Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden was speaking to reporters Monday before flying to Florida Monday when wife Dr. Jill Biden came up from behind and pulled him away from reporters with her hands on both sides of Joe to create social distancing to protect him from the COVID-19 China coronavirus. A confused Joe Biden looked around to see who was manhandling him but complied and stepped backwards as Jill gently pulled him a few feet away from reporters.

Joe Biden and reporters were all masked and had tested negative. After rescuing her husband Jill Biden stepped away from the press gaggle.

Video posted to Twitter by CBS News reporter Bo Erickson, “Watch: Jill Biden pulls Joe Biden further away from press while answering Qs at airport. Biden said he is happy to debate Trump on 10/15 if scientists deem it is safe. [Biden & reporters were COVID tested within past 24 hours]”

The Biden campaign is presenting this as a positive.

Biden is traveling to Florida today for campaign events and a town hall on NBC hosted by Lester Holt at 8 p.m. EDT.