Posted BY: Christopher Chantrill

One of the most important things I know is a fundamental mistake of Sigmund Freud. Siggie asked: “What do women want?”

Everybody knows that Siggie was asking the wrong question. It is not what women want, it is what they “expect.” And what women expect is:

Women expect to be protected.

Once you read this, learn it, and inwardly digest it, life looks a lot different.

The limit case on women and protection is described in A Woman in Berlin by Anonymous. Yes, what does a woman do in Berlin in May 1945 when it’s been invaded by the Red Army and she’s already been raped a few times? Bueller? Anyone?

I say that the fundamental male skill in this world is to have your mind tuned to things that “women expect.”

I bet you had never thought that “women expect to have gas stoves.” I hadn’t, which just shows that we men are all dumb or some. It’s obvious, now. Women like their gas stoves — even Dr. Jill Biden — and they all think it is ridiculous to ban them. But who knew, two weeks ago?

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