Vaccine injury victim speaks out about serious adverse reaction to Covid-19 vaccine

Source: Nworeport

A woman who was severely injured by a serious adverse reaction to a Covid-19 vaccine is telling her story from her hospital bed.

In the heartbreaking video, the woman says she fears she could die from numerous health complications after receiving a Covid vaccine on May 3

“Two hours from receiving the vaccine I got Steven Johnson syndrome,” the woman described.

The ailment manifests as blisters and bright red rashes on bodily organs and on the skin, which becomes irritated, cracks and bleeds, leaving patients prone to infection.

“I had to go to hospital because one of the blisters burst inside my intestine and it caused bleeding.”

“As I … the bleeding in my intestine, I shot a blood clot to my left kidney. I lost 90 percent of the function of my left kidney.”

“I’m constantly swelling up in the morning, so much so I have issues. I can’t bend my hands. sometimes the swelling closes up my eyes and I can’t see through my eyes,” she described.

“Since the vaccination on the third of May, I’ve had 6 menstrual periods so heavy that I wanted to faint,” the woman adds.

It’s unclear which company manufactured the vaccine taken by the woman.

The woman’s tragic story is one of many being ignored as governments and their media lapdogs continue to falsely claim the vaccines are safe and effective.