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On May 30, 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping said to his top national security officials to be prepared for “worst-case scenarios” and “stormy seas.”

According to Alex Wu of The Epoch Times, Xi was talking to officials who participated in the first National Security Commission meeting since the CCP’s 20th National Congress in 2022, per a report by state-run Xinhua.

As commission chairman, Xi  declared they must deeply understand “the complexity and difficulty of the national security issues we now face have increased significantly.” Xi called on CCP officials to carry forward the “spirit of struggle” and “must adhere to bottom-line thinking and worst-case-scenario thinking, and get ready to undergo the major tests of high winds and rough waves, and even perilous, stormy seas.”

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Xi also stressed the need for the Chinese government to accelerate the military’s modernization and make it more effective in “actual combat and practical use,” as the Chinese government faces a “complex and grave” environment in the geopolitical realm.

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