Source: The Gateway Pundit 

This was awesome.

A patriotic Trump supporter heckled Joe Biden in San Antonio, Texas on Friday and confronted him about his drug addict son Hunter’s Ukraine pay-to-play.

Biden began his speech by falsely asserting that President Trump called Mexicans “rapists.”

The Trump supporter in the crowd responded to Biden’s claim and said, “That’s a lie, Joe!”

Joe Biden immediately responded to the heckler but he backed down as soon as the heckler took a dig at his son Hunter.

“America can overcome four years of Donald Trump’s chaos and corruption, but if re-elected it will forever fundamentally change the character of who we are as a nation,” Biden said. “We can’t let this happen. This election is about the soul of our nation and Donald Trump has poisoned our soul.”

The protester interrupted Biden and yelled, “What about corruption in Ukraine?” referring to Biden’s son Hunter who made $80,000+ a month sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company despite having zero experience in the field.


Biden ignored the Trump’s supporter’s questions about Ukraine then he tried to link President Trump to the El Paso mass shooting that took place earlier this year.

“You’re the one who threatened to withhold a billion dollars, Joe!” — “You’ll never be President! Trump is innocent!” the Trump supporter yelled as he walked away.