An attempt by Minnesota Democrats to tinker with a statute defining sexual orientation is part of a broader attempt to normalize pedophilia.

Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

The trans movement’s disturbing obsession with children — the “all ages” drag shows, the pornographic books in school libraries, the push to allow the castration and sterilization of minors — isn’t just an aggressive tactic to prove that transgender people are safe around kids or to groom kids into becoming trans. It’s part of a broader strategy to normalize pedophilia.

That strategy is becoming more explicit every day. Recently a group of Democrat legislators in Minnesota, led by the state’s first transgender lawmaker, introduced a bill that would have removed language in Minnesota’s Human Rights Act that explicitly says pedophilia is not a “sexual orientation” as defined by state statute.

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By removing that language, the bill would have opened the door to widening the definition of sexual orientation to include pedophilia as a protected class alongside other minorities.

Ultimately the effort failed, and the Democrat-controlled state House was persuaded by a Republican lawmaker to amend the so-called “Take Pride Act” (HF 1655) to clarify that pedophilia “is not a protected class under this chapter.”

But the push by trans activists to change this language is instructive, because it tells you exactly what the movement is all about and where it’s headed.

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