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Obama Bombshell: ‘DNC Emails Were Leaked’ – Not Hacked By Russia

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President Obama dropped a bombshell during his final press conference, admitting that the DNC emails published by Wikileaks were leaked from within the DNC - not hacked by Russia.

 Obama dropped a bombshell during his final press conference, admitting that the DNC emails published by Wikileaks were leaked from within the DNC – not hacked by Russia.

As such, Obama just called Hillary Clinton, the Democrat establishment and the mainstream media – who have all been frantically trying to convince the world that the Russians did it – a pack of liars.

Around the eight-minute mark of the press conference, Obama says he hasn’t “commented on WikiLeaks generally,” and that the “conclusions of the intelligence community with respect to the Russian hacking were not conclusive as to whether WikiLeaks was witting or not in being the conduit through which we heard about the [Democratic National Committee] DNC e-mails that were leaked.

To Craig Murray, an author and broadcaster, Obama’s comment clarified that the U.S. government has “no evidence of how WikiLeaks got the DNC material.”

Obama’s statement is important, Murray continues, because it “undermines the stream of completely evidence-free nonsense that has been emerging from the [U.S.] intelligence services this last two months, in which a series of suppositions have been strung together to make unfounded assertions that have been repeated again and again in the mainstream media.

Referring to the emails “that were leaked” and not the servers that were hacked, Murray adds, Obama appears to agree with several experts on this subject, making it clear the entire ordeal revolving around the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is but a smokescreen.

I have been repeating that this was a leak, not a hack, until I am blue in the face,” Murray added. But he isn’t the only one. William Binney, a whistleblower who previously worked as Technical Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), has also stated this incident wasn’t a hack. It was a leak.

If it had been a hack, Binney said, the NSA would be able to provide the public with details regarding the actual attack. But from the reports presented so far, that’s clearly not the case.

Adding that Obama’s reference to the leaked material “appears very natural, fluent and unforced,” Murray celebrates, saying that it “is good to have the truth finally told.

Report: 300,000 Small Business Jobs Lost Due to Obamacare

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Obama unemployment photo

(Washington Free Beacon) Obamacare has cost roughly 300,000 small business jobs due to higher health care costs, according to a new report.

The American Action Forum, a center-right policy institute, released findings Wednesday that rising premiums and regulations under the Affordable Care Act have had “dire” consequences for the labor market.

The report found the law has cost $19 billion in lost wages per year and forced 10,000 small businesses establishments to close their doors. The study covered employers with 20 to 99 employees.

“Research from the American Action Forum (AAF) finds regulations from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are driving up health care premiums and are costing small business employees at least $19 billion in lost wages annually,” the report said. “These figures varied by state, but in 2015 the ACA cost year-round workers $2,095, $2,134, and $2,260 in Ohio, New York, and North Dakota, respectively.”

“Premium increases, a prospect regulators predicted when issuing the first ACA regulations, also significantly diminished the number of business establishments and jobs nationwide,” the report said. “Across the country, small businesses (20-99 workers) lost 295,030 jobs, 10,130 business establishments, and $4.7 billion in total wage earnings. Florida lost 17,950 jobs; Ohio lost 19,000; Pennsylvania lost 15,680; and Texas lost 28,010 jobs due to higher sensitivity to rising health care premiums and the ACA.”

Ben Gitis and Sam Batkins, the authors of the report, used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics for their findings.

The report used different data sets for small businesses with less than 50 employees, which were exempt from the law’s employer mandate. However, this group also suffered job losses and lower wages after Obamacare went into effect. The paper compared data from up to six years before the law was passed to show a clearer picture of Obamacare’s impact on small business….

Looks Like Obama Won’t Be Pardoning Hillary

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Hillary Clinton

With only a a few hours left before leaving office it appears President Obama is not going to officially pardon Hillary Clinton for any crimes, since he has unofficially done so already.

Hillary will soon be at the mercy of an unforgiving President Trump.

New York Post reports:

Obama has pardoned or commuted the sentences of more than 1,000 people — in fact, he’s the most forgiving president in history. And while Hillary has until noon Friday to get a pardon for any crimes she may have committed, Obama as of noon Wednesday does not intend to pardon Madame Secretary.

Why not?

One reason: He probably doesn’t like her very much. The two were opponents for the White House in 2008 and harsh words were exchanged. And her appointment as secretary of state was more of a business transaction than anything else.

And, as you can probably figure out yourself, Obama likely doesn’t want his legacy eroded any more than it already has been and will be as Trump undoes his actions.

Plus, Hillary’s recklessness with her emails could have put Obama personally in an embarrassing situation. Months ago, I explained that Hillary needed permission from the White House to use her beloved BlackBerry inside the State Department, even though that ran afoul of security protocol.

And it was Obama, a very reliable source told me, who personally had to grant that approval.

But the best reason for not giving a pardon is simple: Obama doesn’t really know what kind of trouble Hillary might be in. And she would have to admit to things she might not be ready to reveal to get completely out of trouble.

On top of that, if Obama pardoned her, how would others feel who might be equally jammed up because of her possible wrongdoing? There are long lists of people who had to be complicit if crimes were committed.

Trump has said he would not appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary. The Clintons have been through enough, he said.

But that doesn’t really matter. In fact, a special prosecutor would have to start from the beginning and that would slow things down.

Several investigations are already ongoing, including:

  • The one involving the laptop of Hillary’s longtime aide Huma Abedin. The laptop was found in the apartment Abedin shared with her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.
  • Probes into possible obstruction of justice related to the disappearance of all of Hillary’s private emails
  • An investigation into the now-famous “secret” meeting of Bill Clinton with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and a number of other things.
  • The probes into the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising.

Several people have come up to me and begged me to leave Hillary alone. They are liberals who were broken up about her loss.

The thing I don’t understand is this: The first commandment of liberal thinking is that everyone should be treated equally in America.

And I agree totally with that.

So, why should Hillary and Bill get preferential treatment?

Should a person in rags who steals from a department store be treated more harshly than a shoplifter with a tiara?

Hillary Clinton’s chance for a pardon ends Friday at noon. And with the way her supporters behaved after she lost the election, I doubt that Donald Trump is going to feel very compassionate.

“We Have Eight Years Of Serious Damage That Need To Be Repealed” – Obama’s Keeping Busy Before the Trump Inauguration

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Source: Jeremiah Johnson

As of this writing the inauguration is now a few days away.  In that time, there are many things that can happen that are bad: big things, and not minor technical glitches.  One of the problems is that readers may confuse possibility and probability with prediction.  This blog is a forum to discuss the possibilities that may occur.  Some do, and some do not, and these in varying degrees.  One thing you may wish to ask yourself: do you really want to see these bad things occur?

This site is not one that predicts nuclear war or assassinations.  It doesn’t predict the outcome of conflicts, elections, or governmental collapses.  It reports on factors that make these events possible and discusses factors that increase the probability of the events occurring.  The site is meant to present these possibilities and enable you, the reader to think outside of the mainstream media: not just reporting on the events, but considering their overall effects.

Most of us (myself included) wish to see Trump succeed in office and turn the course of the country around.  There are a lot of things that can still occur prior to his being sworn in.  Look at what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans in less than 24 hours.  In the blink of an eye, things can change.  This is why it is important to keep abreast of what is happening and consider all of the possibilities, not just the ones that the majority hold to be doctrine and immutable.

Obama has been running rampant for the past month prior.  Now we have word that he’s deployed (as of Thursday, January 12) U.S. troops and armored units to Poland.  The following statement by the Russians was reported by ABC News that outlines the gravity of such a maneuver and the threat to Russia as the Russians see it:

“These actions threaten our interests, our security,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday. “Especially as it concerns a third party building up its military presence near our borders. It’s not even a European state.”

Recently the State Department has been sending more weapons to “rebels” fighting the Assad government in Syria.  There are also further deployments of U.S. troops planned: one of which is to Lithuania at the end of this month.  These are all coming on the heels of deployments to Latvia, Estonia, and Moldova, the latter of which now has American missile defense systems that can also be fitted with Tomahawk missiles and placed into offensive capabilities within a matter of hours.

In a report released by the Washington Post, Obama is also instituting dozens of executive orders in these last days in office.  The report, entitled With Days Left in Office, Obama Ushers in Dozens of Policies.  But will they stay Seated? The report explains how he is signing off on last-minute orders, such as multi-million-dollar National Monument designations, changes to immigration policy (notably Cuba), and changes instituted for low-income mortgage holders, to name a few.  The article also notes how Republican Senators wrote Obama a letter asking him to cease and desist from executive actions.  The Washington Post itself sees nothing wrong with these actions, as is evidenced by this excerpt of the article:

In the final days before President Obama leaves office, administration officials are rushing to complete dozens of tasks that will affect millions of lives and solidify the president’s imprint on history. But in many cases, their permanence is uncertain, and President-elect Donald Trump is already pledging to undo some of them after taking office.

“He is clearly using executive power aggressively and trying to do as much as possible in his final days,” Princeton University history and public affairs professor Julian Zelizer said in an email. “It is clear that a president who was once reluctant to use the power of his own office has changed his heart, especially now that he sees a radically conservative Congress and Republican president-elect are getting ready to dismantle much of what he has done.”

Both Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence have vowed to reverse some of Obama’s key policies as soon as they take office. But it will be nearly impossible to erase all of them in the months and years ahead, and to achieve the maximum impact, Trump will have to accept new limits on his own power.

Obama also awarded Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an oxymoron in itself, as Biden threatened on national television to conduct Cyberwarfare against Russia and to “embarrass and humiliate” the Kremlin at a time of the administration’s own choosing.  Here this article is more worried and concerned about an overturn of Obama’s policies and “legacy,” and sees nothing wrong with a prognostication of “Trump will have to accept new limits on his own power” as a close.

In a News Max article by Jason Langsner entitled In Perplexing Move, US Approves Natural Uranium for Iran, the Obama administration has approved a transfer of uranium from Russia to Iran, as noted here:

“…according to an Associated Press exclusive report from January 9, 2017, the United States has approved a “huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia” to Iran “in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact.”

AP reports, based on two senior diplomatic sources who demanded to remain anonymous, that “116 metric tons (nearly 130 tons) of natural uranium” has been approved to be transferred, which according to the Institute of Science and International Security is enough to make 10 simple nuclear bombs.”

There are already many theories in place of how the inauguration (if it is held) will proceed, as well as the things that may derail it before it happens.  There was an excellent piece put out on by Josie Wales of that gives a recently-released quote of Edward Snowden’s characterizing Obama’s last minute actions that transfer almost unlimited government snooping powers into Trump’s hands.  Entitled Snowden Slams Obama After Expanding ‘Unchained NSA’ Surveillance Powers for Donald Trumpand here is Snowden’s statement from Thursday, January 12:

As he hands the White House to Trump, Obama just unchained NSA from basic limits on passing raw intercepts to others.” 

Obama (in another executive order, EO 12333) removed restrictions from procedures that now allow all 16 of the intelligence-gathering agencies to share information with virtually no limitations.  In this vein (do you recall the sealed manila envelope marked “from #43 to #44” that Bush, Jr. gave to the incoming Obama back in 2009?  Who could know what was in that; however, in this light it is business as usual for the incoming administration.

Each administration blames the predecessor for what is instituted and for what has occurred, yet the new administration does little or nothing to change any of it.  Obama has no checks or balances upon him in these last few days.  Trump will certainly have a lot to clean up should the inauguration occur.  Let’s hope he follows through with his campaign promises, as once a law or executive order is instituted, it is difficult, if not next to impossible to remove.  In this case, it is not only laws or EO’s that need to go:  We have eight years of serious damage that need to be repealed.

Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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Obama Now Making Final Wave Of Appointments, Handing Out Top Jobs To Close Friends

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It should come as no surprise, but, the obnoxious, never-ending last speeches, and final farewells, are almost over. Punctuating the end of a near-defunct Obama administration, the final events are delivering the last death rattles of a nauseating eight years in office, and Obama is playing Santa Claus.

To be clear, the practice of awarding such entitlements is standard operating procedure for the end of a President’s term.

Most recent appointments include the following:

  • National Security Adviser Susan Rice and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett as general trustees of the Board of Trustees for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
  • Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and former Michelle Obama head speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz as members of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.
  • Deputy National Security Adviser Avril Haines as a member of the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service.
  • Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law, Marjorie Margolies, as a member on the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

For those who were worried about her, it is touching to see Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law being so well taken care of.

The following executive positions were granted by Obama. For the record, many of these fall under US Code – Section 5315: Executive positions at Level IV of federal government service. These positions may pay approximately $160,000 in annual salaries.

  • Anita Fineday – Member, Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children
  • Russ McDonald – Member, Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children
  • Valerie Jarrett – General Trustee, Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Susan Rice – General Trustee, Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Linda Smith – Member, Board of Directors of the National Board for Education Sciences
  • Carole Johnson – Member, National Cancer Advisory Board
  • Suzy George – Member, National Security Education Board
  • Jason Collins – Member and Co-Chair, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Carli Lloyd – Member and Co-Chair, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Paulette Aniskoff – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Caitlin Cahow – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Pamela Coleman – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Chase Cushman – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Gabrielle Douglas – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Debra Eschmeyer – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Tara McGuinness – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Ibtihaj Muhammad – Member, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  • Robert Carrigan – Member, President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
  • Senator Angus King – Member, Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission
  • Benjamin Rhodes – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Shannon O’Neil – Member, Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission
  • Daniel Restrepo – Member, Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission
  • Kristie Canegallo – Member, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
  • Christopher Fonzone – Member, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
  • Maneesh Goyal – Member, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
  • Rudy Mehrbani – Member, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
  • Natalie Quillian – Member, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
  • Roberto Rodriguez – Member, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
  • Adrienne Harris – Member, Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations
  • Behnaz Kibria – Member, Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations
  • Jason Miller – Member, Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations
  • Brady Deaton – Member, Board for International Food and Agricultural Development
  • Erica Schwartz – Member, Board of Visitors to the United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • Marjorie Margolies – Member, Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad
  • Lesley Weiss – Member, Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad
  • Ann Marie Bledsoe Downes – Member, Board of Trustees of the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Cultural and Arts Development
  • Lawrence Roberts – Member, Board of Trustees of the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Cultural and Arts Development
  • Cristin Dorgelo – Member, National Infrastructure Advisory Council
  • Christy Goldfuss – Member, National Infrastructure Advisory Council
  • DJ Patil – Member, National Infrastructure Advisory Council
  • Amy Pope – Member, National Infrastructure Advisory Council
  • Dan Utech – Member, National Infrastructure Advisory Council
  • Janine Davidson – Member, National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service
  • Avril Haines – Member, National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service
  • Shawn Skelly – Member, National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service
  • Daniel Benjamin – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Michael Bosworth – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Raffi Freedman-Gurspan – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Samuel Gordon – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Allan Holt – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Sarah Hurwitz – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Edward Lazarus – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Susan Lowenberg – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Melissa Rogers – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council
  • Maureen Schulman – Member, United States Holocaust Memorial Council

As Obama is staying in Washington D.C. for the time being, he will not have any problem finding someone to do lunch. These lists are not the full listing of appointments. The White House that many of the positions Obama has granted are not paying positions, but many of them are, as well. These are being touted as obscure positions, but you do not give your best friends no-to-low paying, obscure positions on the way out of the Oval Office. Nevertheless, the Presidential appointments are considered an honor to give and receive.

Obama also granted appointments to famous athletes who will serve on the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition:

  • Retired NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Gabrielle Douglas, U.S. Olympic gymnast gold medalist
  • American soccer player Carli Lloyd

President Obama did something else noteworthy in these appointments: he included transgender people among the appointments for the first time in history.

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has been the White House LGBT Liaison, and she will now receive an appointment to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. In August 2015, she was first trans White House staffer as Outreach and Recruitment Director in the Presidential Personnel Office.

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan greets Obama

Shawn Skelly, a Navy veteran, was Director of the Executive Secretariat at the Department of Transportation, and she has received an appointment to the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service.

Trans gender appointment Shawn Skelly

One other thing happened during these announcements, that no one has mentioned in the news: Press Secretary Josh Earnest, also gave his final White House press briefing on Tuesday.

The thought of never having to listen again to Josh Earnest opine his interpretation of the Obama doctrine for all the world to hear on a regular basis is enough to make many of us feel as though we, too, have just been granted a special reprieve from the Obama administration.

Obama’s Secretary Of State: Trump Is Responsible For Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

January 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Kerry defending the King of Denial Obama's disastrous foreign policies, planning to blame Trump!


John Kerry is probably the worst secretary of state, besides Hillary, in US history, and yet he has the audacity to tell President-elect Trump what to do? Or perhaps his “carefully” coded words are setting up yet another blame attack to avoid admitting the massive failures of their King of Denial, Obama.

Kerry’s latest rhetoric comes on the heels of a Trump interview in which staying true to “The Donald’s” bold style, basically told it like it is, which Europeans found “shocking.” In particular, Trump went after Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, for her disastrous “refugee” program calling it “catastrophic.”

In response to Trump’s remarks during a CNN interview, Kerry unbelievably and without batting an eyelid “frankly” said:

“I thought it was inappropriate for the President-elect of the United States to be stepping into the politics of another country in a quite direct manner.”

Seriously, only a con artist or sociopathic liar could spout such hypocrisy with a straight face. This propaganda, coming from King of Denial’s handpicked man to “step into” other countries’ politics as a profession. And “step into” is what Obama, Crooked Hillary, and Israel hating Kerry did in a major way.

Have the buffoon trio, which will be the “anointed one’s” true legacy, forgotten their much touted “Arab Spring”? A “stepping into” designed to create social chaos and political upheaval in Arab states. A “stepping into” that gave their beloved terrorists, The Muslim Brotherhood, and a foothold to create ISIS that has led to a massive terrorist network on global proportions.

A “stepping into” that led to Benghazi and the death of an American ambassador and brave soldiers as Obama and Hillary looked the other way. They didn’t even have the decency to send an American plane to get the survivors and Ambassador Chris Steven’s body, they were flown out on a Libyan passenger jet.

But as the trio’s mantra of “fake news” and blame game goes, they don’t talk about those “insignificant” details of their monstrous failures by “stepping into” the politics of other countries. No, their “meddling” just created global chaos and the huge security threats of “those other countries,” including their own US.

King of Denial Obama and dethroned Queen Hillary "stepped into" Arab nations politics creating global chaos!!!

Their “stepping into” policies has spearheaded the largest US and NATO forces buildup on the Eastern European front since Reagan ended the Cold War. A newly created military aggressive front much closer to the Kremlin than ever before while Obama has repeatedly attempted to antagonize Russian President Vladimir Putin into starting WWI, even threatening “military attack.”

But Putin is far superior diplomatically, strategically and militarily than the trio of stooges, Obama, Hillary and Kerry. Opting to negotiate and deal with a man of “peace through strength” President-elect Trump.

Yet, by large, their biggest and most dangerous “stepping into” which led to the betrayal of all betrayals is what Islam loving Obama and his minion Kerry did to our most loyal ally, Israel. Hillary gets a pass on this one since she was off somewhere sucking down wine and licking her wounds from her humiliating defeat in the presidential election.

Obama and Kerry intentionally “stepped into” the powder keg of the Middle East, which by most expert’s opinions, could be the spark to ignite WWIII. And for what? Israel building settlements on land it legally owns and was deeded to by the very UN who now seeks to take it back for Palestinians.

Obama and Kerry’s proven conspiracy against an ally the US is contractually bound to protect against aggressive acts of the UN, has opened the door for hostilities to escalate against Israel not only from terrorists group like Hamas, but more seriously by Iran. A now nuclear Iran thanks to Obama and Kerry.

Their “stepping in” at the UN security council has left the tiny Jewish nation isolated and surrounded by wolves who have waited years to slaughter the lamb; the chosen people of Almighty God. A higher protection, one not of this world, in the end will be Israel’s only “savior,” regardless of the arrogant claims by King of Denial Obama that he has furthered the “peace process” with his betrayal.

What has rattled these “leaders” are Trump’s comments in an interview with the London Times and German publication The Bild. Trump simply stated Merkel’s refugee program of allowing millions into her country is “catastrophic” and that she should have “never took so many.”

It is not the fault of President-elect Trump that Germany’s “refugee” program has been a catastrophic burden and danger to the German people. Merkle chose to follow the Soros progressive movement of allowing millions of unvetted Syrian refugees to flood into her country only to discover these “victims” of ISIS and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad are Islamic terrorists.

Terrorists who are raping Germany’s women and young girls, kidnapping them for sex slave trade. Sodimizing young boys to the point some have died. Spreading their vial idealism of hate and world domination of enslaving ALL people to sharia law.

They are breaking the German treasury with their demands of more money (money used for bombings), mandatory free housing, a Muslim diet and forced indoctrination of Islam onto the people through educational systems.

The same goes for other European countries experiencing this nightmare. They are suffering from the spillover of her irresponsible actions with illegal entries across borders overwhelming small nations like Sweden who never needed large police or military protection before this crisis knocked down their peaceful doors.

Trump also pointed out the truth concerning NATO. Why is the US bearing most of the financial burden of protecting European countries? It is time for them to pay their fair share or the US needs to pull out.

He also called out the useless and ineffective NATO. Exactly what has NATO done to combat terrorism? Putin has pretty much been fighting the war against ISIS single handedly.

NATO was created on the heels of WWII to prevent the rise and domination of another Hitler. As the Cold War heated up between the US and Russia, it evolved into an allied force against a perceived Russian threat against Europe and the US. Trump understands the Cold War is over;  there are new alliances and threats to world peace and US national security. Threats the US and Russian need to join forces to battle, such as the war on aggressive terroristic Islam.

Kerry in his yet another, “final interview” chose his coded words carefully saying Trump “will be responsible for that relationship.” What relationship? Is Kerry laying the groundwork for another blame tactic for the mess Obama, he and Hillary created in Europe? As they blamed Bush for years, it may be Trump will be the next to take the heat off the “anointed ones” eight years of failures.

Kerry also defended Merkel and her “policies”, calling her a strong and courageous European leader who is one of the “most important players in respect to where we are heading.”

Not with Commander-in-Chief Trump at the helm leading his band of “deplorables”, and there are many more “deplorables” than you know, though Progressives should have learned from the outcome of the presidential election. Even their millions of illegal “votes” could not overthrow the vast number of  “deplorables” who are the majority in this country.

Kerry, Obama and the corrupt Clintons can have their Soros New World Order but don’t think the US will ever be a member.

As Trump tweeted in response to nuclear missile threats of  N. Korea’s “little man” tyrant Kim Jong Un:

“It won’t happen.”

Final Days: Obama Sends $500M to UN Climate Fund; Trump Vowed to Cancel ‘Global Warming Payments’

January 19, 2017 Leave a comment

( –  The State Department on Tuesday announced it has transferred a further $500 million to a U.N.-affiliated global climate change fund whose congressional critics have derided as a ‘slush fund” and “handout to foreign bureaucrats.”

The move comes three days before the inauguration of a president who pledged days before his election victory to “cancel billions in global warming payments to the United Nations” and devote funds instead to “environmental infrastructure” at home.

The $500 million is the second transfer to the Green Climate Fund, whose aim is to help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to occurrences blamed on climate change such as rising sea-levels and drought.

President Obama pledged $3 billion to the GCF over four years, and a first instalment, also $500 million, was paid last March.

Critics in Congress at the time charged that the disbursement was a waste of taxpayers’ money, and pointed out that Congress had not authorized or appropriated any funding for the GCF.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who has led the criticism, on Tuesday called the latest payment “an insult to American taxpayers.”

“The hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars the Obama administration spent on the United Nations Green Climate Fund were never approved by Congress,” he said.

“The Obama administration is now sending this slush fund another $500 million in its final days in the White House,” Barrasso added. “This is a complete disregard for the will of the voters and an insult to American taxpayers.”

Last week Barrasso questioned President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, about the GCF and other climate funding.

Tillerson did not commit directly to a funding halt, but to a review.

“The Obama administration has unilaterally pledged $3 billion to the U.N. Green Climate Fund. The administration has requested $1.3 billion for global climate change initiatives in this year’s president’s budget for fiscal year 2017,” Barrasso said..

“You mentioned Donald Trump campaigning on ‘America First.’ Will you commit to ensuring no funding will go to the U.N. Green Climate Fund?”

“In consultation with the president,” Tillerson replied, “my expectation is that we’re going to look at all these things from the bottom up, in terms of funds we’ve committed towards this effort.”

The State Department last year responded to questions about the absence of congressional approval by saying it had reviewed its authorities and determined that it was able to make the first payment to the GCF.

State Department spokesman John Kirby on Tuesday said the GCF funding was a continuation of “U.S. government support by this and prior administrations for climate change programs through multilateral funds.”

He described the GCF as “the world’s largest multilateral finance institution dedicated to advancing low-emission, climate-resilient development.”

“The GCF supports developing nations in their efforts to achieve those objectives and to become more resilient to climate change – in turn, reducing the global and national security risks associated with inadequate adaptation to and preparedness for extreme weather events and other climate related impacts,” Kirby said.

At Tuesday’s departmental press briefing, a reporter suggested that it was not fitting, “in the spirit of a smooth transition,”  to send the funds now to a program which the incoming administration has questioned.

Kirby replied that it was “not being done to try to provoke a reaction from the incoming administration or to try to dictate to them, one way or the other, how they are going to deal with climate issues.”

He also said the funds had come from a portion of the Economic Support Fund account for FY2016 that is not earmarked by Congress for specific programs and activities.

‘Moral and legal obligation’

The GCF aims to raise $100 billion each year, from public and private sources, by the year 2020 – a goal that was endorsed and incorporated into the Paris climate agreement reached in late 2015.

So far more than 40 governments have pledged a total of some $10 billion to the GCF. Aside from Obama’s $3 billion pledge, the next biggest ones have come from Japan ($1.5 bn), Britain ($1.2 bn), France ($1.03 bn) and Germany ($1.0 bn).

Last year it approved its first projects in developing countries around the world – from flood risk-reduction efforts in Pakistan to early-warning systems in Malawi to the development of argan orchids in Morocco’s “degraded environment” – with a goal of spending $2.5 billion during the course of the year.

Friends of the Earth on Tuesday welcomed the outgoing administration’s transfer, applauding Obama “for providing this urgently needed money to the Green Climate Fund as one of his final acts before leaving office.”

“Republicans in Congress should never have made it so difficult for the world’s wealthiest country to assist the world’s poor as they struggle daily to feed their families and make ends meet on a warming planet,” said the group’s deputy director of economic policy, Karen Orenstein.

“The incoming Trump administration and Congress must not play politics with the moral and legal obligation of the U.S. to provide assistance through the Green Climate Fund for those whose lives and livelihoods are today being devastated by climate change,” she said.

“This must not be twisted into some kind of game to score anti-science political points; the health, well-being and even survival of children and their families are at stake here.”

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