Obama and Clinton Golfing

President Obama Has Played over 300 Rounds Of Golf During His Tenure As President


When President Obama was making his initial campaign for the White House, he made it a point to say that presidents shouldn’t be taking vacations. In fact there is a video that where he says that presidents have to be prepared to “give their life to it.”

That same video showed that he was discussing his book with a New York Times columnist where he actually seemed to promise that he wouldn’t be taking vacations if he were elected President.

“The bargain that any president strikes with is, you give me this office and in turn my, dears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. I am giving myself to you.”

He also said that “the American people should have no patience for what’s going on in your head because you’ve got a job to do.” Essentially Obama has said that only people who are willing to do all that he has said should make the run for President.

Obama Said That He Would Not Take Vacations If Elected President

He was even asked if he would be willing to do this if he were elected President. Naturally Obama said, “Sure.” He would be willing to not take vacations, not sleep, not have any leisure time, and not have any family life. He was going to dedicate his entire self to the people of the United States.

Well it seems that Obama has forgotten that promise he made to the American public years ago. Because he just completed yet another vacation. His most recent vacation spot was Martha’s Vineyard. He has taken over 40 vacations since he became the President of the United States.

The “cottage” that the First Family was staying at actually costs over $12 million and has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. I’m not sure why they need more bathrooms than bedrooms, but I didn’t design the place. Seriously how many people can say that they have stayed at a $12 million “cottage” while on vacation.

Obama Vacation Home
This Is The Overhead View Of The Obama’s Vacation “Cottage”. It Has It’s Own Tennis Court

Sure it’s a nice spot, but the fact of the matter remains that while acting as Senator, Obama essentially promised the American people that if he were to be elected President, he wouldn’t be taking vacations.

He has gone on multiple trips to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. Those are both prime vacation spots, and I highly doubt that the entire family needed to go on a “presidential issue.”

He also said that his leisure time would have been gone. Except at the beginning of this last vacation, President Obama had just completed his 300th round of golf. That is an insane amount of golf.

Doing some simple math, if you take 300 and divide it by the number of years that Obama has been in office, you get a little over 42.8. Since basic math rules state that you have to round up, the answer goes to 43. He plays 43 rounds of golf per year.

Obama Has Played A Tremendous Amount Of Golf During His Presidency

How many people can say that they play 43 rounds of golf per year? Not to mention that the timing of this comes after Louisiana has just had some devastating floods. But guess what? Not even the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy could have pried the President from the golf course.

He had to find a way to lower that handicap I guess. But what volumes does it tell about a President that won’t go visit the state that needs all the support they can get? Think about it. Other nations are seeing that the leader of the free nation won’t leave the golf course to even speak a couple words of encouragement to those that need it the most.

That is a disgusting thing to think about. The President of the United States won’t take time from his vacation, which he said he wouldn’t take, to go visit the people of this disaster area. All he did was direct people on what to do.

We are taught from a young age that leaders are people that are going to inspire others to do whatever has to be done. Well what does it say about our leader when he won’t even leave his vacation spot and instead chooses to golf some more? It shows that our “leader” is more than content to just let others do something while he sits back and lines up a golf shot.

Obama Is A Very Weak Leader

A strong leader would be doing what the Republican presidential nominee is doing. Donald Trump went down to Louisiana and actually brought a lot of supplies with him and has offered to pay for people who unfortunately didn’t have flood insurance.

At this point Obama isn’t acting like a leader anymore. He’s acting like someone who doesn’t seem to care about the nation anymore. That is apparent since he wouldn’t even take days off from his vacation to even go visit the people of Louisiana when they needed him most.

Instead of doing what Trump has done, Obama decided to line up some more shots on the golf courses. Why is it that Trump is already acting like more of a leader than Obama EVER did? We need that type of leadership in the White House.

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Trump Would Be A Strong Leader, Which Is What The Country Needs Desprately

We need a leader who is going to go to disaster areas in the United States and help out that way instead of just directing people what to do and then lining up a shot on the 6th hole.

If you are tired of hearing about Obama’s golf card, then share this article. People deserve to know that their leader is more concerned with golfing than he is with helping the people of Louisiana. Trump has already done this. If you want to see more results like that, if another disaster strikes, then vote for Trump on Election Day.