support for election audits and a review of the convenient COVID-induced last-minute election rule changes?

If the election was as clean and fair as Democrats and many Republicans claim, why not prove it, if for no other reason than to shut up Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood? Instead, Republicans say nothing. Perhaps in their next reelection, vote counting will stop at 11 p.m. on election night and by morning their Democrat opponent will have the lead and the congressional or Senate seat.

Government agencies have mismanaged much of the COVID response, with flip-flopping recommendations and mandates, based more on politics than science, with no oversight from Congress. Who funds these agencies? A few, like Sens. Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, speak out, but where are the rest?

They sit silently as our Constitutional rights are slowly being eroded, under the mantra “follow the science,” not challenging the science when it is contradictory or nonsensical, saying nothing while opposing views are banned from social media and society in violation of the First Amendment.

When President Trump attempted to repeal Section 230 protections for social media tyrants, congressional Republicans chose not to support this. Perhaps campaign contributions from Google, Facebook, and Twitter were more important than protecting those who generally support Republicans from ending up suspended or banned from social media, including President Trump.

America’s national debt now far exceeds its GDP, the needle on America’s economic engine in the red zone, heading toward catastrophic failure. Democrats want to push the needle further under the guise of “infrastructure spending”, with little money going to actual infrastructure but instead to the Green New Deal and payoffs to other Democrat constituencies.

Where is Republican opposition? 18 Republican senators supported the infrastructure spending boondoggle. What happened to traditional Republican goals of reducing taxes, spending, and regulations? They and their families will be taken care of, but not those who voted for them, as inflation and higher taxes will double down on the ongoing misery from COVID mandates, masks, and lockdowns.

The southern border is wide open, millions of who-knows-who from who-knows-where crossing into America, bringing COVID and other diseases, some criminals happily released from their home country prisons to go to America, Biden’s agencies relocating them to a town near you. Where is Republican opposition?

Afghanistan is a mess, soon with a larger military presence than before the poorly executed troop withdrawal. American equipment and weaponry were left behind, now in the hands of the Taliban. How many American lives and hundreds of billions of tax dollars went to support another ignominious American military defeat? How soon until helicopters are evacuating the American embassy reminiscent of Saigon in 1975, as the Taliban use American weaponry to attack the embassy? Any Republican comments?

I could go on but why bother. It’s clear that Republicans are passively or actively supporting the Democrat agenda. Sure, they are not in power but when they were in power, they let Democrats run the show. So that excuse falls flat.

Face it, we have a uniparty, an elite ruling class that cares not a whit about ordinary Americans, regardless of their party affiliation.

We can cling to false prophets of devolution, indictments, and executions at Gitmo, Trump returning to office any day now, the mythical Durham report, and other fantasies that would be nice to see but are as likely as winning the lottery.

Or else vote them all out, primary the weak Republicans, even if it means electing a Democrat. To paraphrase Mrs. Clinton, “What difference does it make?” At least it’s a start.

If Republicans don’t wake up, they will be in a permanent minority. Rigged elections, backed up by flooding America, especially red states, with millions of illegal immigrants, voting legally or otherwise for Democrats, will turn the country a permanent shade of blue, making elections as relevant as they are in Cuba or North Korea. Yet even with Republicans in office that is the direction we are headed. Let’s hope we can turn this around before we pass the point of no return and enter an Orwellian world.