Mr. Assange, The Patriot Taking Crooked Hillary Down For Good

Mr. Assange, The Patriot Taking Crooked Hillary Down For Good

In the United States, one of the greatest rights that we have as citizens is the right to vote. We use this right to elect the officials that we as America think are best suitable to lead the country. At least that is what is supposed to happen. Well a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Convention for rigging elections is moving forward.

WikiLeaks has said that the lawsuit is going to be moving forward. This means that both Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are being implicated in legal proceedings. This may finally be the best chance that the people have to destroy any chance of Clinton reaching the White House.

WikiLeaks Tweet
WikiLeaks Has Said That The Class Action Lawsuit Will Go Forward

There was June release of internal Democratic National Convention documents that showed that the DNC was already treating Hillary Clinton as their candidate. This was before Bernie Sanders actually conceded the race. As a result of that, there was a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters.

The lawsuit was filed from the law firm Beck & Lee. Keep in mind that this was in June. In July, the WikiLeaks release proved that the DNC was rigging elections in favor of Clinton over Sanders. They were actually interfering with many people’s choice candidate.

Sanders Literally Had This Election Stolen From Him. His Supporters Are Fighting Back

The lawsuit included six claims: fraud, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive conduct, monetary restitution for donors of Sanders, the DNC breaking its own fiduciary duties, and negligence for failing to protect sensitive donor information that was hacked.

Well the DNC actually tried to say that they had “insufficient service of process” when served with the papers. Too bad for them that Shawn Lucas was filmed giving the papers to the DNC headquarters. Unfortunately Lucas was found dead before he could give a counter proposal.

Shawn Lucas Serving the Papers
Shawn Lucas Hand Delivered The Lawsuit Papers Personally

Now DNC staff member Rebecca Herries gave a testimony saying, “…I am not authorized to accept service of process for the DNC, Ms. Dacey, or for Congresswoman Schultz, neither in her capacity as DNC Chairperson nor in her capacity as Congresswoman.” This was an attempt to get the hearing delayed until September, or dismissed altogether.

However it should be noted that Ms. Dacey was one of several people that stepped down from their positions at the DNC. She was one of the people that had numerous emails showing her extreme favoritism towards Clinton.

That didn’t stop Beck & Lee however, and they managed to get the Court to get a hearing set for August 23, where both parties will be able to present evidence for their side. This is another important opportunity to show how corrupt the Democratic Party is.

Democrats and Bad Ideas go hand in hand
The Democrats Are Very Corrupt.

“The Court notes that dismissal is not appropriate at this stage of the proceedings. Accordingly, the Court construes Defendants; Motion to Quash Service of Process.” The was ruled by the Court on August 9th.

However there is a way that the summons would have to be reissued, which would prolong the suit itself. The defense team includes attorney Marc Elias. He was noted in the DNC email release as well. His role was that he was providing advice to the DNC staff on how to cover up the money-laundering scheme of the Hillary Victory Fund.

One Of The Lawyers On Her Team Told Her How To Hide The Money She Laundered

That was a joint fundraising committee between the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

Not only is this an important chance to show how corrupt the Democratic Party is; it’s another chance to slow down Clinton’s chances for the White House.

If the lawsuit doesn’t get delayed, then Clinton would essentially be fighting a two front war. She would have to hold off Donald Trump and some more court proceedings. If history has told us anything, it’s that people who try to fight two front wars often lose.

Clinton Caught In Yet Another Lie
If Clinton Gets Caught Fighting A Two-Front War, Then History Is On Trump’s Side

That was the failed strategy of a certain German dictator during World War II. They say that history repeats itself, so we can hopefully see the defeat of Clinton due to this two front war.

This is a big deal because if Clinton used the DNC to commit voter fraud, then she is probably going to try and pull the same tactics during the November election. She is so power hungry that she honestly believes she’s above the law.

Well this lawsuit should knock her off her pedestal. Committing voter fraud is against the law. Granted Clinton has escaped justice before, she can only avoid it for so long. Eventually all these lies are going to catch up with her. Once that happens, it should be a straight shot to the White House for the Republicans and Donald Trump.

Clinton Has Escaped Justice Before, But I Doubt She Can Keep It Up. Eventually She Will Get What Is Coming To Her

It should also be noted that while Sanders had victory stolen from him, literally, he did achieve an amazing accomplishment. He managed to get the support of millions of people who were otherwise not interested in politics. The fact that he managed to give them a voice of their own could be the downfall of Clinton.

There is a way that the general public can hear about this. Share this article to show the many people who are sick and tired of Clinton getting away with everything that there is another chance for her to pay for what she’s done. But that isn’t enough.

Getting people educated about this is one thing, but the other thing that people can do is to vote. Go out on Election Day and vote for Trump. With less than 85 days left until Election Day, every bit of information counts. We ALL can benefit from having Clinton out of the race.