Posted BY: Clarice Feldman

The two big stories this week illustrate the corruption of the legal system and of the Democrat party, which controls key portions of it. As well, they illustrate the media’s continuing effort to deny us the truth we see with our own eyes.

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The Indictment of President Trump

New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Jr. has indicted former President Trump. Arraignment is scheduled on Tuesday. Sometime before then we are likely to see the charges against him, which reportedly — as is the normal order of weak cases — run to over 20 counts. Charging so many counts is a prosecutorial trick based on experience: Some jurors may think the more counts there are the greater the likelihood of a pony hiding in the manure pile; others may just want to get out of the deliberations and agree to one or two to get out of there. Almost universal criticism of this move, by even the editors of the Washington Post, suggests there is ample reason to believe this is a meritless, politically motivated prosecution.

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