Posted BY: Steve Rose

Wokeism is not what it pretends to be.

It fools a lot of people by pretending to be about high ideals. It pretends to struggle against injustice, overcome oppression, and so on.

But in reality, it’s something very different. For many more of us, the scam is clear: the Woke simply want power. They just want to rule over the rest of us. They’ve already made astounding progress toward this goal.

How are they pulling this off? They’re working to invent a flood of rules that we must live by, but they don’t. They want two sets of rules — some for us, others for them.

For example: Offending them is a terrible thing. It’s so terrible, in fact, that they’ve been trying to make it illegal to hurt their feelings. Yet they can offend us all the time.

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They insist that subjective feelings are profoundly important — important enough to write laws and even base entire societies on. Yet our feelings are routinely ignored, minimized, dismissed, mischaracterized, or forcefully suppressed.

They justify everything they do based on their imaginary fantasies and utopian ideals, yet they dismiss everything we do because of the sinister aims they imagine we have.

They insist that we “shouldn’t judge” other people, and any expression of disapproval of their behavior, however mild, is completely unacceptable. Yet they “judge” us — quite harshly — all the time.

They insist on being allowed to be who they are, yet they refuse to let us be who we are.

They insist that we’re such terrible people that they refuse to even engage in a dialogue or conversation with us. Yet they claim that we’re the ones who are intolerant.

They claim the ability to know exactly what’s in our hearts (via their mind-reading skills, presumably), yet they insist that what’s happening in their hearts is something mysterious and profound that we can never understand.

They claim that we can never understand them because we’ve never lived their experience, yet they claim to fully understand us even though they’ve never lived our experience.

They insist on being judged solely by their good intentions, yet they insist on judging us solely by the imaginary motives they project onto us.

To call them unflattering names, accidentally or otherwise, is a horrific crime, they say (despite their ever-shifting, incoherent, exhausting jargon regarding what they want to be called), Yet they call us truly horrific names all the time (“fascist,” “racist,” “hater,” “White supremacist,” etc.)

They talk about race and gender relentlessly, as if those are the only important matters in life, yet they constantly accuse us of being racist and sexist.

They constantly accuse us of racism and sexism, while they continually judge people, divide them into groups, and try to reorganize the entire world according to individuals’ gender or skin color.

On the topic of males and females, they lecture us about the horror and intolerance of being “binary,” and insist (despite biological realities) that there are infinite shades of gray — yet they also declare that everyone is either a “Racist” or an “Anti-Racist,” and that’s it, those are the only two options.

They psychologize all of our motives (“You’re really doing that because of X, Y, and Z”), yet they insist that their own motives are completely pure and noble. (This applies even when their motives are glaringly and transparently corrupt.)

They insist on being allowed to define themselves, yet also insist that we can’t be allowed to define ourselves. They define themselves as heroic crusaders who fight Nazis, fascists, racists, etc. (which we’re also against, by the way) — but they refuse to acknowledge that we’re fighting evils as well, such as communists, tyrants, and totalitarians.

They insist that everything they’re doing is based on hard facts, science, and “truth,” yet they’re constantly trying to create an entire legal framework based entirely on hurt feelings or subjective emotions.

They pretend to be tragically wounded when they’re offended and claim that being offended is a horrific thing, yet they deliberately and unnecessarily choose to interpret harmless phrases and mundane acts in ways that are maximally offensive.

They misrepresent our positions constantly, yet they continually complain about being misunderstood or misrepresented.

They constantly silence us, yet they pretend to finally be championing the voiceless.

They enjoy the full support of Big Tech, Big Business, Big Hollywood, Big Education, nearly the entire media establishment, the entire Democratic party in Washington, and a significant part of the Republican party, and yet they claim to be “oppressed.”

They claim to be tolerant and compassionate, yet they openly mock, ridicule, and insult anyone they disagree with.

They see themselves as creative and free-thinking individuals, yet they all think and act alike, and punish anyone who says anything outside of the approved narrative.

They claim the ability to interpret anything and everything however they want, however absurd, and hide behind “lived experience” or subjective feelings as a defense of their interpretations (“I have a right to my opinion!”) — yet they declare that our interpretations and “lived experiences” are invalid.

They work to deliberately bankrupt us, abolish most amendments, deliberately flood the country with non-citizens, corrupt and nationalize elections, abolish the electoral college, abandon the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, add additional states to the union, ban political speech, they fly non-American flags at government departments, kneel to other causes in the Capitol building, and pledge allegiance to other (non-American) flags.  

They’ve already ruined or corrupted much of Hollywood, Big Media, Big Business, Big Tech, nearly our entire education system, the music industry, entertainment, etc. — yet they accuse us of being bad for the country.

The above are just a few examples of Woke hypocrisy. There are plenty more. Yet an awareness of this hypocrisy would have little effect on someone who was truly Woke. Why? Because the Woke are hypocritical about hypocrisy itself.

Most of us see phoniness and hypocrisy as bad things, and honesty and integrity as good. But a true Wokester could read all of the above, and say, “So what? Sure, I say one thing and do another. Yes, I want one set of rules for you and another for me. Sure, I seem like a hypocrite. But I’m doing it all for ‘a good cause’ — my imaginary Utopian fantasy — and therefore, I’m morally justified to inflict in any horror I choose.”

Meanwhile, they aren’t afraid to use the “hypocrisy” charge against us. They constantly accuse us of falling short of our impossibly high ideals and use that imperfection to justify our total destruction.

Too many Americans are still blind to the true nature of Wokeism. It’s societal poison. It’s a fundamentalist cult, riddled with zealotry and intolerance, fueled by hysteria and moral narcissism. It’s an intellectual virus that has been deliberately engineered to destroy Western culture and replace it with a hellish Marxist dystopia.

We need more real Americans to understand what’s actually happening, and to inoculate ourselves against it before it’s too late.