YouTube cited severe and repeated violations of its guidelines in its decision to deplatform the far-left, pro-censorship organization

Source: Gabriel Keane

The YouTube account of fringe-left, pro-deplatforming organization Right Wing Watch has been suspended by the platform, citing severe or repeated violations of its Community Guidelines. An appeal to overturn the decision submitted by Right Wing Watch was also rejected by YouTube.

“Our efforts to expose the bigoted view and dangerous conspiracy theories spread by right-wing activists has now resulted in @YouTube banning our channel and removing thousands of our videos. We attempted to appeal this decision, and YouTube rejected it,” the Right Wing Watch Twitter account complained on Monday.

Unsurprisingly, the outlet’s history of advocating for the online suppression of political views its staff disagrees with did not draw favor with critics after news of YouTube’s decision hit Twitter.

“Well they are a private company and can so what they want and you don’t have a right to a platform [sic],” content creator Mark “Count Dankula” Meechan posted mockingly in the replies to Right Wing Watch, adding, “But I do hope that you get your videos re-instated, free speech is very important I’m sure you’ll agree,”

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