Breaking! Public Awakens To Massive Election Fraud

October 21, 2016 1 comment

Thanks to alternative media and true journalism, the American voting scam has been revealed

Breaking! Public Awakens To Massive Election Fraud

There have always been questions of election fraud and vote rigging in elections, but the mainstream media would like you to think it never happens.

Alex Jones covers the massive evidence that the 2016 election is being rigged right now and the public is waking up to that fact.

From Al Gore to John Kerry, Democrats have fought against rigged elections for years.

Fast forward to 2016 and they seem to have completely forgot about the multiple examples of proven voter fraud and blast Trump for suggesting the Clinton campaign may try to steal the election.

After weeks of attacking Trump for questioning the American electoral process, new evidence has emerged via WikiLeaks’ hacked emails and Project Veritas’ undercover videos which verify the Democratic plot to hijack election 2016.

Pentagon Stunned As Clinton Reveals Nuclear Secrets During Debate

October 21, 2016 1 comment

Hillary Clinton reveals nuclear secrets during presidential debate

Pentagon officials are said to be furious after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed details about nuclear intelligence during Wednesday nights presidential debate. 


Clinton felt it appropriate to disclose U.S. Special Access Program intelligence on national television, much to dismay of officials in the Department of Defense. reports:

According to sources within the Department of Defense speaking under anonymity, Clinton likely violated at least two Dept. of Defense SAP protocols during the debate by announcing on live television the United States Government’s response time for a nuclear launch.



“But here’s the deal. The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed. There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.” –Hillary Clinton

To the dismay of intelligence officials, the fact that this top secret information is now publicly known not only proves that Clinton is “unfit to be commander-in-chief,” but it also poses a direct threat to national security.

One high ranking intelligence official explained that any time frame calculated pertaining to a US nuclear launch “would have merely been an educated hypothesis, absent leaked documents and there have been no such breaches” prior to Clinton’s admission Wednesday.

Via TruePundit

“Secretary Clinton proved tonight she is unfit to be commander-in-chief,” a top-ranking DOD intelligence source said. “What she did compromises our national security. She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned so we can unravel why she did what she did.”

According to Pentagon sources, the information Clinton disseminated publicly is Top Secret intelligence governed under the U.S. Special Access Program (SAP) which dictates safeguards and protocols for accessing and discussing highly classified and Top Secret intelligence. The specific details of the country’s nuclear response time discussed by Clinton, sources said, are only known by a handful of individuals outside top military brass…

“Targeting options by ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missiles), air or sea, launch order, launch procedures and response are some of the most secretly guarded tenets of national security and nuclear war policy,” a Pentagon source said. “It’s truly incredible that (nuclear) response time as part of an ERO (Emergency Response Option) is now out there in the public domain to our adversaries.”

U.S. Defense sources said according to developed U.S. counterintelligence, military officials in China, North Korea, Syria, Russia, Iran and even actors like ISIS had no previous definitive intelligence to determine the U.S. nuclear response time, especially during an ERO, prior to Clinton’s admission Wednesday night. Sources reluctantly acknowledged her calculations were accurate.

Early Voting In Florida Shows Trump Winning Election By Landslide

October 21, 2016 1 comment

Early voting shows Trump winning Florida in presidential election

Democratic stronghold Florida looks set to overwhelmingly vote in Donald Trump, with early ballot counts showing a Republican landslide win in the State.

Even though President Obama won Florida twice during the 2008 and 2012 elections, the must-win state looks set to become a Republican stronghold. reports:

Florida is a must-win state for Donald Trump to declare victory on election day and the good news is that he’s off to a very good start.

In fact, his lead in early voting there is a first for Republicans.


The News Alert blog reports:

Florida Shocker: Republicans Winning By 120,000 Votes In Early Voting. #Trump the FIRST Republican EVER to win early votes in FL! #TrumpPence16.

Here are the numbers, via the Florida Division of Elections:

2016 General Election

Election Number – 10282 Election Date – 11/08/2016

Republican 881,274 – Democrat 760,003

This is extremely good news for the Trump campaign.

It should also set off alarm bells at Hillary’s campaign headquarters.

Putin Sends Armed Fleet Towards UK In Face-off With Royal Navy

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Putin sends armed fleet towards UK

The UK Ministry of Defence has warned that a military conflict with Russia is firmly on the cards after President Putin deployed military aircraft towards England.


The Russian aircraft carrier fleet has moved into the North Sea as it looks set to join Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s bombing campaign against ISIS militants in Aleppo, Syria.

Much to the dismay of the West, Putin has warned that any interference by Western leaders in his bombing campaign against ISIS will result in World War 3. reports:

The Russians are trying to divide the Royal Navy’s efforts to track their fleet by recalling two corvettes from the Mediterranean, forcing the HMS Dragon to head south from Portsmouth to intercept.


It is understood there is also a Dutch submarine operating south of the English Channel.

Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the Russian decision to deploy the aircraft carrier.

Speaking upon her arrival in Brussels at her first EU summit since becoming Prime Minister, she said: ‘We must show that robust and united European stance in the face of Russian aggression.

‘The UK has put Russian actions in Syria on the agenda for this summit – we must continue to work together and it’s vital that we work together to continue to put pressure on Russia to stop its appalling atrocities, its sickening atrocities in Syria.’

Russian media crowed abut the strength of their fleet. Military expert Alexander Khrolenko said: ‘While the North Atlantic bloc is stalling in the sands of the Middle East, the Russian Navy seizes control over the Atlantic, not to mention the Mediterranean and Black Seas.’

He added: ‘They [NATO] have no equal in the Mediterranean.’

Peter Roberts, senior research fellow for sea power and maritime studies at the Royal United Services Institute said the Russians were planning to use international waters when passing the English Channel so cannot be challenged.

He said: ‘It’s a clear and military signal that Russia is back on the international stage. They are off to conduct a mission. They are off to conduct it off Syria. They are very focused on their mission.’

There have been warnings issued to civilian aircrew, such as helicopter pilots supplying North Sea oil rigs of ‘intense naval military flying’ off Scotland’s east coast.

A Norwegian navy frigate has also been following the Russian flotilla, which is being kept under close watch by a P-3 Orion.

Two further British warships are also currently steaming up the east coast to intercept the Russian fleet after the Kremlin boasted they are ‘seizing control’ of the Mediterranean.

Type-45 destroyer HMS Duncan – the world’s most advanced air-defence destroyer – sailed from Portsmouth last night to join frigate HMS Richmond, which has intercepted the Kuznetsov task group of eight ships.

The HMS Richmond has taken up station a few hundreds yards from the task force. It will remain as an escort while the Russians remain in an area of UK national interest.

It is understood that the Belgian naval frigate Leopold I has also started trailing the flotilla.

In a sign of the escalating tensions with Russia, UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon today warned Moscow: ‘When these ships near our waters we will man-mark them every step of the way. We will be watching as part of our steadfast commitment to keep Britain safe.’

According to the Ministry of Defence: ‘Shadowing ships is regular business for the UK Royal Navy, supported on this occasion by Royal Air Force surveillance aircraft.

‘They will continue to escort the Russian Task Group and provide a visible presence south through the North Sea and English Channel as the ships conduct their passage and carries out flying operations.’

It marks a further breakdown of relations between the two countries after after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson became embroiled in a row with the Russian embassy last week.

According to a Nato spokesman the fleet’s destination does not ‘inspire confidence’ that the nation is seeking a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

The official said: ‘Russia has the right to operate in international waters. There are plans in place for Nato navies to monitor the Russian ships as they head for the Mediterranean.

‘At the same time, the deployment of the carrier group to the eastern Mediterranean does not inspire confidence that Russia is working towards a political solution to the conflict in Syria.’

Mr Johnson called on people to demonstrate outside Russia’s London embassy last week in protest against Russia’s bombing campaign in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

But Moscow responded by branding his call for protests ‘shameful’ and accused him of ‘Russophobic hysteria’.

Britain’s mobilisation of the aircraft carrier fleet off the coast of Scotland is the latest in an increasing presence of international naval assets in the area.

After completing training it is understood  the aircraft carrier fleet will head to an anchorage on the Moray Firth where it will be refuelled before continuing to the Mediterranean.

Naval assets from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands are all believed to be on standby.

As well as the Royal Navy, the Royal Norwegian Navy, Finnish Navy and Royal Netherlands Navy have vessels surrounding the North Sea.

Nato aircraft are also patrolling the area, with tanker aircraft on station ready to refuel any fighter jets tasked with observing the Russian fleet.

The United States has sent another of its Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyers into the Mediterranean in advance of the Russian fleet’s arrival.

The USS Carney was refueled in Spain according to the US Sixth Fleet and will join the Nato forces in the eastern Mediterranean.

The USS Ross is already in the region providing support for the French aircraft carrier the Charles De Gaulle.

In addition the RAF Quick Reaction Alert squadrons in RAF Lossiemouth in north east Scotland and RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire have been ordered to remain on standby in case they need to intercept any Russian jets straying into UK air space.

The Admiral Kuznetsov is protected by a battle cruiser and a pair of large anti-submarine ships.

It is also protected from below the surface by an attack submarine.

The Kuznetsov has undergone an extensive refit since its last deployment to the Mediterranean in 2014 when it had to be followed by several tugs in case its steam turbine engines packed up.

Earlier this week the Norwegian navy followed the heavily-armed fleet as it sailed south from Severomorsk, near Murmansk in the Barents Sea.

According to the Ministry of Defence, the Russian fleet is being kept under close observation by the Royal Navy and the RAF.

A source told MailOnline: ‘The Admiral Kuznetsov is currently conducting flight operations. The pilots need to be certified for carrier take-offs and landings at day and night before it takes up station in the Mediterranean.’

A Royal Navy spokesman said the size of the Russian naval force was ‘unusual’ but that the Russian ships were ‘behaving very well’, including booking areas for flying and calling up coastguard stations.

‘The special part of this is definitely the aircraft carrier.

‘If you just wanted to keep it safe, you put a destroyer and a frigate with it. If you wanted to show a bit of muscle, you do what they’re doing now.’

But he added: ‘I wouldn’t say this is the full might of their fleet’.

‘They are free to do this in international waters, but once they are in the English Channel, the aircraft will be grounded.’

The MOD confirmed the Royal Navy would shadow the carrier and its fleet while it remains in the UK’s area of interest.

Also, RAF Typhoons and Tornadoes are on red alert at airbases in Lossiemouth in North East Scotland and Coningsby in Lincolnshire in case any Russian jets stray into UK airspace

The fleet could possibly route around Ireland’s west coast to avoid the English Channel, although there is far greater shelter avoiding the Atlantic Ocean.

However, after going through the Bay of Biscay and down the Portuguese  coast, the fleet will pass through the nine mile wide Gibraltar straits before reaching its area of operation.

It is understood the fleet will resupply before continuing to the Mediterranean.

The Admiral Kuznetsov is the Russian flagship and the country’s only aircraft carrier.

The French already have the Charles De Gaulle operating in the eastern Mediterranean.

Major Elisabeth Eikeland, spokeswoman for the Norwegian Army’s National Joint Headquarters said: ‘We have been informed that they are en route to the Mediterranean. It’s not every day that so many ships sail together off Norway.’

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, the aircraft carrier taskforce departed on Saturday to the Mediterranean.

A spokesman said: ‘The group consists of the aircraft-carrying heavy cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, the Pyotr Velikiy battlecruiser, large anti-submarine ships Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov and support vessels.’

The Russian MOD claimed: ‘Special focus will be made on safeguarding security of maritime traffic and other types of maritime economic activity of Russia and also on responding to the new kinds of modern threats such as piracy and international terrorism.’

The Admiral Kuznetsov had previously operated in the Mediterranean early in 2014.

The Kuznetsov is main attacking threat is the Sukhoi SU-33 Flanker D aircraft. The supersonic jets can carry up to 6.5 tonnes of bombs and missiles on 12 external hardpoints.

However, the lack of a catapult system on the Kuznetsov means the aircraft cannot take off with a full weapons or fuel load and safely make it into the air.

The SU-33 is a specially adapted version of the SU-27 – which is the Russian version of the F-15.

It has been fitted with a specially adapted undercarriage, and aerodynamic package to help it cope with operating off of a flight deck.

Also the aircraft’s wings are able to fold, meaning they can store more jets on the aircraft carrier.

WikiLeaks: Janes Sanders Begged Bernie Not To Support Hillary

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Wikileaks email shows Jane Sanders begged Bernie not to endorse Hillary Clinton

An email released by WikiLeaks on Thursday reveals that Jane Sanders begged her husband Bernie not to endorse Hillary Clinton. 

I just talked to the Gov [of Vermont] and his Political Dir. He called Bernie a few hours ago and said he’s endorsing you, Madame Secretary,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook wrote Secretary Clinton on May 20, 2015.

Apparently Jane Sanders has now called him twice and begged him to change his mind and he’s stood firm,” he also wrote.

This was a bold move for him so it would be great if you can call and say thanks,” Mook urged Clinton.

WikiLeaks email revealing Janes Sanders begging Bernie not to endorse Hillary reports:
Date: 2015-05-20 16:40
Subject: Shumlin

I just talked to the Gov and his Political Dir. He called Bernie a few hours ago and said he’s endorsing you, Madame Secretary. It will be public at 3:30 today. This was a bold move for him so it would be great if you can call and say thanks. Apparently Jane Sanders has now called him twice and begged him to change his mind and he’s stood firm. Huma, I will send contact info asap.

Most Important Russian Battleships Headed to Syria for Showdown: “This Will Be It”

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This article was written by Superstation 95 and originally published on their website.

Editor’s Comment: This disturbing report, if true, should have every American asking why their leaders are pushing for war in the middle east. People haven’t been told even a fraction of the truth about the situation in Syria, and the Obama Administration is quickly escalating things; with Hillary, it will mean war for certain.

Putin and his Russian cohorts have responded in kind; they have grown tired of the hypocrisy and arrogance of the U.S. pattern of regime change. Whether you agree with Russia or not on this matter, there is a time and place to stand up to bullies and aggression, and Putin has vowed to stand by his allies in the Assad Regime and even in Iran. Nevertheless, Hillary and her shadow advisors are only too eager to push things into oblivion.

After all, the greater the path of destruction, the more pages she can fill up in the history books.

CONFIRMED: Russia Is Deploying Its ENTIRE Northern Fleet to Syria for Battle — This Will Be “It”

by Superstation 95

NAT officials are now confirming what SuperStation95 first reported five days ago — in the latest escalation involving Syria, the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov was now sailing past Norway on its way to Syria, where it is expected to arrive in just under 2 weeks.  As part of the carrier naval group, Russia also deployed an escort of seven other Russian ships, which we dubbed the “most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014” according to Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports.

— Senior Nato Diplomat Says Russia Is Deploying All of Northern Fleet and Part of Baltic Fleet to Reinforce Syria Campaign
— Deployment Is Russia’s Largest Naval Deployment Since End of Cold War – Nato Diplomat
— Deployment Will Increase Number of Russian Fighter Bombers in Syria, Moscow May Launch Final Air Assault on Aleppo in Two Weeks – Nato Diplomat

It turns out it was more than this and as Reuters reported second ago, citing a NATO diplomat, Russia is in fact deploying the largest naval force since end of Cold War to reinforce its Syria campaign.

We want to remind readers what the east Mediterranean looked like in the summer of 2013, when the first escalation between Russia and the US converted the sea off the Syrian coastline into a parking lot for warships.


In two weeks, it is about to get much busier.

According to a report by the Norwegian military which released pictures taken by surveillance aircraft, we know that the Kuznetsov accompanied by a fleet of Russian warships, is currently on its way to Syria and is sailing in international waters off the coast of Norway near Trondheim. Photos of the vessels, which include the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the Pyotr Velikiy battle cruiser, were taken near Andoya island, in northern Norway on Monday.


As reported by Reuters, a spokesman for the Norwegian military intelligence service said the country’s armed forces frequently release such footage, while newspaper VG quoted General Morten Haga Lunde, head of the service, as saying the eight ships involved “will probably play a role in the deciding battle for Aleppo”. According to Russia’s TASS state news agency, the aircraft carrier would carry 15 Su-33 and MIG-29K jet fighters and over 10 Ka-52K, Ka-27 and ??-31 helicopters.


The naval group which includes the carrier and its escort of seven other Russian ships, is the most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014, Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports. The carrier can carry more than 50 aircraft and its weapons systems include Granit anti-ship cruise missiles.

Next in the flotilla, in terms of firepower, is the Russian nuclear-powered battle cruiser Peter the Great.


The Kirov-class cruiser Peter the Great escorts the carrier

As BBC adds, a Norwegian Lockheed P-3 Orion reconnaissance plane, monitoring the force, photographed the ships. MiG-29 Fulcrum jets and combat helicopters were visible on the carrier’s deck.

The other Russian surface ships in the group are: two large anti-submarine warships – the Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov – and four support vessels.


Several of the task force ships are shown in this Norwegian photo

These vessels will be “on-station” in two weeks.  Therefore, if the US and NATO are going to make any kind of move against Syria, they will likely HAVE to do it before Russian naval reinforcements arrive, if they are to have any hope at all of UNLAWFULLY overthrowing President Bashar Assad of Syria.

Remember, the presence of US and NATO forces inside Syria is one-hundred percent ILLEGAL. There is no declaration of war by Congress, there is no “authorization for the Use of Military Force” from Congress, there is no United Nations Security Council Resolution and there is no permission from the lawfully elected government of Syria for any US or NATO forces to even be inside Syria.  What the United States and NATO are doing inside Syria is completely illegal in every regard.

Here’s the rub: The US is bound and determined to oust President Assad, to clear the way for a natural gas pipeline from QATAR, to supply natural gas to Europe.  The US and NATO want this pipeline because Europe is so reliant upon Russia for natural gas.  That gives the Russians power and influence over Europe which the US and Europe don’t like.

So when QATAR first proposed this new pipeline in the year 2011, and Syrian President Assad said “NO,” that’s when all this nonsense about him being a ruthless dictator started flowing.  That’s when “freedom fighters” (from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and the rest of those Sunni Muslim countries) started “arriving” in Syria to “help” the Syrian people . . . . half a million of whom are now DEAD thanks to that “help.”

Russia has made it clear that ANYONE who attacks Syria or attacks the Syrian government, will be engaged by Russian military forces which are operating inside Syria with the permission of the Syrian government.

So the lines are drawn. Will the US and NATO attack Syria or its President and start a war?  We will all know within two weeks.

This article was written by Superstation 95 and originally published on their website.

Desperate to Cling to Power: If Trump Upsets Election, “Martial Law Could Follow”

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Simply put, the stakes are very high for this election.

Whether he is a farce, or a force to be reckoned with, Donald Trump has shaken the foundations of the establishment.

And there may be hell to pay.

So far in 2016, we have witnessed the two party system collapse, as the GOP was taken over from within, and the Democratic party fought a coup against a grassroots insurgency to install Hillary Clinton as their favored puppet president.

Every media pundit on the airwaves has circled round and round the flaws of Trump, while giving Hillary perfect cover to steal the election in plain sight.

These things are happening… and there is every possibility that civil unrest could result after a contested – or strongly challenged – result in November.

If angry Trump supporters, possibly encouraged by Trump himself, took to the streets, things could get pretty nasty.

And only weeks away, it remains a real possibility.

There is also the outside chance, as Michael Snyder has discussed, that a Trump victory could be challenged by the system itself. On the pretext of war with Russia, or a catastrophic terror attack, an economic collapse – or anything at all that can be blamed on election aftermath – President Obama could declare martial law, and call for an election do-over (keeping himself in charge until things are sorted out, of course).

There is a very real push for a big war to revive the empire economy, and the grip of the system; there is a very real chance that this country is on the brink of conflict, division and fallout on a scale never before seen.

As Joe Joseph discuses, the elections are indeed being hijacked, war is being fixed and the powers that be are preparing to make the people accept the election outcome – one way or another:

In this edition of The Daily Sheeple’s “Daily News Update”, Joe Joseph goes over the treasure trove of documents that have come out against the Clintons… It safe to say that this election is a textbook example of how leaders are selected, not elected. Joe also highlights five ways martial law can be enacted in the United States!

The Elections Are Being Hijacked! Possible Martial Law to Follow

Hopefully nothing of the sort happens, but in these dark and strange times, anything is possible.

One thing is certain, the American people won’t be able to vote themselves out tyranny and deception. But it appears that the path to peaceful revolution is being cut off, leaving more pressure than ever on all sides, waiting to explode.

Stay vigilant.

Majority of US voters believe media biased against Trump: Poll

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Americans watch the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at Murphy's Tap House in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, October 19, 2016.  (Photo by AFP)

 Source: Press TV

A majority of likely American voters believe mainstream media organizations are biased against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a new poll shows.

According to the national Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday evening, 55 of likely voters said the media is biased against Trump, while 42 percent could not find any bias in the media against the real estate tycoon, POLITICO reported.

Almost 90 percent of Republican voters think that news media is biased against Trump, while 3 in 4 Democrats disagree with that opinion.

“Donald Trump made the charge, and American likely voters agree: There is a media bias against the GOP contender,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll.

The poll was conducted among 1,007 likely voters from October 17 to October 18. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Over the last week, Trump has intensified his criticism of the American electoral system. He called the election process rigged, and said the media is colluding with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in order to beat him.

During the final presidential debate on Wednesday night, Trump said, “”The media is so dishonest and so corrupt and the pile-on is so amazing, The New York Times wrote an article about it. They don’t even care, it’s so dishonest, they’ve poisoned the minds of the voters.”

“But unfortunately for them, I think the voters are seeing through it,” he added.

According to a POLITICO/Morning Consult survey, released on Monday, 41 percent of American voters are saying the 2016 election could be “stolen” from Trump due to widespread voter fraud.

And 73 percent of Republican voters think the election could be stolen from the billionaire businessman, while 17 percent of Democrats agree with the prospect of rigging.

The US media has launched an offensive against Trump in recent days, running reports of several women claiming the billionaire businessman has groped and forcibly kissed them.

Trump has called the allegations “slander and libel” and part of a “concerted, coordinated and vicious attack” launched by Clinton and the news media to destroy his campaign.

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