Wi Spa site of yet another disturbing incident.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A woman who complained to cops about a man exposing his genitalia to her 6-year-old daughter says she was told by a police officer that it was her fault.

Yes, really.

The incident occurred at the now notorious Wi Spa in Los Angeles, site of a protest and counter-protest on Saturday over another similar incident during which a biological male exposed his genitals to women and little girls in the female area of the spa.

According to the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the incident happened in January 2020.

“It all happened to me, so I had a relapse of these feelings after having forgotten them,” she told The Post Millennial. “I knew it was a family spa, and I’d decided to take my daughter. It’s kind of trendy, it’s a 24-hour spa, 90 plus percent Korean, and then a small percentage of people who aren’t Korean. It’s kind of cool to participate in other cultural experiences.”

The biological male, who had a beard, sat down at one end of the hot tub with two female companions, immediately making everyone, particularly the older Korean women, feel extremely uncomfortable.

The Korean women’s main concern was to block the 6-year-old girl from seeing the man’s genitals

“The older Korean ladies were whispering to each other, holding their towels over themselves, as all the women started whispering to each other,” said the mother, adding that the biological male could see all of the naked women as well as the 6-year-old girl.

Although careful not to overplay the race card, the woman noted that the three protagonists were all “white, privileged, progressive people.”

The mother was prompted by the 6-year-old’s irate father to make a formal complaint to cops at a police station near the spa in Korea town.

She was told the spa is a “private business” and “they can do what they want,” but one officer “blamed me for having taken her daughter to the spa,” the woman said.

She also revealed that Wi Spa justified the behavior by saying the individual was a “pre-op trans person.”

The mother attended the protest outside Wi Spa on Saturday, but quickly left after seeing that it had been hijacked by violent Antifa thugs who proceeded to beat and harass those who had showed up to oppose the idea of children being exposed to male genitalia.