Posted BY: Jack Hellner

No matter how much evidence is shown to the Biden administration about the lies of Fauci and the CDC, the policies and talking points remain the same. How’s that for the “party of science”? Now, a Biden mouthpiece has announced: “natural immunity [for COVID] is not something we believe in”. For one thing, science is not about beliefs, it is about evidence.

How many people in the military and elsewhere had their lives destroyed because they were fired because they wouldn’t take an experimental “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent the disease or spread of the disease?

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How many seniors didn’t get tests and died alone because they were scared? How many children and grandchildren were depressed because they were told they would kill the elderly if they got them?

How many people, including government officials, still believe masks work despite the evidence that they do little or no good? It was obvious they didn’t because states that didn’t require the mask did as good or better at mitigating the spread of COVID than states that did.

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