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A revolutionary website challenges conventional perspectives, offering substantial evidence to back its audacious assertions. This platform unveils a new realm of truths, aiming to dismantle preconceived notions and transform how reality is perceived. Despite appearing far-fetched, each claim is meticulously substantiated.

The once-dismissed concept of the New World Order is transitioning into reality. The website delves into its origins, operational methods, and widespread implications. Its mission is clear: to present undeniable evidence of affluent “power mongers” striving to establish a dystopian global dominion. The New World Order’s control blueprint is laid out on this platform.

The website’s driving force is to awaken the masses. It calls for virtuous individuals to recognize and confront the impending chaos, urging vigilance to prevent further descent. Notably, all information on the site is rigorously cross-referenced with credible news outlets, encyclopedias, and sources, adding credibility to audacious claims. This website illuminates a path toward clarity and empowerment in a world of blurred truth and deception.

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  1. Hello:

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  2. If you reverse the CNN logo and flip it, I see N-W-O. Anyone else with comments? Figured this out myself without much looking. If nothing else, lets embarr-ASS them and make them look like the fools they are.


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  4. To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Megan, and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Beliefnet, the leading website for spirituality, inspiration, and emotional wellness. We wanted to extend a thank you for mentioning Beliefnet on your article “’The Media Stuggles with Trump and Religion” on Now Report. We want to continue to be able to share our work, and hope you are able to help us. Would you consider linking you’re mention of Beliefnet back to our site to http://www.beliefnet.com? We would appreciate your help in this matter.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

      1. Just a word of caution, but Beliefnet is a spiritual wasteland—a hodgepodge of liberal, anti-Biblical ideas and values that will waste time, confuse and lead weaker believers astray. I left there (and never looked back) years ago, when they were applauding and congratulating Ray Boltz for his moral and spiritual apostasy, after Mr. Boltz had left both his family and the CCM industry to go “evangelize” with propaganda for the LGBTQIA+ agenda.

        I mean, it’s your website–up to you if you want to endorse and/or promote them. But (this being my first visit here) it makes me think about going somewhere else for news and information, to the degree that this is not rooted and grounded in the original Source. ✝️📖🙏 #discernment


    re: Martial Law

    This info needs to be sent IMMEDIATELY to all members of the Armed Forces that are sympathetic.


    Article II, Section 1 states “No Person except a natural born Citizen, … shall be eligible to the office of President; …”

    Since Obama cannot prove he is a natural born Citizen, he is not eligible to be President, and, hence, HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT.

    If he does, then he can be immediately arrested by the MILITARY or Legal Authorities because he is a person impersonating, illegally, the President.


    Similarly, any orders by OBAMA to non-U.S. military, such as “U.N. troops” are invalid.

    FINALLY, all signing statements or executive orders issued by Obama are void, and cannot be legally implemented. THIS WOULD INCLUDE ALL EXECUTIVE ORDERS RELATIVE TO MARTIAL LAW.

    All of the above will ultimately be judged by the supreme court, which has a tendency to support Republicans.

  6. 4chan had posts about possibility of bad happening in LV days before this happened and per Wikipedia 4chan is owned by Hiroyuki Nishimura… The valet parking guy who helped shooter parking his cars and having some small talk with him happens to be Chad Nishimura …. and he goes in hiding if not missing … here can we draw any conclusions from both Nishimura or a mere coincident?

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  8. Please. It is illegal and violates copyright law and common decency to totally lift posts found elsewhere. Please stop. A viable alternative is to use the first several paragraphs and then refer readers to the full post.

    Tom Blumer

  9. Transition Towns and decentralization is the only thing that can save us, but I have yet to see one billionaire consider it. Maybe the guy who founded Patagonia, but he is just a rare man.

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  11. Both my wife and I love your website and articles. That said, the recent design change to a dark background with white text is horrific. It is distracting, hard to read, and makes me not want to read your otherwise excellent articles. Please consider changing back to the previous page display design, or alternatively, provide an option for readers to select the display type they prefer. Thank you.

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  14. Red team you are to be programmed to hate and dehumanise the blue team.

    Blue team you are to be programmed to hate and dehumanise to red team.

    You are to start fighting each other as the puppet masters amass riches from the conflict while you are all distracted.

  15. The New World Order must be exposed and stopped!

    We can now all be working together on one of the most important projects affecting our freedoms in the USA and our world. You and I can no longer go on playing the “Everything is OK game”, because it isn’t.

    The New World Order can be stopped now squarely trapped by the outrageous actions they have taken to destroy our sovereignty, our energy independence, our food supply, our identity, our patriotism, and our belief and confidence in our election system and the individuals we think we chose to represent us from local to national elections. These traitors to our Republic will all be identified and brought to justice.

    If any of these ideas sparked a chord of recognition within you and you would like to learn more about our proposed solution to the “American Crises” now being experienced by all of us, please respond and I will send you an overview of our business plan, and if that piques your interest, I will send you a detailed description of how we plan to help take-back our Republic while creating a billion-dollar business based on our Bill of Rights.

    I have a feeling that while there may be some differences in our backgrounds, you and I will see similar benefits connected with a highly profitable social media platform dedicated to sustaining the human rights connected with life, liberty, and our pursuit of personal happiness which intrinsically causes our world to be in harmonic balance.

    Warm regards,
    William Hultquist, CEO
    The Patriot Network

    Find out why The New World Order must be exposed and stopped at http://www.savehumanity.life

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