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A spy balloon was spotted over the continental United States this week, prompting calls for the Biden-Harris regime to do something. They haven’t at least as far as we know, opting instead to “monitor” an invasion of our sovereign airspace by a hostile adversary in the Chinese Communist Party.

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Now, a second balloon has been confirmed flying over Latin America. Rumors of a third balloon flying over Canada have many people considering the possible reasons behind China’s aggressive actions. I discussed these on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show. Here are the four theories I proposed:

  1. It really is just a massive spy balloon collecting data. It’s definitely collecting more than pictures; the various arrays attached to the balloon are far more than mere cameras. Part of its path over Montana took it over three of our nation’s nuclear silos.
  2. These balloons are capable of carrying a nuclear device. If just one or a few of these devices could be detonated over the United States, the electromagnetic pulse would take down our power grid, internet, and other important pieces of infrastructure, making us ripe for invasion.
  3. Some have said there are biological potentials here. In other words, they could have biological weapons or even a new disease that could be dropped on the people. I’m not a scientist but this one seems far-fetched.
  4. Could there be new hacking technology onboard? If China has developed (or likely stolen) technology that could be used to hack via line-of-sight connection, these balloons could be the easiest way to make it happen at a wide scale.

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