Source: Mac Slavo

Google has announced that all employees that return to the office will need to be “vaccinated” with the experimental gene therapy shot before doing so. This comes as the ruling class tries to push through mandates for all federal government employees.

Not only will this likely become reality for those working for the rulers, but more localized policies mandating the shot will be popping up in the near future.

Google is only one of the companies making the shot a condition of employment. Once the “vaccines” (which aren’t vaccines by any stretching of the definition of the term) are “fully approved” by the Food and Drug Administration, more companies have vowed to mandate the shot for those who want to work.

It Has Begun: Want To Work? Get The Jab

The corporation sent the majority of its almost 140,000 employees home last March to work remotely. Now though, the tech giant’s campuses are reopening, and workers are returning to the office, but only once they’ve been vaccinated, CEO Sundar Pichai told his employees in an email on Wednesday.

“Anyone coming to work on our campuses will need to be vaccinated,” Pichai wrote, adding that the policy will be rolled out in the US in the coming weeks, and worldwide afterwards. –RT

But, Google did say that staff who do not wish to return to in-person work will be able to work from home until October and the company will also allow some staff to work primarily from home through the end of the year. Both Biden and Google have the power to ask their workers to get jabbed, especially because the slaves have an irrational belief that these people have power. (The belief in authority is literally all that stand between our slavery and our freedom.) A review by the Justice Department concluded this week that both private and public entities can order workers to get vaccinated, even if the vaccines in question are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as the current crop of coronavirus vaccines are not.

Shortly after Pichai’s statement, Netflix announced that it will require all actors working on its productions in the United States, and the staff in close contact with them, to be vaccinated.

Only the most compliant of all slaves will be able to work.  If you don’t want to take a shot for a disease that, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t even exist, you are going to be ostracized from society.

At this point, the sane want no part of the system or “society” anyway. This power grab is finally destined to fail and more and more people wake up to the truth. We are not slaves. No one owns us. Stay alert and use critical thinking. The questions are far more numerous than the answers right now, but the more than anything, those in power fear us discovering the truth and therefore, no longer serving them.