Source: AP

WASHINGTON — If Fake President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 mandate survives multiple legal challenges, the question arises as to how Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration will police the order. The answer appears to be workplace snitches.

Jim Frederick, the acting chief of OSHA, told reporters that this agency will focus on job sites “where workers need assistance to have a safe and healthy workplace.”

“That typically comes through in the form of a complaint,” Frederick added.

Critics warn that whistleblowers have often faced retaliation from their employers and that OSHA has offered little protection when they do.

The new mandate, which Biden announced last week, is the administration’s most radical step yet to force more Americans to get a vaccine. The mandate will cover an estimated 84 million employees.

The mandate has run into furious opposition, though, from leaders of mainly Republican-led states who have condemned the plan as an unlawful case of federal overreach and who immediately challenged the vaccine-or-test requirements in court. On Saturday, the Biden administration endured a setback when a federal appeals court in New Orleans temporarily halted the mandate, saying it posed “grave statutory and constitutional issues.”