Source: The Liberty Daily

In a gross violation of medical privacy, CNN Fake News host Dana Bash had the gall, on Sunday, to ask newly-elected Winsome Sears, the first black female Lieutenant Governor in Virginia history, whether she had taken the risky and sometimes ineffective Covid “vaccine” (page down to go directly to video), an experimental shot that does not stop the spread of the Covid virus, does not stop infection by the virus, and an injection that sometimes has deadly side effects (ask Hank Aaron, Marvin Hagler).

Sears’s answer seemed to shock Bash, who badly needed a lesson about the “slippery slopes” of medical tyranny: “As I said, America, if it’s nothing else, it’s about liberty. It’s about being able to live your life free from the government telling you what to do.

And so, we understand this thing about slippery slopes. The minute that I start telling you about my vaccine status, we’re gonna to be down the bottom of the mountain trying to figure out how we got there because now you want to know what’s in my DNA. You’re going to want to know this, that, and the other.

In New York, you see, we have people, waiters,! […]