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A new and free notification system known as “Woke Alerts” informs consumers when a company promotes a radical, left-wing agenda, compromising the values of traditional American consumers.

Woke Alerts subscribers will receive text messages whenever a company “cave[s] to the woke agenda,” wrote Consumers’ Research, the nonprofit that created Woke Alerts. Also available to subscribers are detailed reports revealing “what’s really behind those decisions, including in some cases, the desire to mask their own objectionable behavior.”

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“Many corporations are putting progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers,” stated Consumers’ Research. “They’ll only succeed if we look the other way.”

Woke Alerts is part of the nonprofit’s broader “Consumers First Initiative,” which launched in May 2021 and is committed to “putting corporations on notice – It’s time to start serving your customers and stop serving woke politicians.” So far, the Consumers First Initiative has done thorough reports on companies like BlackRockCoca-ColaNikeAmerican AirlinesState FarmTicketmasterMLBAmerican Express, and Levi’s.

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