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The Clinton Foundation Is Dead — But The Case Against Hillary Isn’t

January 22, 2017 Leave a comment

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton walks on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative. (AP)

While everyone’s been gearing up for President Trump’s inauguration, the Clinton Foundation made a major announcement this week that went by with almost no notice: For all intents and purposes, it’s closing its doors.

In a tax filing, the Clinton Global Initiative said it’s firing 22 staffers and closing its offices, a result of the gusher of foreign money that kept the foundation afloat suddenly drying up after Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency.

It proves what we’ve said all along: The Clinton Foundation was little more than an influence-peddling scheme to enrich the Clintons, and had little if anything to do with “charity,” either overseas or in the U.S. That sound you heard starting in November was checkbooks being snapped shut in offices around the world by people who had hoped their donations would buy access to the next president of the United States.

And why not? There was a strong precedent for it in Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. While serving as the nation’s top diplomat, the Clinton Foundation took money from at least seven foreign governments — a clear breach of Clinton’s pledge on taking office that there would be total separation between her duties and the foundation.

Is there a smoking gun? Well, of the 154 private interests who either officially met or had scheduled phone talks with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state, at least 85 were donors to the Clinton Foundation or one of its programs.

In November, we asked the question: “Is The Clinton Foundation Doomed?” The answer is yes.

All the way back in May, we outlined how the Clinton Foundation had taken in $100 million from a collection of Gulf sheikhs and billionaires, along with millions from private businesses, who expected — and received — special access to the State Department’s top official, Hillary.

In his 2015 book “Clinton Cash,” author Peter Schweizer showed how during Hillary’s years in government “the Clintons have conducted or facilitated hundreds of large transactions (either as private citizens or government officials) with foreign governments, corporations and private financiers.” He called the sums going to the Clintons “staggering.”

Using the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch in August obtained emails (that had been hidden from investigators) showing that Clinton’s top State Department aide, Huma Abedin, had given “special expedited access to the secretary of state” for those who gave $25,000 to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. Many of those were facilitated by a former executive of the foundation, Doug Band, who headed Teneo, a shell company that managed the Clintons’ affairs.

As part of this elaborate arrangement, Abedin was given special permission to work for the State Department, the Clinton Foundation and Teneo — another very clear conflict of interest.

As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said at the time, “These new emails confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors.”

The seedy saga doesn’t end there. Indeed, there are so many facets to it, some may never be known. But there is still at least one and possibly four active federal investigations into the Clintons’ supposed charity.

Americans aren’t willing to forgive and forget. Earlier this month, the IBD/TIPP Poll asked Americans whether they would like President Obama to pardon Hillary for any crimes she may have committed as secretary of state, including the illegal use of an unsecured homebrew email server. Of those queried, 57% said no. So if public sentiment is any guide, the Clintons’ problems may just be beginning.

Writing in the Washington Post in August of 2016, Charles Krauthammer pretty much summed up the whole tawdry tale: “The foundation is a massive family enterprise disguised as a charity, an opaque and elaborate mechanism for sucking money from the rich and the tyrannous to be channeled to Clinton Inc.,” he wrote. “Its purpose is to maintain the Clintons’ lifestyle (offices, travel accommodations, etc.), secure profitable connections, produce favorable publicity and reliably employ a vast entourage of retainers, ready to serve today and at the coming Clinton Restoration.”

Except, now there is no Clinton Restoration. So there’s no reason for any donors to give money to the foundation. It lays bare the fiction of a massive “charitable organization,” and shows it for what it was: a scam to sell for cash the waning influence of the Democrats’ pre-eminent power couple. As far as the charity landscape goes, the Clinton Global Initiative won’t be missed.

China’s first aircraft-carrier bares its teeth

January 22, 2017 Leave a comment

Source: The Economist

FOR Admiral Wu Shengli, the commander of China’s navy since 2006, it must have been a sweet swansong to mark his imminent retirement. In November China announced that its first and only aircraft-carrier, the Liaoning, was combat ready. On December 24th its navy duly dispatched an impressive-looking carrier battle-group with three escorting destroyers, a couple of frigates, a corvette and a refuelling ship. It sailed from the northern port of Qingdao down through the Miyako Strait, past Taiwan and into the South China Sea.

Three weeks later the Liaoning (pictured) was back in port having sailed home via the Taiwan Strait, thus completing a loop around the island. The point was not lost on the Taiwanese, who scrambled fighter jets and sent naval ships to monitor the group’s progress. The Chinese ships showed off their firepower, with Shenyang J-15 fighters staging a series of take-off and landing drills. That everything went smoothly was evidence of the navy’s transformation under Admiral Wu (his career perhaps destined by his forename, which means victory). He had meticulously prepared for this moment, which came just four years after the carrier, acquired as a partially built hulk from Ukraine in 1998, formally entered naval service.

China’s deployment of an aircraft-carrier is not a military game-changer. But it is a conspicuous symbol of the country’s ambitions as a maritime and global power. The Liaoning has been a crucial building block for the navy in its evolution from a coastal defence force into what is now a modern navy that China uses to assert its (contested) maritime claims in the East and South China Seas. Within the next 25 years China expects its navy to become a powerful blue-water fleet that can guard China’s sea lanes of communication against any aggressor, push the US Navy beyond the “second island chain” far out into the Pacific (see map) and protect the country’s far-flung commercial interests.

To that end, probably around 2004, China made up its mind that it must have aircraft-carriers. A second, indigenously designed one, based on the Liaoning but with the latest radar and space for more aircraft, is nearing completion at the northern port of Dalian. Many analysts believe that a third such vessel, larger and more complex, is under construction in Shanghai. Andrew Erickson of the US Naval War College says Admiral Wu adopted a “crawl, walk, run” approach to developing a carrier capability, recognising the difficulties involved. Carrier operations are inherently dangerous—America lost 8,500 aircrew in the 40 years to 1988 on its way to reaching what Mr Erickson calls its current “gold standard” of carrier expertise.

Commissioning the Liaoning was a good way to start. Much modified and fettled by the Chinese, the ship is based on the Soviet Kuznetsov-class design. It is big, with a displacement of about 60,000 tons, but nowhere near the size of America’s super-carriers such as the USS Ronald Reagan, which is based in Japan. That Nimitz-class ship displaces around 100,000 tons.

In other ways, too, the Liaoning pales in comparison with America’s 10 Nimitz-class carriers. They can carry more than 55 fixed-wing aircraft. The Liaoning can only handle 24 J-15s (based on the Russian Sukhoi SU-33) and a handful of helicopters. Unlike the American carriers, itlacks a catapult to propel aircraft from its deck. Instead it relies on a “ski-jump” prow to provide extra lift. As a result, the J-15s have to carry a lighter load of weapons and fuel. Heavier, slower airborne early-warning and anti-submarine aircraft cannot take off from the Liaoning at all. That limits the type of missions the ship can perform and makes the vessel vulnerable when operating beyond the range of shore-based aircraft. The Liaoning also depends on a notoriously unreliable Soviet-era design for its steam turbines, which cuts its range and speed compared with the nuclear-powered Nimitz-class carriers.

The US Office of Naval Intelligence has dismissed the Liaoning’s ability to project naval power over a long distance. But the ship does have military value. It can provide air-protection for China’s fleet, and would be a major asset in disaster-relief or evacuation missions. Peter Singer of the New America Foundation, a think-tank, says that a Liaoning-led battle group would also seem pretty formidable to neighbours, such as Vietnam or the Philippines, should China feel like bullying them.

But the main value of the Liaoning is the experience that it is giving the navy in the complex choreography of carrier operations. Those skills will help in the eventual deployment of indigenously designed carriers. The Chinese have been training with catapult-launch systems on land. This has fuelled speculation that the carrier thought to be under construction in Shanghai will be a genuine flat-top. It is possible that the ship will also be nuclear-powered, which could give it the range and speed of American carriers.

It is not clear how many carriers China plans to build. As a rule of thumb, you need three to be certain of having one at sea all the time. Mr Erickson says that some analysts in China have been suggesting a fleet as large as six. Mr Singer thinks it is possible that China’s carriers will one day match the capability of American ones. Mr Erickson says that while China can copy a lot, without combat experience and “tribal knowledge” passed from one crew to another, it will find it hard to attain that level.

China, ironically, has done more than any other country to sow doubts about whether carriers are worth all the effort and expense, by developing shore-based anti-ship ballistic missiles, such as the DF-21D and DF-26, known as “carrier killers”. Submarines are less vulnerable, but highly visible ships bristling with weaponry are still badges of pride for aspiring great powers like China. As in America, the view in China that carriers and status go together will be hard to change.

China steps up censorship for Trump inauguration

January 21, 2017 1 comment

News outlets limited to state media content as testing time looms for bilateral ties

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Beijing censors have ordered media outlets to tone down their reporting of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president, as the Communist party weighs its response to a new administration that threatens to tear up the rule book of US-China relations.

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Propaganda officials have ordered the press only to use reports on the ceremony written by central state media, according to several Chinese journalists. “It is forbidden for websites to carry out live streaming or picture reports of the inauguration,” said a copy of censorship instructions seen by the Financial Times. Internet media outlets should not give the event top billing on their homepages, the instructions add, reminding them to “take care of news comments . . . and negative and harmful speech”. Similar orders are common ahead of big world news events but analysts said in this case they reflected uncertainty in Beijing over how to handle public perceptions of Mr Trump. The instructions apparently also extend to foreign-facing outlets. “Wasn’t allowed to discuss Trump today on my radio show, he’s now an official sensitive topic,” Elyse Ribbons, an American who hosts a programme on Chinese state-run radio, said on Twitter on Thursday, adding: “Chinese leadership still trying to figure him out (sigh)”. opinion Donald Trump: the three-faced president Mr Trump has suggested abandoning the “One China” policy that has been the bedrock of US-China relations for decades, in order to use Taiwan’s status as a bargaining chip in negotiations over Beijing’s alleged currency manipulation and its island-building in the South China Sea. Last week Mr Trump’s pick for secretary of state Rex Tillerson set the stage for a big diplomatic — and possibly military — clash by saying China should not be allowed to access artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea. Beijing lodged a formal complaint with Washington after Mr Trump broke with decades of diplomatic precedent by speaking on the phone with Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen. But it has taken a muted response to other remarks by Mr Trump.

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China’s tightly controlled media often portrays Washington as a hostile power attempting to curtail China’s rise. At the same time authorities are struggling to rein in increasingly nationalist voices on the internet. “Trump is a very different kind of president than [Barack] Obama. He has a less friendly attitude . . . he’s unpredictable,” said Zhan Jiang, a professor of international news at Beijing Foreign Studies University. “The government is still working out how to react to him, which is why in this case they are taking very close control of the media for this event.” Early state media reports highlighted the ceremony’s expense, pricing it at more than $100m. The information office of the State Council, China’s cabinet, tweeted in English: “How much does #Trump’s #inauguration cost? The number must be staggering”.

Germany To Deploy Troops Near Russian Border

January 21, 2017 Leave a comment

Germany To Deploy Troops Near Russian Border

Germany is sending hundreds of soldiers to the Baltic region near the Russian border as part of NATO’s anti-Russia force.

The troops will form part of a NATO force to deter Russia by deploying combat battalions in the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as in Poland.

Press TV reports:

The 500-strong military contingent, including 450 troops from German armed forces and the rest from Belgium and the Netherlands, assembled in the Bavarian town of Oberviechtach on Thursday for deployment to Lithuania.

The mechanized infantry soldiers attended a farewell ceremony before their deployment in what the US-led military alliance has described as a “deterrence” force against Russia.

“In the past few months, we have undergone a highly intensive training,” said Christoph Huber, commander of the so-called German Panzergrenadiere force, emphasizing that the soldiers were looking forward to the “great task.”

According to the reports, soldiers from Battalion 122 of Germany’s mechanized infantry, along with 26 Leopard-2 tanks and 170 armored vehicles would be stationed in Lithuania nearly 100 kilometers away from the Russian city of Kaliningrad in the coming weeks.

The troops would contribute to NATO’s “deterrence” force against Russia, which is deploying combat battalions in the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Poland.

Up to 600 troops from members of the NATO military alliance are to be stationed near Kaliningrad by the end of next month.

The development comes as Germany’s main opposition party, The Left, has slammed NATO’s aggressive efforts and “escalation with Russia.”

However, the alliance’s military moves in the Baltics were welcomed by members of Germany’s ruling party as well as the Green Party in the nation’s parliament, the Bundestag.

Meanwhile, senior NATO military officials anticipated that the Kremlin will respond to the troop deployment, pointing to recent reports that Moscow has deployed its mobile nuclear “Iskander” missiles in Kaliningrad, which are capable of striking targets as far as Berlin.

Earlier this month, the US deployed nearly 4,500 troops and more than 2,800 pieces of military hardware to Poland in a bid to take part in NATO war games that Washington touted as “defense against Russian aggression.”

Moscow hit out at the biggest deployment of US troops in Europe since the end of the Cold War, criticizing the move as a threat to Russia’s national security.

“We perceive it as a threat. These actions threaten our interests, our security, especially as it concerns a third party building up its military presence near our borders. It’s [the US], not even a European state,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at the time.

Clinton Family Friend Arrested After Threatening to Assassinate Trump: “I Am Following Orders”

January 21, 2017 Leave a comment


This article was written by Lily Dane and Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

Editor’s Comment: There is an abundance of creepy, foreboding anomalies and events taking place ahead of the inauguration. Is something chaotic going to happen? Will an attempt be made on Donald Trump’s life? There shouldn’t be any reason to think so, despite plenty of people who dislike or hate the president-elect. Hopefully that is certainly not the case.

Nonetheless, proper protocol should be in place. But if for any reason it isn’t, the magnifying glass will turn around on the intelligence community officials that Trump has defied, and those who have been connected to the sources of contention and disorder – in this case, a man, possibly deranged, with conspicuously close ties to the woman who was almost elected president instead, and desperately wanted the job.

Such a move would be drastic, and unprecedented, and very transparent. Nonetheless, it would surely plunge this country into very difficult constitutional questions, and a battle for who retain control of the country. Civil disorder, riots and even civil war is at stake. Short of that would surely come a chaotic battle for a successor, for special elections, and a reassessment of everything that has gone wrong.

Why are we even contemplating this nightmare? Ask those who’ve been dangling the suggestion of it in the media for the past several weeks; those who’ve joked or sniped about a coup against the president-elect, and those who would use fear to rule, and intimidation to undue anyone who would challenge an order based on fear. There are many sides to this story, and even more who stand to gain.

“I am following orders”: Clinton Family Friend Threatens to Assassinate Trump — on Video

by Lily Dane and Melissa Dykes

Dominic Puopolo, a 51 year-old Florida resident, was arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday for allegedly threatening to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump in a video he admitted to posting on Twitter.

In the video – which is posted below – Puopolo says, “Yes, I’ll be at the review stand at the inauguration and I’m going to kill President-elect Trump. What are you going to do about it, Secret Service?”

Then he went on to say he has four children with three wives and that “my other name is the Lord, Jesus Christ. What are you going to do about it? I challenge you. This is not the way. I am following orders.”

Puopolo was arrested and charged with threatening to kill a public servant after leaving a Washington Avenue Subway sandwich shop on Tuesday afternoon.

But who is Puopolo?

Puopolo is a member of a prominent northeast family that is close to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He reportedly lost his mother on Sept. 11, 2001. According to her obituary, Sonia Mercedes Morales Puopolo, 58, died on September 11 on American Airlines Flight 11. She was described as “an internationally recognized leader in philanthropy and politics as well as a patron of the arts, devoted herself to enriching the lives of others.” Her obituary also says, “With her husband, Dominic, Mrs. Puopolo contributed significantly to the Democratic Party and was a top backer of the election efforts of former president Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

According to The Daily Mail, she was sitting two seats away from terrorist Mohammad Atta.

The story takes an even more bizarre turn: Workers at the World Trade Center site miraculously found Sonia Morales’ hand — with her wedding band still on it — 11 months after 9/11 and returned the band to her daughter, Sonia Tita Puopolo. The ring is said to have been found unaffected, buried under 1.6 million tons of smoldering steel, rubble, and rock that had laid on top of it all that time.

Hillary Clinton personally delivered her eulogy… where Puopolo sat two seats away from Clinton.

Hillary Clinton sits with the Puopolo family at the funeral of Dominic Puopolo’s mother Sonia

Puopolo once posted a photo of himself holding an image of his mother in front of a wall that sports a picture of him with Colin Powell and a famous shot of Ronald Reagan. Puopolo has published a number of pictures of outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry, whom he calls a friend.

Dominic Puopolo posted this picture of President Clinton with his sister Sonia (left) and his mother Sonia, who was killed in one of the planes that flew into the World Trade Center

The family is also known in political circles for its generosity toward Democratic organizations and candidates:

The threat suspect, according to federal elections records, gave $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 1996. He also contributed to Kerry and deceased Sen. Ted Kennedy in the mid-1990s. His name popped up again in contributions in 2006 when he gave $4,000 to Florida Sen. Bill Nelson’s campaign.

His sister Sonia gave $4,000 to Hillary Clinton’s various campaigns.

Dominic’s sister Sonia has been close with the Clintons ever since.



She is well-known for writing a book about her mother’s ring called Sonia’s Ring.


Is Puopolo Hillary’s John Hinckley Jr.?

It is well known the Hinckley family had close ties the Bushes, and John Hinckley Jr. (who was recently freed after 34 years in prison) attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.

Now we have a man who has copious ties directly to the Clintons threatening to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump.

The Daily Mail reports that there is evidence that Puopolo was the target of mental health court proceedings in 2016, although the details have not been made public.

So what happened to him? This man obviously wasn’t always like this. Vanguard reports,

Dominic Puopolo previously wrote for NBC Dateline that he traveled to Germany for the trial of Mounir el Motassadeq, convicted of the 9/11 attacks, because he was “moved to protect our country and seek justice against our enemy”.

His Twitter account @jesuschrist1701, where the video threat against Donald Trump was first posted, is home to dozens if not hundreds of Tweets directly to the CIA and many sound like they are were sent out by a crazy person in some kind of military code. His first Tweet on the account appears to be dated September 21, 2016.

Here he is week ago telling the CIA to “be prepared to avoid the inauguration” and asking them “let me contact my family… just monitor my feed”:


It’s like he believes he is on or training for a mission.

This goes on and on. The man managed to send out 11,700 Tweets in just a few months. Puopolo also regularly Tweets out pictures of clocks, like he’s checking in. Sometimes he even names names.

He also told police he is homeless… but he used to donate tens of thousands to the Clintons and obviously has money and a cell phone to make videos, send Tweets and eat at Subway.

Following orders

In his final video, Puopolo says, “I am following orders”.

Whose orders? Who told him to threaten to assassinate Trump?

It will be a surprise if it doesn’t come out after his psychological evaluation that he was hearing voices, and yet, just as we’ve seen in similar previous cases, Puopolo at 51 is well past the age when schizophrenia symptoms would typically manifest.

A few weeks ago we reported on Iraq war vet Esteban Santiago who claimed the CIA was controlling his mind and forcing him to commit a mass shooting. He was arrested after he reportedly shot up the baggage claim at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, killing five random strangers after he personally warned the FBI he was afraid he was going to be forced to commit mass violence.

His claims are similar to claims made by Florida University Library shooter Myron May and Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis who both claimed they were targeted and driven insane by the government to commit mass violence.

Eerily, you will find stories similar to these going back for decades. In 1991 for example, Carl Campbell shot U.S. Navy commander Edward Higgins at a bus stop outside of the Pentagon at least five times with a 22-caliber semi-automatic pistol for seemingly no reason. The federal judge who oversaw the case found Campbell not guilty by reason of insanity when it later came out that Campbell believed the government had implanted a computer chip in his brain to control his mind.

On top of that, there are patents for weapons that can beam voices into people’s heads, otherwise known as “Voice of God” weapons. It seems we live in a world where faux schizophrenia can be caused.

The inauguration is tomorrow

Not only does this threat come just days before the inauguration, but it comes weeks after another man claimed he was ordered to assassinate Donald Trump and killed a random stranger in a Walmart parking lot whom he believed (and reportedly still believes) was the president-elect. A British teen was arrested this summer for attempting an assassination on Trump at a Las Vegas rally as well.

We aren’t even to the actual inauguration yet, and already it’s shaping up to potentially be the most violent in American history. Weapons caches including homemade silencers have been found in the DC area, and Secret Service says they’ve had to drill for this one unlike any inauguration before it.

The whole world is watching. What is going to happen tomorrow?

Paul Ryan Warming to Trump’s Ideology with ‘Border Tax’

January 21, 2017 1 comment

IMAGE: YouTube

(Breitbart) House Speaker Paul Ryan is warming up to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s ideology, a source close to the negotiations between the two camps tells Breitbart News.

In a recent meeting with Trump’s incoming Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon and other top Trump aides, Ryan called Trump’s plans for a border adjustment tax “responsible nationalism.”

Ryan, previously a top advocate for globalization on issues like trade and immigration, has warmed up to the incoming Trump team, according to recent reports. Specifically, Ryan and Bannon—the former Executive Chairman of Breitbart News—are “getting along,” The Hill newspaper writes.

The Hill’s Jonathan Easley and Scott Wong wrote late Wednesday, less than 48 hours before Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States:

In meetings at Trump Tower and on Capitol Hill, the House Speaker and senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump have embarked on a surprising collaboration, top aides say, sketching out a plan for tax reform that could be among the next president’s first major legislative achievements. Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, met last week in his office with several Trump aides. Over an Italian dinner, Ryan discussed the House GOP’s reform plan with Bannon, as well as Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, incoming White House policy director Stephen Miller and Treasury Secretary-designate Steven Mnuchin. This budding relationship has surprised and delighted members of Trump’s incoming administration, which has otherwise been dogged by reports of infighting. And it offers hope to Republicans worried that a feud between the two men would spell disaster for the party’s agenda.

The Washington Post‘s Robert Costa revealed a little over a week ago that Bannon and other top Trump officials—such as incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, incoming chief Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller, Trump’s incoming senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, and incoming National Economic Council director Gary Cohn—were meeting with Ryan on tax reform….

Government Workers Complain About New President, Trump Responds By Firing Them

January 21, 2017 1 comment

Trump Intends To Cut Up To 20% Of Useless Government Jobs

A lot of voters have been fed up with government bloat for a long time. It seems that the number of state and federal employees just keeps growing exponentially higher year after year, while the results they produce range from non-existent to mediocre.

These jobs generally pay more than comparable private-sector jobs, and the benefits are off the charts. For every new government worker that is hired, taxpayers are on the hook for unlimited overtime, outrageous vacation and holiday schedules, and generous pension plans.

To make matters worse, it’s nearly impossible under union rules to fire lazy employees who shirk their duties.

DMV Workers Are Infamous For Turning A Routine Procedure Into A Grueling Nightmare

The costs of these lavish benefits are so overwhelming that they threaten to bankrupt many formerly-wealthy democrat-controlled states. California is in precarious fiscal shape because of its generous public employee policies, and pension plan. Not to mention its massive welfare state, and all the highly-paid administrators that go along with that.

Nice work if you can get it, but most of us are stuck working jobs that have no safety nets beyond our next paychecks.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of government employees are life-long democrat voters. They typically don’t care about the health of our nation’s economy as much as their own comfortable sinecure. This is clear in the way that their unions constantly extort taxpayers for higher pay, under the threat of withholding vital services.

Transit Strikes Open A Lot Of Eyes To The Absurdity Of Public Employee Unions

When Trump won the election on a wave of populist reform, public employees bristled. As Trump speaks of making our government run more efficiently, they understand that is code for clearing out the dead wood, and shutting down programs that have failed to produce tangible results.

They are motivated to fight back against threats to their meal tickets, and they threw everything they had at defeating Trump during the election season. Now that he is in, the fear is palpable.

The incoming president has already been making good on his campaign promises before he is sworn in. Major companies have been announcing the repatriation of American jobs and renewed investments in domestic manufacturing. While some of these plans were being discussed before the election, Trump’s vision for a business-friendly America takes a lot of credit for influencing these corporate decisions.

He has also been working on the border wall since the election. The Trump transition team is currently developing plans with the Army Corps of Engineers to get the wall project started as quickly as possible.

Another vow that President Trump is keeping is that to repeal and replace Obamacare. He’s had his people working diligently on a plan that can be executed almost immediately.

Trump is expected to sign up to five executive orders on his very first day in office. The democrats aren’t sure exactly what he will do, and they are very obviously worried.

It looks like for the first time in many cycles, America will have a president who doesn’t go around making idle promises that are never fulfilled. When Trump says he’s going to do something, he rarely fails to deliver. And so, liberals are desperately poring through Trump’s campaign promises to find clues to which orders he will roll out.

Of particular concern to left-wing public employees and their union bosses, is Trump’s promise to slash the size of government.

Some Of The Most Overpaid Workers In The State Of CA, Demanding Even More

He has assembled a team to work specifically on trimming waste from the federal budget, and this involves making a lot of cuts to the massive bureaucracies formed under Obama.

Many heads will roll, at government offices across the nation. And while some won’t deserve to lose their jobs, most will. After all, our country just keeps getting worse and worse by every conceivable metric, so why should the people who got us here be rewarded with continued employment?

Our k-12 school rankings are in the dumps. Ease of starting a business ranks below many third world countries. Universities are doing such an awful job that technology companies claim they are forced to import Indian workers because Americans aren’t smart enough. The homeless population has continued to grow. Border enforcement is practically non-existent. Poverty is just as bad as it was 50 years ago. And 2/3 of Americans don’t participate in the workforce.

That’s not a very good report card for government workers. As voters have seen that throwing more money at our problems has done little to solve them, the era of Big Government comes to an end.

The proposed cuts by Trump’s slash-and-burn team of “efficiency experts” would target discretionary spending rather than mandated programs like Medicare and Social Security. He’s not about to cut off any of the services that people depend on for survival. But there is so much waste in government right now, that finding places to make deep cuts should prove easy without touching the more popular programs.

With the money saved in the cuts, which team members say could go as high as 20% of personnel, Trump will build the border wall, strengthen our military, and introduce tax cuts designed to spur industrial investment.

Many of the cuts will be made by attrition, through hiring freezes and gradual phase-outs. This approach helps avoid a sudden shock to our labor market, and it gives affected employees more time for planning.

It’s never good news to hear about any Americans losing their jobs, but in the case of useless government employees, it’s difficult to summon much sympathy for them.

The reasons for this are simple. When they had a chance to earn their generous paychecks by doing good work for the American people, many of them chose instead to loaf and slack off.

When they were given the chance to support the first explicitly pro-American presidential candidate since Reagan, they chose instead to throw their massive support behind globalist Hillary Clinton.

And when they had the chance to serve ALL Americans regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion, they chose to purposely single out White Christian males for denigration and discrimination.

So, many Americans who are tired of getting the short end of the stick will cheer Trump every step of the way as he ejects a fifth of our cumbersome federal baggage. His biggest opposition will be the powerful labor unions that have a stranglehold on our public jobs. But they are fighting a losing battle, because they already lost the hearts and minds of average Americans quite some years ago.


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