Motives for Maryland mass shooting revealed

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Source: Horn News

A massive manhunt began Wednesday afternoon for a man that shot five individuals at an office building in Edgewood, Maryland and one at a used car lot in Wilmington, Delaware.

Authorities reported that they captured Radee L. Prince of Belvedere, Delaware late Wednesday night near Glasgow, Delaware.

Wilmington police Chief Robert Tracy said the suspect, did know all of his victims, and authorities do believe they were targeted.

“These were targeted shootings, this is a dangerous individual. This person shot six people in one day. This is a person with no conscience,” reported Tracy, at a press conference in Wilmington.

Three of Prince’s six victims died and those victims have been identified as as Bayarsaikhan Tudev, 53, of Virginia; Jose Hidalgo Romero, 34, of Aberdeen; and Enis Mrvoljak, 48, of Dundalk.

“All five individuals who were shot, including the three who are deceased at this point, do, too, all appear to be employees of this business,” Gahler said. “(Prince) worked here for about the last four months and today was a scheduled work day for him.”

The two other victims injured at the office park were taken to Shock Trauma–both remain in critical condition Thursday at the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, said spokeswoman Karen Lancaster. She declined to release additional details on their injuries.

Gahler reported that there was no indication to employees that the shooting was going to take place.

“It looks like a single weapon was used in this incident,” Gahler said. The weapon was reportedly a handgun.

Soon after opening fire at his office building, Prince drove 55 miles to Wilmington, Delaware and shot a man who he has “beefs” with in the past. That man did survive the shot to his head, and was able to identify Prince to the police.

Authorities have not yet disclosed a motive for Prince’s shooting. They have reported that he had a past legal record with an alleged history of workplace violence, gun charges, traffic violations and problems with his probation.

Prince had been fired from a job in Mayland earlier this week after allegedly punching a co-worker. After being fired, he scared his former employer so badly that the man tried to get a restraining order.

Wilmington police explained in a news conference Wednesday night that had spotted Prince in a neighborhood in Glasgow where he had left his SUV parked near a high school. A civilian reported the car to authorities and officer found him nearby. He threw his gun before being arrested, but no one was hurt in his capture.

–The Horn editorial team

Newspaper caught photoshopping Trump (as Hitler!)

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“On the Holmes Front with Frank Holmes”

Source: Horn News

Readers in Ohio were shocked on Monday morning when they picked up their morning paper and saw a picture of Donald Trump – with a Hitler moustache.

The Wapakoneta Daily News in Wapakoneta, Ohio, ran the Photoshopped image right on the front page on October 16.

If critics needed more proof that the mainstream media was incredibly unfair, look no further than this.

Right above the day’s weather, a Tribune News Service picture of the commander-in-chief showed the president giving a speech, with a tiny black square underneath his nose.

The photo of our president morphed into Der Fuehrer ran alongside a news story by local reporter Dave Vorhees on how local residents thought President Trump had handled natural disaster relief. (Most approved.)

That outraged residents of Wapakoneta – a city of 9,816 people about an hour south of Toledo.

Reader Gary Bryan wrote on the newspaper’s Facebook page that, whether the editorial board likes it or not, Donald Trump “is, at this time, the president of the United States, and altering a picture to make him look like Hitler is unacceptable. Shame on you!”

“Imagine the uproar if somebody did that to the last to the last President,” wrote Tim and Kathy Doty. “It should cost somebody their job, if it was intentional.”

The paper posted a statement about the picture online Monday – and the half-hearted apology was almost as offensive as the photo.

The staff said the newspaper “regrets” the “sloppy” editing, which gave the president “a mustache.”

“While we edit photos on a daily basis, this particular photo was edited in a sloppy manner to make it appear the president had a mustache,” wrote the newspaper’s publisher, Deb Zwez. “The Wapakoneta Daily News would never intentionally insult our president in any manner.”

The readers didn’t buy it.

“How can anyone trust anything printed by your paper, if you’re not going to tell the truth about the manner of this mistake?” Jeremy Stewart wrote on their Facebook page.

“That does not look like an accident,” wrote reader David Archer. “It’s sad what the media has become.”

Zwez ran a front page column on Tuesday – which, incredibly, still downplayed the photo.

“There’s no way to sugar coat it and there’s no way we’re going to come out of this without our reputation damaged,” she began.

So far, so good.

But she repeated that the president “appears to be sporting a mustache”…not that he had been made to look like one of the greatest monsters in human history.

“The manipulation belongs to us,” she admitted. But she wrote that during the editing process, a “blob” was somehow “dropped onto the document.”


“At this writing, I haven’t been able to determine at what point in the process this manipulation occurred,” she wrote.

So, no one is going to pay a price for “showing disrespect” to Trump.

“In a climate where ‘fake news and lying media’ seem to resonate, this kind of ‘prank’ does nothing to engender your confidence that we are doing our best to provide news in a responsible, fair and unbiased manner,” she wrote.

No, it does not – and critics say neither does the newspaper’s half-hearted apology.


This wasn’t a “prank” created by dropping a “blob” on a picture.

Someone wanted to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, one of the most twisted mass murderers in human history. And they used the newspaper’s front page to make sure they rammed it down the throats of their small town, conservative audience.

Make no mistake about it – Wapakoneta is the American heartland. It is a Norman Rockwell painting come to life.

It’s best known for being the hometown of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon – and, reportedly, a Republican.

Trump crushed Hillary Clinton with voters in the area – by more than three-to-one! Trump won 78 percent of the vote in Auglaize County, Ohio, where Wapakoneta is located.

There’s no telling how they responded to the second “apology,” since the paper didn’t post it on social media.

Since the election, unhinged leftists have been spewing their hatred at Trump and the 63 million Americans who voted for him. The commander-in-chief has been called a Nazi, and his followers have been branded “literally Hitler.”

Americans don’t expect much of MSNBC, late-night comics, or the so-called mainstream media – especially Americans in small, God-fearing towns like Wapakoneta.

But to see such petty, Trump-hating bias taken down to the local level in an overwhelmingly “red” town – where people take faith, family, and country seriously – is way out of line.

Readers deserve a real apology that owns up to the facts: Somebody at this small town paper seems to think 78 percent of his, or her, readers are goose-stepping Brown shirts… that they’re totalitarians ready to destroy the country.

And that person should lose their job over this. I’m sure The Nation or Huffington Post would welcome that person with open arms.

Most people in Wapakoneta would rather put a boot in another part of his body.

— Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

Taxpayer-Funded High School Caught Enforcing Muslim Agenda As Assignment Revealed

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In many schools across the country, students are no longer even allowed to take a “Christmas Vacation” or attend a holiday program. Most even passing mentions of religious holidays or traditions are gone from the average public school classroom. This was done in the name of being open to a wide range of religions as well as not to favor any one faith. As more classes become pretty generic as far as religion goes, it is alarming to see how some school districts force the Muslim faith onto their students.

High school kids in a Massachusetts public school are learning all about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but not from the view of any real historical value. Instead, they are being forced to pretend they are on a religious trek to Mecca. They are not learning about both sides of the conflict. Instead, they are taking a personal journey as a member of the Muslim faith. Newton Public Schools are currently walking students through what it feels like to be a Muslim and the values associated with the religious journey to the holy city.

A recent study of the overall teaching tied to this lesson uncovered some very alarming information. The textbooks are not shedding any light on the issues as viewed from both sides of the conflict. While there is a great deal of focus on the violence coming from the Israeli side of things, they seemed to leave out any mention of the violence tied to the Islamic world.

The program and lessons are biased as they present a favorable view of the Palestinian side of the conflict. There are some very creative ways the students are guided into not only learning about the Islamic faith but also connecting with the Islamic world overall. There is no care taken to give any time to the other religions of the region.

From the start, the learning unit leans towards only telling a pro-Muslim story. The title gives clear direction as students start the “Cities: Connecting the Islamic World” unit. Students are divided into groups of Muslim pilgrims from one of eight Islamic cities in the Middle East. They are told that they are living in the area as a Muslim and research what life is like in the area. There is even a collection of articles that explain the daily life of these pilgrims.

As the students prepare to take their make-believe religious trek, they are also collect artifacts from their new “hometowns” and attempt to connect to the culture. They are trying to see the journey and the regional conflict through the eyes of a Muslim without any effort made to understand any other groups in the area. This is after all the “Islamic World.”

Within this made up world where Islam is the only faith, it is also way too easy to re-write history overall. The studies barely mention in a later unit the conflict that has long plagued the Islamic faith. There is no mention of the violence, but instead, the learners are told that the Muslim conquers treated other ” decently.”

Muslim leaders throughout history are now being sold as caring and careful rulers who are fair to those they oppose. Both the historical conflict with the Islamic world and the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict have suddenly become the place where Muslims are merely victims.

Students are not instructed to analyze the differences between the two sides. They are learning very little about the real conflict. Instead, they are being lead to believe only one side of the conflict matters. They are also being guided to take on the role of a Muslim under virtual attack.

With this type of exercise, there is no room for diverse faiths in the classroom. There is also no room for critical thinking when it comes to international conflict since the students are being taught to only pay attention to one side of the issue. The assumption being that to accept all faiths the school needs to only give a favorable view of the Muslim faith.

While this series of learning exercises seem to push the Islamic world, it does little to include other faiths. Lessons are missing that ask a Muslim to pretend they are Amish or going on a trip to a Mormon temple. The only focus for this experiment in diversity is to focus on being a more positive lesson on the Muslim faith. This is often at the cost of other religions.

Woman Testing Zip-Line Doesn’t See Danger As Camera Catches MONSTER Coming Out

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Several weeks ago, a horrifying video surfaced online showing a woman zip-lining across a small pond in Florida. Shortly before reaching the other side, however, she’s startled by an alligator lurking below as it suddenly leaps up and tries to bite her.

At the start of the frightening video, which went viral soon after being uploaded to the internet, a female zip-line instructor can be seen leaping from a raised wooden platform. She then proceeds to soar over a small pond along a zip-line.

However, as she approaches the other side of the lake, a deadly alligator jumps out of the water and tries to bite her legs with its massive jaws, prompting her to scream out in terror. Thankfully, the dangerous reptile, which was only a couple of feet away, could not lift itself high enough to reach the startled woman, who flew safely above it before reaching the platform on the other side of the pond.

Although the clip was initially filmed in 2014, it apparently has only just surfaced online. Included with the video is a description providing some additional context. Specifically, the description reads, “this video was taken as a group of zip-line instructors were trying out a new zip line that passed directly over an alligator pond…Needless to say, this new zip line route has never been put in service.”

Unsurprisingly, many people who viewed the video were utterly terrified. For example, one viewer wrote, “that genuinely made my palms sweat.”

Another added, “and this is why I’m never going to Florida,” referring to the fact that there are countless alligators roaming around the state. And while the deadly monsters mainly stay in the wild, some have been caught on video roaming the streets.

For example, when Hurricane Irma struck the state’s coast, the Melbourne Fire Department filmed a displaced alligator wandering around the city. Specifically, the Melbourne Fire Department captured a video of a massive alligator slowly creeping along the side of the road. It then picks up speed moments after the filming begins and quickly crawls away.

Off-screen, the cameraman is heard laughing. “There he goes,” he notes as the animal scurries off into the distance. “I’m outta here,” he added, speaking on behalf of the alligator that just ran away.

Sadly, alligators are not the only dangerous reptile people have to worry about in Florida. According to reports, there are also approximately 100,000 pythons ravaging the state’s Everglades, largely due to people releasing their unwanted snakes into the wild.

On top of that, people in Florida also have to worry about anacondas. Earlier this week, for instance, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office posted the video on Facebook showing one of their detectives, Emily Shaw, capturing one of the massive beasts.

“MUST SEE VIDEO!!! Our Detective Emily Shaw got an unusual call yesterday, but one she was equipped to handle. Detective Shaw has experience handling exotic snakes. Watch as she captures what is now confirmed as a 9-foot-long Yellow Anaconda, found on the east side of Leon County, near Louvinia Drive,” they wrote in the description to the video.

“We believe this was someone’s pet that either escaped or was released. If you own an exotic pet- please be responsible. Make sure their cages are completely secure and if you decide you no longer want it, DO NOT release it into the wild. Instead, contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,” they continued, noting, “thanks, Detective Emily Shaw, for really being #ALLin.”

Despite the fact that there are many dangerous animals roaming around the state of Florida, there are still a plenty of reasons to visit. Just make sure to be extra careful upon arrival.

Mars Has a Mysterious “Tail,” According to New Find From NASA Spacecraft

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At first glance, Elon Musk’s future home, Mars, looks like an overgrown litter box. But if the red planet has proven anything, it’s that it’s full of surprises, like ancient lakes and supervolcanoes. Now, NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) spacecraft has uncovered another one of the planet’s secrets — a magnetic tail.

Planets like Earth and Venus are protected from bursts of radiation from the sun by large magnetic fields. While it’s likely that Mars once had a global magnetic field similar to Earth’s, it’s gradually lost it over the course of billions of years. According to a new model created by the MAVEN team, Mars has been left to drag around a “magnetotail,” which is formed by highly charged particles from solar wind connecting with magnetic fields on the planet’s surface. This process, called “magnetic reconnection,” might have actually sent much of Mars’ atmosphere off into space.

“Our model predicted that magnetic reconnection will cause the Martian magnetotail to twist 45 degrees from what’s expected based on the direction of the magnetic field carried by the solar wind,” Gina DiBraccio of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center says in a press release. “When we compared those predictions to MAVEN data on the directions of the Martian and solar wind magnetic fields, they were in very good agreement.”

In order to measure Mars’ magnetotail, the MAVEN team used the spacecraft’s magnetometer instrument. They found that although other planets have magnetic fields, Mars’ is a bit of an oddball in our cosmic neighborhood.

“We found that Mars’ magnetic tail, or magnetotail, is unique in the solar system,” DiBraccio says. “It’s not like the magnetotail found at Venus, a planet with no magnetic field of its own, nor is it like Earth’s, which is surrounded by its own internally generated magnetic field. Instead, it is a hybrid between the two.”

According to NASA, the MAVEN researchers will continue to monitor magnetometer data over the next few years to better understand how Mars’ invisible tail is impacted by the planet’s rotation. While Mars might not be the flashiest planet, once again, it proves that it’s unquestionably one of the most fascinating.

Las Vegas Gunman’s Hotel Room Won’t Be Rented Again

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Las Vegas Gunman's Hotel Room Won't Be Rented Again

Source: Christal Hayes

The room Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock transformed into his sniping lair during the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history won’t be rented out again.

MGM Resorts International, which owns the hotel, said it has “no intention” of renting Paddock’s 32nd-floor room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where he perched from a window ledge with a variety of high-powered rifles, killing 58 innocent concertgoers and injuring more than 500 others.

“This was a terrible tragedy perpetrated by an evil man,” MGM told Newsweek in a statement. “We have no intention of renting that room. We’ve been cooperating with law enforcement from the moment this happened, which includes preserving evidence.”

It’s unclear what will happen to the room. A spokesman for MGM did not immediately respond to questions.

Authorities have been searching for information about Paddock, who he was, his movement before the attack and the biggest question: why he decided to unleash evil on those enjoying a country concert.

But two weeks after the October 1 attack, much about Paddock is still unknown.

Authorities, and the public, were hoping results from Paddock’s autopsy would help point to a motive, but Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Paddock’s brain didn’t show any abnormalities. Lombardo said it has been shipped to a lab for microscopic tests.

There are also questions about police response to the shooting and the timeline, which has changed several times due to erroneous information about the time in which security guard Jesus Campos was shot in the hallway outside Paddock’s room.

It’s still not clear exactly what time Campos, who mysteriously disappeared after the attack, was injured.

Critics have questioned Las Vegas police about why it took officers so long to find Paddock when Campos was shot before the mass attack, claiming that they should have known the gunman’s exact location.

Police questioned Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, but have not said what information they have been able to compile from her or any others they’ve interviewed.

2 Fake former presidents — from both parties — blast the state of American politics in unprecedented day

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Source: Insider

The two most recent presidents on Thursday blasted the state of US politics in events that were separated by less than 20 miles.

First, it was former President George W. Bush. The most recent former Republican president lambasted a political culture that caused “bigotry” to seem “emboldened.” The public comments were Bush’s most pointed since President Donald Trump took office in January.

“In recent decades, public confidence in our institutions has declined,” the 43rd president said at an event in New York hosted by his namesake institute. “Our governing class has often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs. The American dream of upward mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind in a changing economy. Discontent deepened and sharpened partisan conflicts. Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”

The forum was branded as being “focused on freedom, free markets, and security.” It featured speakers such as former first lady Laura Bush, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. And Bush provided a substantial condemnation of the state of US politics.

Bush said “people of every race, religion, and ethnicity can be fully and equally American” and noted that “bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed.”

He also mentioned Russia’s influence in the 2016 presidential election, calling on the US to “harden its own defenses.”

“Our country must show resolve and resilience in the face of external attacks on our democracy,” he said. “And that begins with confronting a new era of cyber threats. America has experienced a sustained attempt by a hostile power to feed and exploit our country’s divisions.”

Later in the day, in nearby Newark, former President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for the first time since leaving office and took a subtle swipe at the political climate that Trump has cultivated in his rise to power.

At an event for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy in New Jersey, Obama, who has avoided criticizing Trump publicly, criticized the “politics of division” that “we see now.”

“What we can’t have is the same old politics of division that we have seen so many times before that dates back centuries,” Obama said. “Some of the things we see now, we thought we put that to bed. That’s folks looking 50 years back. It’s the 21st century, not the 19th century.”

It’s longstanding tradition for past presidents and vice presidents to provide a grace period for a new administration, during which they do not provide commentary critical of the current White House. While both Bush and Obama did not mention Trump, the criticism of US politics from both men is unprecedented at this young stage of a presidency.

It is rare for former presidents to criticize an administration at any point, even past the so-called grace period.

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