Russia Confirms Toxic Cloud Of “Extremely High” Radiation; Source Remains A Mystery

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Tyler Durden

One month after a mysterious radiation cloud was observed over Europe, whose source remained unknown last week speculation emerged that it may have been the result of a “nuclear accident” in Russia or Kazakhstan, on Tuesday Russian authorities confirmed the previous reports of a spike in radioactivity in the air over the Ural Mountains. In a statement, the Russian Meteorological Service said that it recorded the release of Ruthenium-106 in the southern Urals in late September and classified it as “extremely high contamination.”

Earlier this month, France’s nuclear safety agency earlier this month said that it recorded a spike in radioactivity, and said that “the most plausible zone of release” of this radioactive material “lies between the Volga and the Urals” from a suspected accident involving nuclear fuel or the production of radioactive material. The agency noted, however, that it is impossible to determine the exact point of release given the available data. Luckily, it said the release of the isotope Ruthenium-106 posed no health or environmental risks to European countries.

At the time, Russia’s state-controlled Rosatom corporation – the same company implicated in the Uranium One scandal – said in a statement that there had been no radiation leak from its facilities. That changed when the Russian meteorological service (Rosgidromet) reported that it had detected record levels of radiation in the villages located in Russia’s Ural region adjacent to Rosatom’s Mayak plant for spent nuclear fuel. Some calculated that the radiation exposure levels were up to 1,000x higher than the normal rate.

Mayak, located in the Chelyabinsk region, issued a statement on Tuesday denying it was the source of contamination. The plant said it has not conducted any work on extracting Ruthenium-106 from spent nuclear fuel “for several years.” Full statement below:

“The contamination of the atmosphere with ruthenium-106 isotope registered by Rosgidromet is not linked to the activity of Mayak. The measurements which Rosgidromet has released suggest that the dose people might have received is 20,000 times less than the allowed annual dose and presents no threat at all to health.”

Quoted by Sputnik, the Rosatom representative stated that there were “no incidents or accidents at nuclear facilities in Russia”.

The Mayak nuclear processing plant, located in the Urals, has also come out with a statement saying that “atmospheric pollution with ruthenium-106 that was found by Rosgidromet is not connected to the work of Mayak,” since the work on the separation of ruthenium-106 from spent nuclear fuel (and the production of ionizing radiation sources on its basis) has not been carried out for many years at the facility.

Earlier, Rosgidromet confirmed that the the monitoring systems have detected an increase in the concentration of ruthenium over several parts of Russia. However, according to the press release, the concetration does not exceed the maximum permissible concetrations. The head of Rosgidromet, however, said that the automatic monitoring system detected an increase in the concentration of Ru-106 not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. According to him, the concentration in Romania was 1.5-2 times higher than the concentration in Russia.

The exact source of the spike, however, remains a mystery, though IRSN suggested that the cause might be an accident.

Mayak has been responsible for at least two of Russia’s biggest radioactive accidents. In 2004 it was confirmed that waste was being dumped in the local river. Nuclear regulators say that no longer happens, but anti-nuclear activists say it’s impossible to tell given the level of state secrecy. Also on Tuesday, Greenpeace said that it would petition the Russian Prosecutor General’s office to investigate “a possible concealment of a radiation accident” and check whether public health was sufficiently protected.

Is the LAPD Manipulating Crime Numbers to Make City Seem Safer Than It Really Is?

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Jack Dunphy

The Los Angeles Police Department once again finds itself embroiled in controversy. But unlike controversies of the past that have vexed my former employer, this one does not involve someone being shot, beaten, or otherwise mistreated by police officers. The present strife instead concerns the more mundane matter of keeping the books. Or, if the allegations of one senior officer are to be believed, cooking them.

This month, the Los Angeles Times reported on some remarkable claims made by Captain Lillian Carranza, to wit, that the department was being less than truthful in reporting its crime numbers so as to make the city seem safer than it in fact is. Captain Carranza, the commanding officer of Van Nuys Division, in the San Fernando Valley, made her accusations in a claim for damages against the city. Such claims are most often precursors to a lawsuit, and Carranza alleges she was denied a promotion to the rank of commander for having raised these issues within the department.

“They are not only lies, but they are damn lies,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck of Captain Carranza’s allegations. “If I’m cooking the books, I’m not doing a good job,” he said, noting that reported violent crime in the city was up 4 percent this year.

The LAPD, says Carranza in her complaint, “engaged in a highly complex and elaborate coverup in an attempt to hide the fact that command officers had been providing false crime figures to the public attempting to convince the public that crime was not significantly increasing.” She specifically cites two of the LAPD’s 21 patrol divisions, Central and Pacific, as having reported inaccurate crime stats. (Central Division covers downtown L.A.; Pacific covers the city’s west side, south of the Santa Monica Freeway.) Both these areas, says Carranza, underreported aggravated assaults by 10 percent. The commanding officers of both divisions, Carranza says in her complaint, were later promoted to commander.

In the case of Central Division, the most recent crime numbers, even if accurate, are concerning enough. Homicides are up 70 percent over last year, robberies are up 11 percent, and aggravated assaults are up 31 percent. The latest numbers from Pacific Division are less troubling, but they raise questions about their accuracy. While the city as a whole has seen increases in both violent and property crimes, Pacific reports declines in both categories.

We may presume Captain Carranza has at least some factual basis for her claims, for in taking the action she has she has doomed whatever future she might have had with the LAPD. She has not only called into question Chief Beck’s integrity, but also that of a number of her colleagues in the command staff. To base such action on mere speculation would be beyond foolhardy. And while I have no information on the specifics of Captain Carranza’s allegations, I can say from personal experience that some of the people she names are not known in the department to be shining examples of integrity.

And so we may ask, what would motivate people in the LAPD to manipulate crime statistics? Who stands to benefit from such subterfuge? It’s important to remember that the LAPD, like most police departments in the country, especially those in large cities, is a political entity, consuming the largest share of the city’s budget. And as a political entity, the LAPD’s managers are keenly attuned to the political interests of the city’s elected leaders. Mayor Eric Garcetti, like most any politician you could name, is a man of high ambition. Despite being so graceless as to have once employed the F-word while addressing a crowd containing many children, when Garcetti looks in the mirror he sees a future president. As unlikely as it may be for anyone to jump from City Hall to the White House, it would be far less likely for Garcetti if he were to be known as the man who oversaw Los Angeles’s decline into the cesspool of crime it was in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. And Garcetti, like nearly every big-city mayor, is a liberal Democrat, and as such he is invested in the recent criminal justice reforms enacted in California, reforms that have had the effects of changing many felony crimes into misdemeanors and of releasing thousands of inmates from the state’s prisons.

Chief Beck is well known for doing Garcetti’s bidding, and it is not at all farfetched to believe he would exert pressure, even if only tacit pressure, down the chain of command to make the city’s crime picture appear rosier than it is. And when we examine the upper levels of that chain of command, we find men and women who, whatever their rank, aspire to the next one. And how does one reach that next rank? By doing what pleases the chief, of course. So if a few robberies can be turned into thefts, if a few aggravated assaults can be turned into simple batteries, isn’t that a small price to pay for keeping the chief happy and gaining that next bar or star on your collar?

Captain Carranza’s allegations will either be proved or disproved in the course of a long legal process, one that will include sworn depositions from many in the command staff. If she truly has the facts on her side, who among her colleagues will be willing to stand with her? It will be a fascinating show to watch.

China DF-41 ICBM to be deployed in 2018 is actually 8-13 years late

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Around 2000, the US Department of Defense expected China to deploy the DF-41 missile between 2005 and 2010.

The three-stage solid-fuel DF-41 is larger than the DF-31 missile, and has a range of up to 13,000-15000 kilometers. The DF-41 has ten warhead MIRV capability. It is an 80 ton missile.

The 8,000 km range DF-31 was successfully flight- tested in 1999 and 2000, and tests of the other longer-range mobile ICBM were anticipated within next several years. The DF-31 is about 42 tons.

Operational deployment of the DF-31 missiles began in 2006.

The upgraded DF-31A missile has a reported range of 11,200 km which allows targeting of most of the continental United States. It was designed with MIRV capability to hold 3 to 5 warheads, each capable of a 20–150 kt yield, but is thought to be armed with only one warhead with penetration and decoy aids to complicate missile defense efforts.

In 2017, China deployed another improved variant of the DF-31 called the DF-31AG or DF-31B with an off-road TEL, an increased range of 13000 km and MIRVs.

The US had fairly advanced ICBMs with the Minuteman III in the 1970s. Similarly USSR (Russia) had mature ICBM technology in the 1970s.

Judicial Watch Dumps Explosive New FBI Emails Related to Hillary

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(Zero Hedge) Judicial Watch has just dumped a new treasure trove of FBI emails regarding Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s conflict check relative to the Clinton email investigation (for those who missed it, we reviewed all of McCabe’s many scandals here: “FBI Director McCabe Subject Of Three Separate Federal Inquiries Into Alleged Misconduct: Report“).

Memo Reveals Details On The Deal Giving Hillary Powers Over The DNC’s Purse Strings

Ironically, this particular FOIA request was filed in October 2016 under the Obama administration but they apparently just “didn’t have time” to get to it.

Judicial Watch today released 79 pages of Justice Department documents concerning ethics issues related to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s involvement with his wife’s political campaign.

The documents include an email showing Mrs. [Jill] McCabe was recruited for a Virginia state senate race in February 2015 by then-Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam’s office.

RELATED: Retired FBI Agent Sues DOJ for Records on Contributions Made By a Clinton Ally

The news that Clinton used a private email server broke five days later, on March 2, 2015. Five days after that, former Clinton Foundation board member and Democrat party fundraiser, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, met with the McCabes.

She announced her candidacy on March 12. Soon afterward, Clinton/McAuliffe-aligned political groups donated nearly $700,000 (40% of the campaign’s total funds) to McCabe’s wife for her campaign.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents through a July 24, 2017, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed after the Justice Department failed to respond to an October 24, 2016, FOIA request.

Among other things, the new FOIA dump reveals a panicked FBI’s efforts to enlist the support of an army of lawyers and public relations personnel to deal with the original Wall Street Journal article… that first revealed McCabe’s ties to the Clintons and his simultaneous oversight of the Clinton email investigation…

Original Source

School defends CNN, punishes student protest (this will make your blood boil!)

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Horn News

A Georgia family is under fire… for using their First Amendment rights.

Parents of 7th grader Jaxon Dekalb have been all-but officially labeled bad parents for allowing their son to wear a T-shirt that mocked the liberal news network CNN.

Nancy and Stan Jester, Jaxon’s parents, are both elected officials. Nancy is a county commissioner and Stan is a member of the local school board.

When their son asked to wear a T-shirt mocking the CNN logo as “FNN” with the caption — for Fake News Network” — on a field trip to CNN’s Atlanta headquarters, they did not say no.

But before the start of the field trip, a teacher forced Jaxon to remove his shirt.

The school has since apologized to the Jester family, but Nancy and Stan want the school to apologize to their son.

“His mother cautioned him that he might cause a controversy and needed to be prepared for that. He was fully aware of the implications of his decision and made the affirmative choice to wear his shirt,” Stan Jester wrote in a blog post.

But, oh wait… the school is only against certain students’ right to free speech.

“Some students are celebrated when they make a controversial display during the National Anthem. My student was forced to remove his shirt because someone didn’t like it. I defend speech and expression, even if I disagree, or it makes me uncomfortable,” Stan Jester added.

Sounds like hypocrisy, right!?

It seems as though the school has a target on all conservatives backs.

–Kylie Handler is a News Editor for The Horn News

Uber Hack Exposed Data of 57 MILLION Users and Drivers, Company Paid Hackers $100k

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Uber was reportedly subject to a hack that compromised the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers and the company did not disclose the breach for over a year.

Uber also paid the hackers $100,000 to delete the information and keep quiet.

Bloomberg broke the news: Compromised data from the October 2016 attack included names, email addresses and phone numbers of 50 million Uber riders around the world, the company told Bloomberg on Tuesday. The personal information of about 7 million drivers were accessed as well, including some 600,000 U.S. driver’s license numbers. No Social Security numbers, trip location details or other data were taken, Uber said.

At the time of the incident, Uber was negotiating with U.S. regulators investigating separate claims of privacy violations. Uber now says it had a legal obligation to report the hack to regulators and to drivers whose license numbers were taken. Instead, the company paid hackers $100,000 to delete the data and keep the breach quiet. Uber said it believes the information was never used but declined to disclose the identities of the attackers.

Read the full report HERE.

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