“Republicans might be coming! May the odds be ever in your favor!”

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Charlotte, NC — A little over a month ago today, Joe Biden was declared to be the 46th president of the United States of America yet there are federal troops still in Washington, DC. They were originally sent to provide security during the sparsely attended Biden installation ceremony because those fearless defenders of freedom and eavesdroppers upon GOP presidential candidates named (at least) Trump, the FBI, claimed, without evidence, that there would be protesters in DC and around the nation. However, for reasons passing understanding, they still remain standing in the cold doing nothing.

Over 21,000 troops were sent to DC for the event, but more than 6,200 of them remain. During The Surge, the climax of the part of the Iraq War where we were at least pretending to care about imposing our will upon the enemy, two brigades of the 82d Airborne, about 6,800 troops, were sent to Baghdad. Think about that for just a moment.  Only 400 fewer troops remain in DC now than at the height of the US war with Iraq!

Little to no explanation has been provided as to why they’re still there and, what’s more, the FBI isn’t talking either.

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