Source: Joe Hoft

Wisconsin’s courts refuse to address the election drop boxes which allegedly are illegal. 

Just the News reported yesterday (emphasis added):

“Wisconsin voters deserve certainty that elections are conducted fairly and in accordance with state law. But the Wisconsin Elections Commission is giving advice to clerks that is contrary to the law, putting the ballots of countless voters at risk,” WILL’s Rick Essenberg said.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on Friday to dismiss a legal challenge to dropboxes and ballot harvesting. Swing justice Brian Hagedorn joined the court’s liberal justices in dismissing the claim for technical reasons.

This isn’t the first time the Wisconsin Supreme Court threw out a case against the legality of the drop boxes in the state.  Attorney Karen Mueller from the Amos Center for Justice and Liberty also raised the issue before the 2020 election and the Supreme Court threw her case out as well.  We reported on this last December.