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20 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Actual words are from the Bible but misquoted . It stays, “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. It’s not the money that corrupts, but what the LOVE of money does. ..power and control!!

    1. Excellent discernment regarding the sinfulness of the love of money not the money itself. Glad you made that distinction. I believe this is typically deduced from the way this is often quoted; however its valuable to further detail it!

  2. Impressed with your piece on 5 G & how it affected birds in the Netherlands! Wonder if you can keep me posted on other such findings & updates. Thanks

  3. Good afternoon, this is Dhiego Verona and I am thinking of making a similar site here in Brazil, translate the true news of the sites (Infowars, BreitbartNews, NWO Report), even if it is only translating by the translators Bing or Google, to show the truth to The Brazilian public, I want to invest in this, because I at all times stay on these sites reading news and it would be very important to have one here too, I hope to count on the support, thank you for your attention!

    1. Boa tarde, Dhiego. você teve algum sucesso? gostaria de ajuda? Eu ficaria feliz. primeiro eu só quero saber. você é um homem de fé, amigo?

  4. Love the info. It’s like we share the same mind. I will stumble across a story and it’s like you are already writing about it. Most of the time you find it first. Please keep doing what you are doing. It’s very important! I can’t even imagine the conversations we could rant about for hours on end with all the knowledge rumbling around in the mind. Can you please fix the advertising issues? I lose focus knee deep in articles when it redirects me to win a walmart card or a new phone. It’s happening way to much. Thanks for your hard work and your time! Feel free to contact me anytime.

  5. Love your article on the New World Order. I have been concerned about this organization for a long time, but it has been like shouting to an empty room. How can I get involved in contributing to your effort to educate the masses?

  6. Did you know Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, YouTube, CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBS/MSNBC/CNBC, NY Times, Washington Post and others are all owned, and their programming is controlled by the NWO Deep State. No lie.


  8. Dear sir, First of all. God Bless you for all of the good work your are doing, plus
    getting the real truth out to all Americans. When you are talking on radio please use the work ” Americans “, rather than staying ” American People” .
    At TRUMP’s rally he stated that there were 20,00 people in our stadium at our Robarts Sarasota Fair Grounds and Trump said there were 2,000 people out there in the rain will not be able t get in. You and Trump should say ” There were 2,000 Americans still waiting to come in and they are waiting in the rain. There are 2000 Americans here/ The 1500 ICE agents at the border. These ICE people are good people. Trump and you should say something like ” The Ice Agents are Great Americans and our police dept. are great Americans. Don’t say ” people’ or American People”., or use the word people or a wonderful crowd, etc.

    While on your radio program, you should say, please, we have 80,000 Americans listen to you all over American including Hawaii and Alaska.
    We out here in ” MAGA land” we really like to hear all of us referred to as
    ” AMERICANS”. By saying American People statement is somewhat weak.
    ICE Agents are Great Americans ! All of the guys who repair telephone lines need to referred to as “Great Americans” to work hard on all stats that are having electric lines and poles down. Always refer to us as ” Americans”. Don’t refer to us as people or folks or ” We have a great crowd here ” You and Trump need to say
    Americans. We are Americans !
    Thank you sir. You are great on the radio. Please remain to be a warrior and like me in Sarasota being a member of Sarasota Republican team.
    Thank you. Dennis K. Flood

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  10. I reached out previously and hadn’t heard back from you yet. This tells me a few things:

    1) You’re being chased by a T-rex and haven’t had time to respond.
    2) You aren’t interested.
    3) You’re interested but haven’t had a time to respond.

    Whichever one it is, please let me know as I am getting worried! Please respond 1,2, or 3. I do not want to be a bother.

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    Let me know if that’s something you would be interested in doing.

    I did be happy to share your page with our 40k Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin Followers as a thank you.


    I am happy to do Cross-Promotion.

    P.S: I really did read every single one of your articles .


  11. You have good content here. HOWEVER, the floating social media icons are super annoying. They follow scrolling and cover content. I no longer come to your site because of it. Just lock them on top or the bottom.

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