President Trump Triumphantly Takes Off His Mask On White ...

Source: National File

President Donald Trump triumphantly took his mask off on the balcony of the White House upon his return from Walter Reed Medical Center, and the Commander in Chief capped off the occasion with a salute.

Trump appears to have recovered from his recent Coronavirus diagnosis.

The President portrayed strength throughout his ordeal and the symbolism of his triumphant de-masking speaks volumes about his determination to lead.

Trump’s appeal to freedom-loving Americans who are sick of the mask mandates is a sharp contrast to his opponent Joe Biden, who is pushing authoritarian mask mandates in concert with the totalitarian Left.

Owen breaks down how President Trump can now spin his diagnosis in favor of the American people.

Mask mandates are deeply affecting the American people, with one disabled teenager in Florida actually getting arrested, handcuffed, sent to juvenile hall, and fitted with an ankle monitor for not wearing a mask in school while he was having an anxiety attack.

President Trump urged the American people Monday not to live their lives in fear. Having lived through a COVID-19 experience, President Trump speaks with firsthand credibility and wisdom on the issue. While the media sows fear, doubt, and discord, President Trump touts the tangible accomplishments his administration has made in providing treatments to the American people.

Biden, meanwhile, scoffed at President Trump’s bold move to un-mask in the face of the virus. Biden at his MSNBC town hall reportedly vowed to urge the nation’s governors, county leaders, and mayors to impose mask mandates. Biden has previously called for a National Mask Mandate.

What would Joe Biden say to the woman who was tased and arrested at her son’s school football game for criminal trespassing while attempting to breathe oxygen properly? The woman said she has asthma.