Posted BY: Deane Waldman, M.D.

President Biden has just extended the Declaration of Public Health Emergency (PHE) for COVID.

Will his big con be today’s Stamp Act?

A look at the history of that may be useful.

In 1765, Great Britain passed the Stamp Act that required printers in the American colonies to pay a tax on documents used or created in the colonies and to prove it by affixing an embossed revenue stamp to the documents. Those accused of failing to purchase and display the official stamp would be tried in Admiralty court, not trial by jury. The Stamp Act prompted Patrick Henry to write in the Virginia Resolves, the immortal phrase [no] “taxation without representation.” 

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The colonies reacted with the Stamp Act Congress, which morphed into the Continental Congress, the Declaration of Independence, and ultimately the Constitutional Convention that produced our Constitution (1787).

The spark that ignited the American Revolution was the Stamp Act. 

Will Biden’s COVID big con become a modern-day Stamp Act and initiate a second American revolution, hopefully this time bloodless? 

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