Military industrial complex gets their feelings hurt.

Source:  Paul Joseph Watson

YouTube flagged a Fox News interview in which former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said war in Ukraine was good for the military industrial complex as “offensive” content.

Yes, really.

Apparently, upsetting war profiteering defense contractors is now grounds for censorship.

During the interview, host Laura Ingraham asked Gabbard why people were still demanding no fly zones, something that would likely cause World War III, when President Zelensky was “stepping back from his earlier NATO wishes and even demands?”


Gabbard responded by pointing out that Zelensky has said he’s willing to negotiate with Putin and “set this NATO membership thing aside.”

According to YouTube, such advocacy for peace is borderline content and needs to be hidden behind a warning screen. The video is also age-restricted.


Elsewhere in the interview, Gabbard dared to suggest that “it’s good for the military industrial complex” to prolong the war in Ukraine and to “have this proxy war with Russia, something that Hillary Clinton laid out just recently.

“This war machine, this power elite in Washington, want to turn Ukraine into another Afghanistan, turn into killing fields where this long-term insurgency is supported. And they bleed out and cripple, kill as many Russians as possible for who knows how long, and they’re really showing their real aim in the fact that they’re not taking action right now to end this conflict,” said Gabbard.

According to YouTube, not wanting Ukraine to turn into Afghanistan is ” inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Gabbard has been under scrutiny since Mitt Romney ludicrously suggested the former United States Army Reserve officer was “treasonous” for wanting US biological research labs in Ukraine secured to prevent outbreaks of deadly pathogens.

MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance also accused Gabbard of being a “collaborator,” while The View’s Ana Navarro demanded she be investigated by the Justice Department for spreading “Russian propaganda.”