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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)A local woman is sharing the story of her friend, who died suddenly from cardiac arrest Sunday; one of several who has suffered the same fate in Las Vegas this past week. 

Michele Morgan told 8 News Now her friend and employee of 30 years, Alicia Groeblinghoff, went into cardiac arrest at the gym and died one day later. 

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“She had a contagious smile,” Morgan said of her friend. “And made everybody so happy around her.”

Morgan shared everything she’ll miss just days after Groeblinghoff’s untimely death. 

“She was an amazing human being,” she added. “A humanitarian.”

Morgan said Groeblinghoff, who was a wife and mother of two, had no history of heart issues at the time of her death, which has left her family shocked and confused. 

“Super healthy, and suddenly, without warning just collapsed at the gym,” Morgan said. “And suffered a massive cardiac arrest.”

Cardiologist Dr. Alfred Danielian told 8 News Now no matter your age or health, it’s important to get your heart checked for things like congenital defects, coronary artery disease, electrical problems, or issues related to COVID-19, including myocarditis. 

“We did see incidents, it was a little higher than the vaccine,” Dr. Danielian said of the infection. “But again, this was self-limited.”

Morgan told 8 News Now she is still in shock that this could happen to someone with so much life ahead of them, and she hopes Groeblinghoff’s story can live on for those who loved her. 

“We never think that we are going to leave work on Friday and not come back on Monday,” Morgan said. “She was a beautiful human being, and this should not have happened.”

Morgan said Groeblinghoff’s family does not know what caused Alicia’s cardiac arrest.