Posted BY: J. Robert Smith

Typical of corporate and big conservative media, we had the pleasure of hearing ad nauseum how the process whereby a speaker of the U.S. House is elected was somehow disruptive and bad optics and whatever other parroted drivel. These dimwits might as well have said it was downright unpatriotic.   

Of course, the jabbering propagandists at CNN and MSNBC painted the speaker contest as the start of the Apocalypse, which is exactly what their dwindling audiences of Karens, woke hucksters, race peddlers, and climate catastrophe inbreds want to be painted. Their talking points came from the DNC, without which they’d, deer-in-headlights, stare vacantly into the cameras.    

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Over at Fox News, we had Sean Hannity browbeating Lauren Boebert for the sin of offering no viable alternative to Kevin McCarthy.  Sean missed the point of the rebellion.  Newt Gingrich characterized the 20 dissident Republicans as “blackmailers.”  Newt came to fame in the 80s by challenging the GOP establishment and throwing bombs.  Rightly so.      

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