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LAPD Arrest 39 Members Of Pedophile Ring, Rescue 13-Year-Old Victim

November 20, 2017 Leave a comment

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) arrested 39 people in connection to a pedophile ring on Friday, which led to the rescue of a 13-year-old girl. 

The sweep was led by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, along with officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Compton Station.

LA Times reports:

Two women were arrested on charges of soliciting undercover deputies for various sex acts, authorities said.

Sixteen additional females were arrested on suspicion of loitering for the purposes of prostitution, authorities said.

All of the women were offered services from the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, and eight were identified as victims of human trafficking, authorities said.

Seventeen of those arrested were men who solicited undercover deputies for various sex acts, authorities said.

University Study: Metal From Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs DESTROYS Cancer Cells

November 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Cancer cells in the human body can be targeted and destroyed by metal from the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, according to new groundbreaking new research by the University of Warwick in the UK and Sun Yat-Sen University in China.

Researchers from the Professor Sadler and Professor O’Connor groups in Warwick’s Department of Chemistry and Professor Hui Chao’s group at Sun Yat-Sen have demonstrated that iridium – the world’s second densest metal – can be used to kill cancer cells by filling them with a deadly version of oxygen, without harming healthy tissue.

The researchers created a compound of iridium and organic material, which can be directly targeted towards cancerous cells, transferring energy to the cells to turn the oxygen (O2) inside them into singlet oxygen, which is poisonous and kills the cell – without harming any healthy tissue in the process. reports: The process is triggered by shining visible laser light through the skin onto the cancerous area – this reaches the light-reactive coating of the compound, and activates the metal to start filling the cancer with singlet oxygen.

The researchers found that after attacking a model tumour of lung cancer cells, grown by the researchers in the laboratory to form a tumour-like sphere, with red laser light (which can penetrate deeply through the skin), the activated organic-iridium compound had penetrated and infused into every layer of the tumour to kill it – demonstrating how effective and far-reaching this treatment is.

Diagram showing iridium attacking a cancer cell by making it produce singlet oxygen. Credit: University of Warwick

They also proved that the method is safe to healthy cells by conducting the treatment on non-cancerous tissue and finding it had no effect.

Furthermore, the researchers used state-of-the-art ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry to gain an unprecedented view of the individual proteins within the cancer cells – allowing them to determine precisely which proteins are attacked by the organic-iridium compound.

After vigorously analysing huge amounts of data – thousands of proteins from the model cancer cells, they concluded that the iridium compound had damaged the proteins for heat shock stress, and glucose metabolism, both known as key molecules in cancer.

The University of Warwick has the UK’s most advanced laboratory for this type of highly advanced mass spectrometry, and is a world-class centre of analytical science.

Co-author Cookson Chiu is a postgraduate researcher in Warwick’s Department of Chemistry, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and Bruker. He commented:

“This project is a leap forward in understanding how these new iridium-based anti-cancer compounds are attacking cancer cells, introducing different mechanisms of action, to get around the resistance issue and tackle cancer from a different angle.”

Dr Pingyu Zhang and Dr Huaiyi Huang are Royal Society Newton International Fellows in Warwick’s Department of Chemistry. Dr Zhang added:

“Our innovative approach to tackle cancer involving targeting important cellular proteins can lead to novel drugs with new mechanisms of action. These are urgently needed. In addition, research links between UK and Chinese academics will not only lead to lasting collaborations, but also have potential to open up the translation of new drugs into the clinic as a UK-China joint development”

Peter O’Connor, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Warwick, noted:

“Remarkable advances in modern mass spectrometry now allow us to analyse complex mixtures of proteins in cancer cells and pinpoint drug targets, on instruments that are sensitive enough to weigh even a single electron!”

Professor Peter Sadler is excited about where this work can lead. He said:

“The precious metal platinum is already used in more than 50% of cancer chemotherapies. The potential of other precious metals such as iridium to provide new targeted drugs which attack cancer cells in completely new ways and combat resistance, and which can be used safely with the minimum of side-effects, is now being explored.

“International collaborations can greatly hasten progress. It’s certainly now time to try to make good medical use of the iridium delivered to us by an asteroid 66 million years ago!”

Photochemotherapy – using laser light to target cancer – is fast emerging as a viable, effective and non-invasive treatment. Patients are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional therapies, so it is vital to establish new pathways like this for fighting the disease.

Iridium was first discovered in 1803, and its name comes from the Latin for ‘rainbow’. From the same family as platinum, it is hard, brittle, and is the world’s most corrosion-resistant metal. Yellow in colour, its melting point is more than 2400° Celsius.

The metal is rare on Earth, but is abundant in meteoroids – and large amounts of iridium have been discovered in the Earth’s crust from around 66 million years ago, leading to the theory that it came to this planet with an asteroid which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Distinguished as a ‘Very Important Paper’, the research, ‘Organo-iridium photosensitizers can induce specific oxidative attack on proteins in cancer cells’ is published in the Wiley journal Angewandte Chemie.

Mainstream Media Is Spreading Fake News About Marijuana Killing a Baby

November 20, 2017 Leave a comment

(ANTIMEDIA) —This week the news cycle was flooded with mainstream headlines suggesting doctors were claiming have discovered the first marijuana overdose.

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“Doctors claim baby’s 2015 death was caused by marijuana overdose,” a Fox News headline claimed.

“Baby boy is first marijuana overdose death, doctors claim,” wrote AOL and the New York Daily News.

Local Colorado NBC affiliate 9 News headlined their article “Colorado doctors claim first marijuana overdose death.”

Except that wasn’t what the doctors who investigated the baby’s death said in their report.

According to the doctors, the baby had been lethargic and retching in the days leading up to his hospitalization. An autopsy found the baby had myocarditis, a condition that inflames the heart muscles and causes them to stop working.

The doctors did acknowledge the presence of cannabis in the baby’s system. “The presence of THC metabolites in the patient’s urine and serum, most likely secondary to ingestion, is the only uncovered risk factor in the etiology for his myocarditis,” they wrote.

They even documented the link between cannabis and the condition in other research:

 “The link between cannabis use and myocarditis has been documented in multiple teenagers and young adults.”

Further, they urged research into the potential relationship, saying “we believe there exists a plausible relationship that justifies further research into cannabis-associated cardiotoxicity and related practice adjustments.”

Nevertheless, they also cautioned that there were limitations in their report, citing “the case study design, the limitations on interpreting an exact time, dose and route of cannabis exposure, the specificity of histopathology being used to classify etiology of myocarditis, and inconsistent blood culture results.”

In their discussion, they carefully explained that “As of this writing, this is the first reported pediatric death associated with cannabis exposure.” In other words, there was correlation – not causation. They did not conclude cannabis caused the death, though media outlets reported they had.

As those headlines emerged, one of the doctors spoke out to clarify.

We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child,” said Thomas Nappe, one of the co-authors. Nappe is currently the director of medical toxicology at St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, Pa, and is listed as affiliated with Denver Health and Hospital Authority’s Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center in the report. Christopher O. Hoyte of University of Colorado School of Medicine at Anschutz Medical Center, who also authored the report, was reportedly unavailable for an interview, according to the Washington Post.

According to the Post, “Nappe emphasized that the word ‘associated’ should not be interpreted as indicating a cause and effect.”

Even if cannabis did cause the death, explained Keith Humphreys, an addiction specialist and professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, it would be “a very unusual event.” He said cannabis poses “virtually no risk.”

Even so, the doctors were clear that more research is needed and cautioned parents to keep cannabis away from children.

In states where cannabis is legalized, it is important that physicians not only counsel parents on preventing exposure to cannabis, but to also consider cannabis toxicity in unexplained pediatric myocarditis and cardiac deaths as a basis for urine drug screening in this setting.

Based on media reports, Noah Kaufman, a Northern Colorado emergency room physician, disapproved of claims that cannabis caused the overdose.

You just can’t make those statements because then what happens is lay people say, ‘Oh my God, did you hear a kid died from marijuana poisoning?’ and it can be sensationalized. It’s not based on reality. It’s based on somebody kind of jumping the gun and making a conclusion, and scientifically you can’t do that.”

Upon hearing the doctors hadn’t made those certain claims, he said “that’s more responsible,” those his previous assessment of jumping the gun do still apply to the media outlets that incorrectly covered the story.

ISIS Officially ‘Defeated’ but the US Will Stay in Syria

November 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Russia questions what the US goal in Syria has become.

(ANTIWAR.COM) — US military intentions in Syria have never been exactly transparent, but are becoming ever less so, as Pentagon officials loudly declare ISIS to have been “defeated” in the country, but insist that they intend to remain.

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This is a potential major legal issue, because Syria never authorized the US invasion in the first place. US officials always presented the authorization as being UN resolutions supporting the fight against ISIS, but that would no longer apply.

Moreover, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has pointed out that Secretary of State Tillerson has repeatedly assured him that the “only” US goal in Syria is to fight ISIS. This is adding to Russian concerns about what the US is actually planning on doing next.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is trying to present this as keeping “ISIS 2.0” from coming into existence. While this is also the pretext for staying in Iraq, there is a major difference between a permanent deployment in Iraq that the US-backed government there supports, and trying to stay in Syria forever despite explicit opposition from the Syrian government.

Anonymous’ Barrett Brown Responds to the Julian Assange Situation

November 20, 2017 Leave a comment

The work WikiLeaks does is important to the world, and needless to say, we hope it continues. However, it will take some time for them to build back the trust of a large portion of their following, who will now be watching Assange’s actions intently.

By now, most of you are aware of the leaked emails between WikiLeaks and Donald Trump Junior. While it’s hardly the most important issue in the world today, it’s a bit personal for Barrett Brown, who has provided a statement on the situation.

The Intercept reports:


For Brown, and others who have been critical of Assange for using the platform of WikiLeaks to fight his own political and personal battles, his secret communication with the Trump campaign was damning because it revealed that he had been functioning more like a freelance political operative, doling out strategy and advice, than a journalist interested in obtaining and publishing information, concerned only with its accuracy.”


The mainstream media has of course picked the story up, and as usual, for all the wrong reasons. Echoes of “Russian collusion” are regurgitated across corporate-Left outlets. The Right appears to be focusing on the fact Trump Jr. willingly handed the emails over to authorities, with the emphasis that no laws had been broken. Meanwhile, more Progressive outlets are shrugging it off to the fact it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.


greenwald twitter

The same could be said of many who are guilty of some form of wrongdoing – Roger Ailes being the first to come to mind. His behavior had been known for years, too. One may fail to see what this argument has to do with anything.

Others throughout the media are now criticizing Assange, and to make matters worse, the Freedom of the Press Foundation has stated they are ready to cut ties with WikiLeaks. The Freedom of the Press Foundation is “a nonprofit established as a censorship-proof conduit for donations to WikiLeaks after PayPal and U.S. credit card companies imposed a financial blockade on the site.” (source)

Journalist and free speech advocate, Xeni Jardin, who was a founding member of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, stated the following of WikiLeaks behavior during the election season:


Suddenly the voice of WikiLeaks seemed to be all about questioning one candidate – Hillary Clinton – and doing so in a way that was designed to benefit the other. The tone also seemed to echo some of the language on the far right. So when the guy in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, who is normally of the extreme left, is echoing Nazi publications, something is wrong.”


To be fair, it is well known that Julian Assange dislikes the Clinton family (most of us do), and it’s no secret that he holds disdain for the U.S. government (again, most of us do). However from Barrett’s perception – and indeed others within the Anonymous movement – it comes down to principles. That seems to be the one factor many are purposefully ignoring.


bbrown twitter

With regard to WikiLeaks asking Trump Jr. for tax returns, Barrett brings to attention that this could only have been done in a dishonest way. WikiLeaks doesn’t release the names of sources, therefore there would be no reason for them to announce that they had received the tax returns directly from the Trump family.

WikiLeaks would have pretended to receive the documents through normal channels. This is significant due to the fact WikiLeaks’ release of the tax returns would have given the impression they are not pro-Trump, and that was exactly part of the plan.

How do we know this? Barrett states:


Because Assange himself and these messages explains why. Among several reasons; it would be good for Trump and Trump’s campaign that he’s trying to help. And it would help WikiLeaks. It would help to nullify the quote ‘perception’ unquote, that Assange is pro-Trump and pro-Russian. As I’ve noted, it’s very ironic that he would take issue with the allegation that he’s pro-Trump, and make conversation with Donald Trump Junior. In which, he’s offering him advice, information, and proposing strategies for their mutual benefit.”


The simple fact that WikiLeaks had exchanged communications during the election, after previously claiming they were not and had not, is deceptive. In the dictionary sense of the word, this is considered collusion.

Finally, Barrett responds to the argument that Assange should not be criticized for his actions in light of all that he has done. Assange has most definitely done a lot, but this is a double-standard some within the Anonymous movement would have a hard time justifying – to renounce the wrongdoings of some, but approve it for others.

Barrett also responded to the argument that he, in particular, should not be criticizing Assange. This is not because what Assange did is considered to be ‘okay,’ but because Assange had defended Barrett, and reported on his case. Barrett retorts:


I should note – without getting into a big catfight here – that I went to prison and was investigated from the very beginning because of my support for WikiLeaks, and my defense of WikiLeaks.” Barrett continued that this involved “operations to identify and punish members of the government, and members of private companies, that had been exposed by Anonymous hackers …as having conspired to go after Assange.”


The various operations that were undertaken in WikiLeaks’ defense were actually listed on the search warrant issued to Barrett. The Stratfor case, under which Barrett was charged, provided WikiLeaks with a lot of emails. He states:


So the idea that I was a little lost kitten, and Julian Assange picked me out of the gutter and raised me, and I’ve bitten the hand, is nonsense.”


Faced with these arguments, Barrett clarified what his obligations to the organization he went to prison for are, or are not. The great work Assange has done, including the attention that was given to Barrett’s case, has not gone unappreciated by Barrett or those within the Anonymous movement. He hopes Assange appreciates the risks he exposed himself to as well.

Barrett concludes:


Suffice to say that an organization or a movement can start out with a noble purpose, and then eventually over time, start making compromises with those principals and with other principles. And get to a point where it demands allegiance, even from people who don’t necessarily owe it allegiance.

You get to the point where they demand people sacrifice their principles in support of some secretive, long-term plan that we don’t get to hear about. Until they’re exposed by email leaks.”


This is a familiar pattern that we see mirrored in the U.S. government, and in particular the Democratic Party. The best way to avoid this, according to Barrett, “is to allow reasonable criticism and questions, particularly from people who have done their fair share to protect this movement and move it forward.”

Those within the Anonymous movement come from all around the world, and hold various ideologies. These ideologies can sometimes conflict; however, there has always been an underlined sense of what the movement stands for, and that is ‘truth and justice.’

In the opinion of many, these are not the qualities we have seen displayed from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in this situation. It has undeniably left some feeling confused, and even slightly betrayed.

The work WikiLeaks does is important to the world, and needless to say, we hope it continues. However, it will take some time for them to build back the trust of a large portion of their following, who will now be watching Assange’s actions intently.

Watch Barrett Brown’s full response to the situation here:

INFECTED FUGITIVES Black Death patients are ESCAPING hospital and refusing treatment sparking fears it may spread

November 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Chief of medicine at plague hospital in Madagascar says patients are scared of needles and not used to hospital treatment.

HOSPITAL patients suffering from the plague are running away from hospitals because they are scared of needles and aren’t used to hospital treatment.

Security guards at the Central Anti-Plague Hospital in Ambohimindra, Madagascar, are tasked with keeping patients in as well as making sure those arriving follow safety procedures.

Officials at the hospital say the main reason why patients run away is that they are scared of needles and don’t have much experience of hospitals.

Jean Benoit Manhes, the deputy representative of Unicef, told the Irish Times: “Some escaped because they’re afraid of needles. People here are not used to the hospital.

“The problem of plague is not just a medical response. You can have hospitals but if people don’t come it isn’t enough.”

Such incidents have prompted fears that the plague could spread even further with each confirmed case requiring 20 people have been in contact with to be treated as a precaution.

Malagasy people have also been told not to carry out their traditional burial tradition of Famidihana which involves digging up their dead relatives every seven years.

It means ‘turning the bones’ and sees families cleaning the remains, rewrapping them and reburying them while other family members perform a special dance.

The African island’s government has told citizens to pause the tradition for fear the plague bacteria is still active in the corpses and can be spread to the living.

Plague victims who are successfully treated also face stigma when they return home to their communities.

Dr Marielle Zaramisy, the hospital’s chief of medicine, said: “Some people are ashamed once they get out of here.

“They don’t know can they go out at night, they don’t want to tell their boss because he won’t hug them anymore.”

Google Launches Colossal Censorship, Disinformation Campaign Under Cover of Night

November 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Tech giant launches digital Night of the Long Knives in response to Trump presidency

Google Launches Colossal Censorship, Disinformation Campaign Under Cover of Night

Alex Jones & Kit Daniels


Google is now “reviewing the claims” of Infowars news articles by including links to left-leaning “fact checking” sites when people search for Alex Jones or Infowars.

Google’s biography box for Alex Jones, which is shown with related search results, now has a “Reviewed Claims” tab which displays an Infowars headline and an associated article from Politifact and/or that disputes the news.

The problem is that these “fact checking” sites are not as unbiased as they claim and are typically aligned with establishment interests, particularly those of Silicon Valley which wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House.

“Most ‘fact checkers’ are merely liberal journalists looking to prove their preconceived narrative,” wrote the Washington Times’ Kelly Riddell. “They cherry-pick the statements to ‘fact-check’ and then decide which data to back it up with.”

“Statistics can be manipulated — for every study coming out of the Brookings Institute, the Heritage Foundation can have a counter argument, depending on the methodology and surveys used. Moreover, much of what they decide to ‘fact-check’ is subjective at best. Nothing that can be pinned down with undisputed data.”

In short, “fact checking” is opinion journalism pretending to be some sort of heightened objectivity, as the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto so eloquently stated.

The public largely agrees; most voters didn’t trust the media “fact checking” the news cycle during the presidential campaign, according to a survey.

“Most voters believe news organizations play favorites when it comes to fact-checking candidates’ statements, but this skepticism is much stronger among voters who support Donald Trump than those who back his rival Hillary Clinton,” the study stated. “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 29% of all Likely U.S. Voters trust media fact-checking of candidates’ comments.”

“Sixty-two percent (62%) believe instead that news organizations skew the facts to help candidates they support.”

Snopes in particular, which was founded by then-husband-and-wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, was recently entangled in controversy when David was accused of embezzling almost $100,000 from the site to pay for prostitutes in divorce documents filed by Barbara.

“The two also dispute what are basic facts of their [divorce] case – despite saying its ‘ownership’ is committed to ‘accuracy and impartiality,’” the Daily Mail reported, rather ironically.

Google’s latest disinformation campaign is a digital “Night of the Long Knives” targeting those who routinely counter establishment talking points, and it was likely conceived in the aftermath of Clinton losing the 2016 presidential election.

But the elites have already lost; we’ve already passed the Rubicon in which people would rather think for themselves by taking bits and pieces of the news cycle – removing establishment disinformation in the process – to form their own analysis rather than simply being spoonfed their “opinions” from “fact checking” sites.

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