Posted BY: James Simpson

Leftists lie. They lie relentlessly. They lie constantly. Their lies populate the minds and mouths of pundits and “news” reporters occupying the newsrooms of MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and even Fox News. Their lies fill the columns of practically every newspaper in America. Their lies are spouted by educators in practically every classroom and form the plots of countless movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Our nation is drowning in its lies.

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Words cannot adequately describe you, leftists. You are dishonest to the core, self-motivated to the core, and possessed of an incomprehensible, towering arrogance that takes one’s breath away. But even some of you must realize your house of cards is falling. The policies being pursued by Democrats at every level of government are visiting wholesale destruction to our economy, our culture, and our future. Whether we’re talking about Biden and the Democrats spending trillions of dollars, drawing us into hyperinflation and unsustainable debt, or the freakish efforts of the LGBTQ educrats to proselytize, indoctrinate and impose horrific sex change surgeries on our children that have led to unprecedented level of child suicide, the devastation is incalculable.

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