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The head of a woman has been found in a Paris park today following yesterday’s discovery of a bloody lower torso inside a plastic bag.

The gruesome discoveries were made in a wooded area of the Buttes-Chaumont park, a popular spot for families and joggers in the 19th district of Paris.

Police have opened a murder inquiry and the park has been closed off as investigations continue.

A source close to the investigation said yesterday’s grim discovery appeared to be the pelvic area of a woman within a blood-soaked plastic bag.

This morning the decapitated head was found beside a train line within the grounds of the park. 

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The mayor of the 19th district, François Dagnaud confirmed that it was park workers who had found the remains.

The location is rather remote within the 61-acre park in an area usually used by workers for storage that is not generally known to the public.

A park official yesterday discovered the human remains of a blood-drenched body that had been cut below the chest to the knees.

Police were immediately notified and carried out a detailed search of the entire park as forensic experts worked to identify the dismembered body part.

The identity of the deceased person is unknown, but Le Parisien said a police source told them it is likely a woman from Europe or North Africa. They said she was wearing floral patterned jeans.

A source close to the investigation also told the Paris newspaper that ‘the corpse was not in a state of putrefaction, which seems to attest to a recent death’.

Investigators will now trawl through CCTV footage surrounding the vast park and its ten entrances to try and identify a perpetrator.

The newly discovered head will also undergo an autopsy today as authorities try to piece together the gruesome crime. 

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